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The Saddle Club

The Saddle Club is a Australian children's television series based on the books written by Bonnie Bryant. Like the book series, the scripted live action series follows the lives of three teen girls in training to compete in equestrian competitions while dealing with problems from their personal lives.


The series revolves around the experiences of Carole Hanson, Stevie Lake, and Lisa Atwood, who form "The Saddle Club" after recognizing their love for horse riding. However, their friendship is detested by fellow rider Veronica DiAngelo, the spoiled, only daughter of a rich family.

Throughout the series, The Saddle Club has to deal with Veronica, dressage training, and competitions, as well as the troubles of their friends and staff in the fictional Pine Hollow Stables. Through perseverance and friendship, The Saddle Club always comes through. The Saddle Club also has a mission set before them. Get Veronica to take care of Garnet. The Saddle Club wasn't successful in their attempts to get Veronica to take care of Cobalt due to him having to be put to sleep because of a jumping accident.


The show aired from 2001 until 2004, with 52 episodes produced and aired in two seasons. The popularity of the series soon after its premiere on the ABC promoted international syndication, and it can now be seen in North America on Discovery Kids, PBS Kids, YTV, and CITV & Pop Girl in the UK. Regionally, the cast of the television series have released a series of music albums--such as Friends Forever, Secrets and Dreams, Hello World: Best of the Saddle Club and On Top of the World--and have appeared in live performances such as the 2004 Sydney Royal Easter Show. There was a news release of the show announcing a casting call and the production of a third season. The third season of the show is currently showing on PBS Kids on cable. The new cast are currently recording a CD for "The Saddle Club" and their CD will be available in 2009.




  • Sophie Hensser as Megan (Season 1 - Season 2)
  • Anthony Hammer as Sam (Season 1)
  • Chris Kirby as Colonel Mitch Hanson (Season 1 - Season 2)
  • Marie-Louise Walker as Eleanor Atwood (Season 1 - Season 2)
  • Melanie Ryder as Helen diAngelo (Season 1)
  • Tony Hawkins as Frank diAngelo (Season 1 - Season 2)
  • Patrick Harvey as Jake (Episodes: Jumping To Conclusions and Track Record)
  • Daniel Daperis as Liam (Episodes: Over a Bit, Fillies vs. Colts, and Blind Faith)
  • Kate Osborn as Jenna Elliott (Episode: Blind Faith)
  • Wendy Strehlow as Chelsea Owens (Episodes: Found Horse Part 1 and Found Horse Part 2)
  • Damien Bodie as Raffael (Episodes: Running Free Part 1 and Running Free Part 2)
  • Nicholas Colla as Neville Cowlin (Episodes: Running Free Part 1 and Running Free Part 2)
  • Neil Melville as Mr. Bill Roth (Episodes: Foster Horse Part 2 and Foster Horse Part 3)
  • John Orcsik as Bob Cawlin (Episodes: Running Free Part 1 and Running Free Part 2)
  • Troy Lovett as Murray Richards #1 (Episodes: Love is In the Air and Horsenapped)
  • Ailsa Piper as Whitney (Episodes: Love is In The Air and Horsenapped)



Starlight: Originally called Pretty Boy. A six year-old Buckskin Gelding with a blaze. He belongs to Carole and is boarded at Pine Hollow along with the rest of the horses and ponies. He's really sweet, but didn't get along with Prancer in one of the episodes. Carole bought Starlight with the money her mother left her after she died from cancer. Carole almost sold Starlight in "Greener Pastures Part 2" after the devastating loss of Cobalt. Starlight was called she in one episode during Season 1 and he was called "girl" twice in one episode during Season 2. Starlight seems to know what Carole wants even before she asks him. Starlight can be a bully sometimes. Gentle and affectionate, Starlight is also intuitive and seems to know just what Carole wants before she asks anything of him. Starlight is Prancer's pasture mate. Starlight and Prancer are best friends.

