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Great Cornholio

The Great Cornholio (also known as just Cornholio or, as he sometimes calls himself, The Almighty Bungholio) is the hyperactive alter ego of Beavis in MTV's animated series Beavis and Butt-Head.


Whenever Beavis consumes large quantities of stimulants (sugar, caffeine, etc.), he enters into a hyperactive phase, with symptoms including convulsions, nonsensical jabbering and gazing cross-eyed at his fist. When a Spanish-sounding word is then spoken or mentioned in conversation, he undergoes what appears to be a complete personality change, pulls his shirt over his head (producing a makeshift hood covering his hair) and begins marching around, his hands at either sides of his face with palms forward, making loud proclamations in a quasi-Spanish accent.

"Cornholio" claims that he is from various locations in Latin America. He has stated on one occasion that he is from Nicaragua and also claims that his home is in Lake Titicaca (with the word providing comedy for Beavis, because of its combination of the slang words titty for breasts and caca for feces), which is in reality located between Peru and Bolivia. He states his mission in life is to find "TP" (toilet paper) for his "bunghole", as his "people" are "without bungholes," or, in an apparent contradiction, that his people have "but one bunghole." This apparent contradiction is typical of the nonsense he frequently spouts: at other times he claims he himself is a bunghole, that he has no bunghole, that he has a portfolio in his bunghole, that he is a gringo, or calls upon "the Almighty Bunghole" (either referring to himself or his supposed god), or that he is the envoy or guardian of the Almighty Bunghole. He has also said: "You can take me, but you cannot take my bunghole! For I have no bunghole." He has also expressed an interest in "oleo" (oil), as well as "Roleos" regarding to spanish word "rollo" a short name used for "rollo de papel" which can be translated to "paper roll" and it means "TP" (toilet paper) for some Latin American people. He has also expressed interest in "Aqua", presumably because it rhymes with Nicaragua. "Nicaraqua" was the word that caused his first transformation, after which he paced around Van Driessens classroom chanting about "Aqua for my bunghole".

Cornholio is a very different personality to Beavis in one particular aspect: while Beavis is somewhat shy and prone to mumble, Cornholio is extremely forceful and loud. If anyone challenges him, he demands to know "Are you threatening me?", and on many occasions he has warned "unbelievers" of the "wrath" of his bunghole. Although generally he means no harm, he respects no boundaries or property rights, roaming wherever he wishes on his quest, frequently screaming at those he meets and terrifying them into submission. He is one of the few characters that actually sings (apart from the teacher Mr. Van Driessen), but his singing is off-key, and he sings only about either his bunghole, or the almighty bunghole.

Cornholio is also a pervert to some degree: he has repeatedly asked if anybody wanted to see his bunghole; he once went into a girls' bathroom, demanding anybody in there to "come out with [their] pants down"; and in Beavis and Butt-Head Do America he went into Mr. Anderson's camper to "whack off" over a picture of Dallas Grimes.

Beavis seems to retain no memories of events after he returns to "normal", on one occasion seemingly apologizing to Principal McVicker for having caused a problem. This indicates that Beavis suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder. However, sometimes the two personalities collide: as Cornholio, Beavis can sometimes be heard muttering in his normal voice, usually before the phase has finished. Beavis also seems to do impressions of Cornholio, although this may just be what he does normally.

Beavis's transformations into Cornholio have been exploited by perceptive characters, most notably a coffee-bar owner who saw how many customers were coming to listen to Cornholio's "poetry" after Beavis became wired on "crappuccino". When the caffeine wore off and Beavis began to slow down, the bar owner simply filled him full of coffee again and Cornholio returned.

The name "Cornholio" is a reference to the anus, which is sometimes called the "cornhole"; the traditional meaning of "bunghole" is a hole in a liquor barrel or keg. This traditional meaning is explored somewhat in the series.


Beavis and Butt-Head's creator Mike Judge has explained that Cornholio is quite similar to himself when he was a kid and followed his sister around the house. The accent is inspired by Hindi and Nepali and it is also influenced by Harry Belafonte. Cornholio's "Are you threatening me?" comes from when Judge worked in a movie theater and ended up arguing with a man of Middle Eastern origin.

Cornholio first apparently surfaced in the episode Generation in Crisis, in a scene where Beavis amuses Butt-Head by pulling his shirt over his head and saying "I am the Great Cornholio, I come from Lake Titicaca!" in a humorous pseudo-Spanish accent. In scripting terms, this was merely Beavis "goofing around", but the moment proved popular enough to warrant making Cornholio a character in his own right. In the same episode, both Beavis and Butt-head pull their shirts over their heads and act like idiots (to a greater degree); in this case, neither Beavis nor Butt-Head refer to bungholes, T.P. or any other Cornholio obsession, indicating that they do not think they are Cornholio-esque characters at this point but are simply playing. In later episodes, where Cornholio actually appears, Butt-Head probably doesn't realize Beavis has multiple personality disorder, and assumes that Beavis is just playing.

