west minster assembly

South Wales West (National Assembly for Wales electoral region)

South Wales West
Welsh Assembly electoral region
Current representation
Labour 7 AMs
Plaid Cymru 2 AMs
Conservative 1 AM
Liberal Democrats 1 AM
1. Aberavon
2. Bridgend
3. Gower
4. Neath
5. Ogmore
6. Swansea East
7. Swansea West
Preserved counties
Mid Glamorgan (part)
South Glamorgan (part)
West Glamorgan

South Wales West is an electoral region of the National Assembly for Wales, consisting of seven constituencies. The region elects 11 members, seven directly elected constituency members and four additional members. The electoral region was first used in 1999, when the Assembly for Wales was created.

Each constituency elects one Assembly Member by the first past the post electoral system, and the region as a whole elects four additional or top-up Assembly Members, to create a degree of proportional representation. The additional member seats are allocated from closed lists by the d'Hondt method, with constituency results being taken into account in the allocation.

The region covers the whole of the preserved county of West Glamorgan, part of the preserved county of Mid Glamorgan and part of the preserved county of South Glamorgan. The rest of Mid Glamorgan is divided between the South Wales Central and South Wales East electoral regions. The rest of South Glamorgan is within the South Wales Central region.


The seven constituencies have the names and boundaries of constituencies of the House of Commons of the Parliament of the United Kingdom (Westminster):

Constituency 2007 Result Preserved counties
Aberavon Brian Gibbons
Entirely within West Glamorgan
Bridgend Carwyn Jones
Partly Mid Glamorgan, partly South Glamorgan
Gower Edwina Hart
Entirely within West Glamorgan
Neath Gwenda Thomas
Entirely within West Glamorgan
Ogmore Janice Gregory
Partly Mid Glamorgan, partly South Glamorgan
Swansea East Val Lloyd
Entirely within West Glamorgan
Swansea West Andrew Davies
Entirely within West Glamorgan

Distribution of additional members

Party Constituency Seats List Votes (vote %) D'Hondt Entitlement Additional Members Elected Total Members Elected Deviation from D'Hondt Entitlement
Labour 7 58374 (35.8%) 6 0 7 +1
Plaid Cymru 0 28819 (17.7%) 2 2 2 0
Conservative 0 26119 (16.1%) 2 1 1 -1
Liberal Democrats 0 20226 (12.4%) 1 1 1 0
BNP 0 8993 (5.5%) 0 0 0 0
Green 0 6130 (3.8%) 0 0 0 0
UKIP 0 5914 (3.6%) 0 0 0 0
Socialist Labour 0 2367 (1.5%) 0 0 0 0
Other Parties (each 1% or less) 0 6132 (3.76%) 0 0 0 0


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