wet vac


VAC may stand for:

  • Viswajyothi Arts Creations, a group specializing in visual and sound effects based in India
  • VAC, the callsign for a radio station on the west coast of Canada at Comox, British Columbia, operated by the Canadian Coast Guard
  • VAC Therapy, application of reduced air pressure as an aid to wound healing
  • V Amphibious Corps, comprising the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Marine Divisions during World War II
  • Vaccinate Alaska Coalition, an Alaskan non-profit for the promotion of immunization
  • Value Added Conversion, the ability to redevelop commercial real estate into higher and better uses
  • Valid, Accessible, and Compatible, an emerging standards compliance project aimed at encouraging the creation of more valid and accessible websites
  • Value Added Chain, a graphical representation of business processes as an arrow
  • Valve Anti-Cheat, anti-cheat software by Valve Software designed to prevent players from cheating in its online games
  • Velvet Acid Christ, an industrial band
  • Vehicle Acceptance Corporation, a US based Buy-Here-Pay-Here (sub-prime automotive) Lender -
  • Video Appeals Committee in the UK, responsible for hearing appeals against decisions by the British Board of Film Classification
  • Vienna Aquatic Club, a summer swim team in Vienna, VA in Division 1 of the NVSL
  • Virtual Audio Cable, a piece of software that allows one to map audio from one application to another
  • Visual Age C++
  • Visual Arts Centre, arts centres in Hong Kong, and other countries
  • Volts of alternating current (not the same as VA for volt-amperes)
  • Volunteer Ambulance Corps; see Ambulance
  • Voluntary Action Camden, the Council for Voluntary Service in the London Borough of Camden

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