Episode appearances

The first genuine appearance of Cornholio was in the episode The Great Cornholio, which was originally titled Breakfast Burritos but later renamed thanks to the popularity of the Cornholio character. The duo visit the Stevensons' to check on Stewart, who has been suffering from a bout of diarrhea (prompting Beavis to make a raspberry sound). Hating the breakfast burritos that Mrs. Stevenson gives them, the duo raid the household's kitchen, whereupon Beavis consumes 27 candy bars and a six-pack of root beer, entering a hyperactive state as a result. At school, as Beavis is having a more generalized conniption fit while seated at his desk, Mr. Van Driessen inadvertently triggers the full-blown transformation by using the word "Nicaragua", prompting Beavis/Cornholio to demand "agua for my bunghole!". Beavis, in his altered state, subsequently wanders the school searching for T.P., interrupting other classes (notably Mr. Herrera's Spanish class) and warning of a polio epidemic. Dispatched to the principal's office, he reverts to normal, but a large quantity of candy provided by the unknowing Principal McVicker causes him to lapse into Cornholio mode once again. He insists, "I no need hall pass! I need oleo for my bunghole!" before aimlessly wandering the hallways yet again, just like before being sent to the principal.

Cornholio returned in Buttniks, in which the duo visit a beatnik coffeehouse. Beavis transforms after drinking large quantities of cappuccino (which he jokingly refers to as "crappuccino"). This time, his insane jabbering and nonsensical threats are interpreted as deep, spiritual poetry by the club's denizens. In the Halloween special Bungholio: Lord of the Harvest, Beavis transforms after eating Mr. Anderson's entire bowl of Halloween candy and begins wandering Highland, terrifying other trick-or-treaters into surrendering their candy to him. During the course of his wanderings, he does indeed find some toilet paper, though this does not cause him to revert to normal. He also has an encounter with Todd, but after Cornholio warns him to not "Underestimate the power of the Almighty Bunghole", Todd backs off and goes after Butt-head instead. In Vaya Con Cornholio, Cornholio surfaces at Burger World after Beavis drinks their entire supply of Volt Cola (a parody of Jolt Cola, which was promoted as having all the sugar and twice the caffeine of other soft drinks at a time when most manufacturers were reducing or eliminating both) and other sodas; he is subsequently interrogated by the INS and, after he insists he is from Lake Titicaca in Nicaragua, they deport him to (they believe) his native Mexico. Once there, Cornholio believes he has arrived in Nicaragua and declares that he will "take this land for my bunghole!" It is not known how he was able to return to Highland, but he is back home in the next episode (it should be noted that Beavis and Butthead has a rather loose continuity).

In an interview for the Mike Judge Collection of Beavis and Butt-head episodes, creator Mike Judge said that he had to be careful not to overuse the Cornholio character.

Movie appearances

Cornholio appears twice in the feature film Beavis and Butt-Head Do America. On a flight to Las Vegas, an old lady gives Beavis some of her No-Drowz caffeine pills, which in conjunction with a stewardess mentioning "chicken piccata", and another tourist asking if the airplane's gumbo has corn in it, causes the transformation. Cornholio then exclaimed "I am Cornholio, I need piccata for my bunghole!" to which the flight attendant replies, "You'll have to wait your turn, sir." Cornholio demands to know if she is threatening him and exclaims "my bunghole will not wait!" Cornholio then wanders to the front of the plane, where his subsequent entry into the cockpit very nearly causes a plane crash. Strangely enough, he wasn't punished.

Later in the movie, the same old lady gives Beavis the same caffeine pills (thinking they are Xanax tablets). Later, while on a tour of the White House, he transforms when a guide mentions Pierre L'Enfant. During the course of his wanderings, he wanders into the Oval Office and calls Strategic Air Command, almost triggering World War III, before confronting a painting of Richard Nixon in his famous "V for Victory" pose, to which he utters his trademark "Are you threatening me?". He later sees Mr. Anderson's camper, and after being triggered by a picture of Dallas Grimes, he decides to go in and "whack off". An embarrassing moment ensues when Mr. Anderson sees his camper rocking and making strange noises, and he goes in and catches Beavis with his pants quite literally down. Later, after getting thrown out of the trailer, whilst surrounded by the ATF, Cornholio takes on an almost religious guise spouting such phrases as: "You will cooperate with my bunghole. For there is but one bunghole - the Almighty bunghole" and "You must bow down to the Almighty bunghole." He also starts chanting, in a vaguely Eastern way, saying things like "bungholiooooo". In the same scene, Cornholio also says things like "I have no bunghole". Cornholio shows confusion with his own circumstances, saying, in his normal voice, "Why does everybody want to see my schlong?", after the ATF agents repeatedly ask to see "the unit", referring to the container of genetically enhanced supergerms hidden in his pants by Dallas Grimes. He reverts to normal at the film's climax, surrounded by SWAT teams and soldiers, unaware as to how he arrived on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Other appearances

