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I'm Still in Love with You (Roy Orbison album)

I'm Still in Love With You is an album by Roy Orbison recorded for Mercury Records and released in 1974.

Track listing


  1. "Pledging My Love" - (Don Robey, Ferdinand "Fats" Washington)
  2. "Spanish Nights" - (Roy Orbison, Joe Melson)
  3. "Rainbow Love" - (Don Gibson)
  4. "It's Lonely" - (Roy Orbison, Melson)
  5. "Heartache" - (Orbison, Bill Dees)


  1. "Crying Time" - (Buck Owens)
  2. "Still" - (Dorian Burton, Howard Plummer)
  3. "Hung Up On you" - (Orbison, Melson)
  4. "Circle" - (Larry Gatlin)
  5. "Sweet Mama Blue" - (Orbison, Melson)
  6. "All I Need Is Time" - (George W. Reneau)

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