Belle: Originally called Blackie. A seven year-old black Arabian/Saddlebred mare with a star was discovered by Stevie struggling to survive in the wilderness. She belongs to Stevie as of Episode 18. She is a high spirited horse and one of the strongest in the stable. Stevie first encountered Belle during a western riding clinic, thinking she was The Phantom Horse that had been talked about so much. Belle appeared dirty and straggly with rainrot patches on her back. Stevie rescued the abandoned mare and brought her to the stable to clean her up. Not long after claiming her, thanks to Deborah, Belle's original owner, Chelsea Owens, came to reclaim the horse. Belle, not wanting to return to her first owner, broke out and ran away, but returned when Stevie went out to look for her. Realising that Belle and Stevie belong together, Chelsea later brought Belle back to Pine Hollow and let Stevie keep her with a little help from Deborah. As Stevie nursed the mare back to health the two formed a special bond. Belle's kind of shy until she gets to know you. Stevie named her after The Phantom Horse in the story that Max told. Belle almost died in "Tenderfoot", but Dr. Whiteside saved her life. Belle is Teddy's girlfriend.

Prancer: A three year-old Chestnut Thoroughbred mare with white socks, a white spot on her nose, and a star. She is ridden by Lisa as of Episode 12. Veronica rode Prancer once in "Jumping to Conclusions". Prancer is a beautiful ex-racehhorse that Carole would exercise for racehorse owner David McLeod, until the mare sprained a ligament and a fed-up McLeod made plans to sell her for slaughter. The girls made plans of their own to rescue Prancer by "horsenapping" her in the middle of the night and hiding out in Max and Mrs. Reg's old barn. Max bought Prancer and with the help of The Saddle Club, started training her as a school horse. She saved Carole, Stevie, and Lisa from a deadly snake, after running away due to the fact that she was going to be sold and The Saddle Club went looking for her, but fell into an old abandoned mine shaft. She can often be seen in the fields with Starlight. She is now one of Pine Hollow's school horses thanks to The Saddle Club and Max. Prancer is Starlight's pasture mate. Like Comanche Prancer loves jelly beans. Stevie feed Prancer Jelly Beans in "School Horse" as a training aid much to the annoyance of Carole, Lisa, and Max. With the proper training, Lisa believes that Prancer can become a champion show jumper. Prancer helped Liam save Lisa's life when she collapsed on the trail from Appendicitis. She even laid down so Liam could help Lisa get on Prancer. Prancer and Starlight are best friends.

Garnet: A seven year-old Chestnut Arabian mare with a blaze. She belongs to Veronica as of Episode 16 when her father buys her to replace Cobalt. Veronica did not want Garnet originally because she so desparatley wanted a stallion, and she even asked her dad to send her back. Veronica even said that Garnet wasn't better than Cobalt, but she loves her even though Carole tends to care for her more. Garnet gets stolen in "Horsenapped" and thanks to Carole's quick thinking and the help of Stevie, Phil, Scooter, Murray, and Red, Carole manages to get Garnet back to the stables without Veronica having any clue as to what was going on. Veronica sold Garnet in "Horse's Keeper" to avoid working at Pine Hollow to pay for Garnet's board and to avoid having Stevie be her supor visor, but in the end thanks to The Saddle Club Veronica gets Garnet back and promises to look after her more often. Garnet was called "he", "him", and "his" in a couple of episodes during Season 2. In "Back In The Saddle" Veronica told Garnet that she hated her, and when she ran away Veronica told Garnet that she loved her. In reality Garnet ran back to Pine Hollow to let The Saddle Club know that Veronica was in trouble and needed help.

Comanche: A nine year-old handsom Bay Appaloosa gelding with a white blaze on his face, black marks on his legs, and a thick shaggy mane and tail. He was one of the original school horses that Max bought when he took over running the stable. Comanche is an easy-going horse with an even temper, although he often gets spooked. He was originally ridden by Stevie until "Found Horse Part 2". She even feeds him jellybeans (he hates black ones). Stevie stops riding him after receiving Belle but still takes time to look after Comanche, often taking him and Belle on picnics. After Episode 18 Sam rode Comanche, but in Season 2 Danny rode Comanche, but sometimes Kristi would ride Comanche. Ashley rode Comanche twice. David's friend James rode Comanche in "Join Up". In the second season, Comanche was almost put down when it was thought that he had contracted equine virus, when in reality he had colic after Ashley and Melanie let him eat freshly-cut grass from an empty pasture that Red mowed while they where riding on him and playing Capture the Flag. He is one of Pine Hollow's school horses. Comanche is afraid of thunder storms and mud puddles. In the first episode of "The Saddle Club" Comanche was spooked after Red changed his food. Comanche won't jump without a rider. Comanche loves Apples and Jelly Beans. In "High Stakes Part 1" when Veronica was the Executive Student President she put Melanie on Comanche thinking that she was ready for a challenge.