In other episodes, Beavis does impressions of Cornholio. This could imply that Beavis has some knowledge of Cornholio. These instances include:

  • "Screamers" - Both Beavis and Butt-head pull their shirts over their heads and scream at innocent bystanders.
  • "Incognito" - Beavis' "Crevasse" voice sounds similar to Cornholio's.
  • "Head Lice" - Beavis says "Do you have any tsetse flies?" in a manner similar to Cornholio's "Do you have any TP?".
  • "Citizen Butt-head" - Beavis speaks in an accent similar to his Cornholio voice, "We don't have to eat your stinking tacos. We've got money".
  • "Shopping List" - When Mr. Anderson tells the pair about his constipation, Butt-head asks him if he would like some more toilet paper. Beavis adds "TP? For your bunghole?"
  • "Babysitting" - Beavis jabbers in Cornholio-style quasi-Spanish to entertain children.
  • "Impotence" - Beavis says two lines in his Cornholio voice; "Help me, I have impotence" and "Which lucky girls will be fit to join my harem?" The latter may be a parody of Muslims.
  • "Citizens Arrest" - When Butt-head is having trouble greeting a customer (who turns out to be a criminal) and asks Beavis what he's supposed to say, Beavis replies, "I think it's umm, um... bunghole! Yeah, that's it," then repeats the word "bunghole" in his Cornholio voice.

Beavis also occasionally speaks with Cornholio's voice during music video reviews. On one occasion, he claimed there was a "Spanish dude" living inside his head, who told him to pull down his pants and "spank his monkey".

In the video game Beavis & Butt-Head: Little Thingies it is possible to trigger Cornholio in the "Wrecked 'Em Ball" segment, where Beavis must catch snacks thrown by Butt-Head from a condemned building while avoiding falling debris. When Beavis consumes enough snacks he will transform into Cornholio, essentially making him invulnerable for a brief period of time.

In popular culture

  • Filk performer and comedian The great Luke Ski recorded a parody of the song "Macarena" (the Bayside Boys remix version) as performed by Los del Río entitled "The Great Cornholio". In the parody, Butt-head sings the first verse, introducing Beavis and describing his transformation after consuming "six root beers and twenty-seven 3 Musketeers". Beavis then sings the remainder of the verses with occasional back-up from Butt-head, establishing himself as the Great Cornholio and spouting virtually all of the often-used phrases and threats associated with Cornholio. B&B supporting characters Mr. Van Driessen, Mr. Anderson, Coach Buzzcut, and Principal McVicker provide generally disapproving commentary. Luke Ski also established parody dance moves to parallel the dance associated with the song "Macarena". The parody dance involves imitation of Cornholio's excited arm movements along with, of course, pulling one's shirt up over one's head.
  • In Duke Nukem 3D, one of the cheat codes for invincibility is "DNCORNHOLIO".
  • An episode of Celebrity Deathmatch from 2001 featured a fight between Beavis/Cornholio and Butt-Head. Near the end, Beavis transformed into Cornholio after drinking excessive amounts of soda pop at a snack cart outside the ring. Cornholio would end up mutilating Butt-Head with tongs and a fork that replaced his hands, to win the match (although how he pulled his shirt over his head without the use of his hands is a mystery). However, this fight was done without any involvement by Mike Judge. It also marks Cornholio's first appearance outside of 2D animation.
  • A portion of Cornholio's catchphrase, "TP for my bunghole", is also found in the lyrics of Eminem's rap song, Just Lose It.
  • Belgian grindcore band Leng Tch'e end their first album "Death By A Thousand Cuts" with a song titled "T.P.", which is based on Cornholio.
  • The Nemi comic strip has referenced Cornholio once, in a way that made it incomprehensible to the general audience; the main character, when invited to "a game of TP", goes into Cornholio mode.
  • The song "Primordial Maracas" by the band Big Breakfast begins with the lyrics "I am Cornholio, need T.P. for my bunghole."
  • The song "Du PQ pour mon trou trou" by the french band Svinkels begins with the lyrics "Je suis Cornholio, je veux du P.Q pour mon trou trou!" ("I am Cornholio, need T.P. for my bunghole").


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