Patch: A twelve year-old brown and white Pinto (skewbald) gelding. He is a sweet-natured pony whom Lisa starts off riding. Patch is the pony that all new riders start on. He's a smart little pony, sometimes referred to as "push-button" since he stays focused and doesn't get spooked easily. His nick name is "Push-Button Patch". Quiet and kind, Patch is the perfect teacher. After Lisa moves on to riding Prancer, various other riders start riding Patch. Patch is not seen or mentioned in Season 2. He is one of Pine Hollow's school horses. Patch puffs out when you put his saddle on. In the books Patch gets spooked if somebody slams doors. Patch is allergic to flies.

Cobalt: A six year-old black Thoroughbred Stallion. He belongs to Veronica until Episode 10. He is a skilled jumper. Cobalt hated being loaded into horse trailers. Veronica has no love for the handsome and proud stallion and takes no interest in caring for him. Carole has a deep relationship with Cobalt, often taking him out on hacks and jumping. Sadly, Cobalt dies after Veronica carelessly pushes him too hard in a jumping contest, causing him to badly fracture his seasomoid and pastern bones, and they have no choice but to put him to sleep in "Greener Pastures Part 1". Before his tragic and untimely death, Delilah is bred to Cobalt and later gives birth to Cobalt's only son, Samson. After Veronica fell off of Cobalt on the Mountain Trail Overnight Cobalt galloped back to camp to let everyone know that Veronica was in trouble and needed help. Even though Veronica refused to take care of Cobalt he still loved her, but he loved Carole more. Cobalt was brave, courages, proud, sometiems hot tempered, but he had a gentle soul and a big heart. Cobalt was the most expensive horse in Willow Creek.

Delilah: A nine year-old beautiful Palomino mare with a white blaze. She is sweet but temperamental, and belongs to Max. Carole rode Delilah until she bought Starlight. Delilah was bred to Cobalt seven months before his tragic death. Carole was originally the only one at Pine Hollow the night she gave birth, until Stevie and Lisa gave up their plans and joined her as originally planned. She gives birth to a colt, whom the girls name Samson, after Samson and Delilah. Veronica mocks them the following day, later exclaiming to Kristi that it's "just a foal" when she sees them outside Delilah's stall. Max rode Delilah on the Mountain Trail Overnight. Like Patch and Samson and Nickle Delilah isn't seen or mentioned in Season 2.

Samson: A one year-old Chestnut Thoroughbred colt with a black mane and a black tail. He is Delilah and Cobalt's foal, named after Samson and Delilah. Like Patch and Delilah and Nickle Samson isn't seen or mentioned in Season 2. In the books Samson is black like Cobalt.

Barq: A ten year-old spirited white Arabian gelding. He is ridden by Kristi in Season 1 and Season 2, though she didn't frequently care for him, often leaving other people to do the work for her. He is Mrs. Reg's horse. When Max first meet Barq his owner was going to put him down. Mrs. Reg bought Barq for Max and he's turned out to be one of the best school horses that Pine Hollow's ever seen. Mrs Reg rides Barq in lessons.

Pepper: Originally called Clyde. A twenty-eight year-old dapple grey Appaloosa. He is a school horse ridden by Sam until episode 18. He is retired and sold to Bud in Season 2. Kristi rode Pepper once in Season 2. When Pepper's mom Licorice went into labor she had a tough time and Bud stayed with Licorice to keep her company and became friends with Pepper when he was born. After "The Home Straight" Pepper isn't mentioned again.

Dime: A four year-old white Shetland pony gelding with a shaggy mane. He is ridden by Ashley until episode 12. He has a tendency to buck and bite. He is one of Pine Hollow's school horses. In Season 3 Dime is ridden by Melanie.

Penny: An eight year-old white pony with a white mane and tail. She is ridden by Megan. She is one of Pine Hollow's school horses. In Season 3 Penny is ridden by Jess.

Nickel: A sixteen year-old gray pony. She is a small mare without a specified breed. She is a school horse and is therefore ridden by various students. Nickel is Pine Hollow's favorite pony. Like Patch and Deliah and Samson Nickle isn't seen or mentioned in Season 2.

Teddy: An eight year-old palomino Quarter Horse gelding with a white snip. He is Phil's horse and Nomad's brother. He doesn't board at Pine Hollow, but he is trailered in for lessons. He spooks easily on the trail and is afraid of loud noises and bad weather. Teddy is also well trained in dressage. Teddy is Belle's boyfriend.

Hugo: A big, sweet, grey Andalusian with white socks. He has a "crescent of A" brand and a Moon shaped mark on his butt. He belongs to Dorothée.

Angel: A pony with a white stripe. She was sent to Red for training because she started to run away with her riders. After "Tenderfoot" Angel isn't seen or mentioned again.

Diablo: A big black Friesian horse. He was originally owned by Raffael, and they shared a very special rapport. Raffael often let him wander, and Diablo always came back to where Raffael was. When Nevil stole the money that Raffael's family owned he had to sell Diablo to Lisa. In the end Lisa did the right thing and let Diablo go so he could run free in the wild where he belonged. Before Diablo ran free he came back to Lisa to say "Good-Bye" and "Thank-You" and to let Lisa pet him on the nose one last time. Diablo had a crush on Lady Louise. Diablo returns to Pine Hollow in "Lisa's Choice Part 1".

Storm: A badly damaged and abused horse that Lisa chooses to be Pine Hollow's first foster horse. Lisa and Storm formed a special bond. Lisa and Mrs. Reg were the only ones who believed in Storm. Storm was eventually adopted by Mr. Roth in "Foster Horse Part 3". Storm loves Mr. Roth and Lisa equally. Storm likes Carrots.

Windsong: A magnificent Chestnut Thoroughbred racehorse who eventually is found to have an allergic reaction to natural remedies. Windsong temporarily belonged to Veronica, but when her father made some bad investments they had no choice but to sell Windsong.

Bert: David's horse. Bert is stabled at Pine Hollow while his owners rebuild their barn. He's a troublesome horse who is able to slide the bolt on his door, open it and get out of the stall. After "Join Up" Bert isn't seen or mentioned again.

Eddie: A fat palomino pony who gets up to all manner of mischief, but is also a good children's pony.

Nomad: A Chestnut mare. She's Mrs. Marsten's horse and Teddy's sister. Like Teddy Nomad isn't boarded at Pine Hollow. Nomad looks like Garnet if you groom her properly, paint a blaze on her, and brush her mane. After "Flying Change" Nomad isn't seen or mentioned again.

Doc: A handsom white horse. He belongs to Andrea. Doc always acts up a bit after a long ride in the trailer.

Fergus: A black school horse with a star at Pine Hollow. After "Across the Board" Fregus isn't seen or mentioned again.

Higgins: A brown horse with a white spot on his nose, white socks, and a diamond on his face that Carole looks after for Max in "Across the Board" and Veronica cheats during a bet she made with Carole by stealing Higgins and hiding him in one of Max and Mrs. Reg's barns. After "Across the Board" Higgins isn't seen or mentioned again.

Pandora: Mrs. Sharlow's horse. However she isn't seen. After "Set Up" Pandora isn't mentioned again.

Lady Louise: Mr. Cowlin's horse and his prize mare. Lady Louise had a crush on Diablo. Lady Louise is boarded at Cowlin's farm with Neville's horse. After "Running Free Part 2" Lady Louise isn't seen or mentioned again.

Jasper: A school horse at Pine Hollow however, he isn't seen. When Veronica was the Executive Student President at Pine Hollow she put Ashley on Jasper thinking that she was ready for a challenge. After "High Stakes Part 1" Jasper isn't mentioned again.

Trouble: A young Miniature Mediterranean donkey. Adopted by Melanie and Jess, this mischievous little donkey is a favourite at Pine Hollow with his cheeky personality and many hidden talents. Melanie and Jess rescue Trouble in "Back in The Saddle".

Midnight: Desi's old horse. A thoroughbred jet black gelding. A temperamental horse that constantly plays up on Desi. When Desi’s father learns of Midnight’s true nature he puts the horse on the market, but Desi is afraid no one will buy a horse with such a bad upbringing and it looks like Midnight will be put down. Simon and Midnight form a special bond. The Saddle Club, Desi, and Veronica enough money to buy him for Simon after The Saddle Club get some money to save Midnight.

Jellybean: Desi's new horse. A grey speckled Andalusian mare. Desi’s father bought her to replace Midnight. Jellybean is one of the most expensive and majestic horses at Pine Hollow.

Chilli: Murray's liver Chestnut Quarter Horse. A mountain horse, great on the rough trails.

Danville Dutchess: A bay thoroughbred mare. This million-dollar racehorse is brought to Pine Hollow by her owner Gus in order to settle her before a big race. Dutchess and miniature donkey Trouble form an unlikely friendship and never want to be parted.

Sky: A beautiful ghostly silvery white Welsh pony that mysteriously appears and saves Carole’s life. The Saddle Club later learn that Sky is a guide for the blind when his owner Miranda arrives at Pine Hollow to claim him.

Striker: A wild horse that Veronica gets Bernoulli to give Jack another chance with. After “Desk Jockey” Striker isn't seen or mentioned again.


There have been a number of albums released in Australia featuring the actors/actresses in the series. The second album On Top Of The World was nominated for an ARIA Award for "Best Original Soundtrack" in 2003. Each of the albums has made the top 50 of the Australian album charts and the first three records have achieved gold record status including:


  • Fun For Everyone (2002) - #45 Australia
  • On Top Of The World (2003) - #20 Australia
  • Friends Forever (2003) - #38 Australia
  • Secrets & Dreams (2004) - #49 Australia
  • Wonderland (2003)
  • Hello World/Hey Hey What You Say (2004)
  • Hello World - The Best Of The Saddle Club (2004)
  • Let's Party With The Saddle Club (2005)
  • Best Friends (2009)


  • We Are The Saddle Club (2002) - Australia
  • Hello World (2002) - #27 Australia
  • Hey Hey What You Say (2003) - #20 Australia
  • Hello World/Hey Hey What You Say (2003)
  • Wonderland (2003) - #17 Australia
  • Undercover Movers & Shakers/Boogie Oogie Oogie (2003)
  • Boogie Oogie Oogie (2003) - #29 Australia
  • Everybody Come On (2003)
  • Undercover Movers and Shakers (2004) - #42 Australia
  • L.I.F.E (2004)- #34 Australia
  • Welcome To The Saddle Club (2004)
  • TBA (2009)

Sophie & Kia Discography


  • Planet Tokyo (2005) - Australia
  • He's Everything (2005) - Australia #40 AUS


  • Planet Tokyo (2005) - Australia
  • He's Everything (2005) - Australia
  • Raw Beauty (2005) - Australia
  • Spin (2005) - Australia
  • Wild Beauty (Live Tour Album) - Australia

Heli Simpson Discography


  • Princess Veronica (2004)


  • Don't Ask Me (2004) Australia

Melanie and Ashley Discography


  • Trouble (2003) Australia


Due to the program's success, a number of videos and DVDs have been released in Australia and other countries including the United States. These include:

  • ''The Saddle Club: Adventures At Pine Hollow (2001)
  • The Saddle Club: The First Adventure (2003)
  • The Saddle Club: Horse Crazy (2003)
  • The Saddle Club: The Mane Event (2003)
  • The Saddle Club: Storm (2004)
  • The Saddle Club: Friends Forever (2004)
  • The Saddle Club: Saving Pine Hollow (2005)
  • The Saddle Club Series 1 (2006)
  • The Saddle Club Series 2 (2006)
  • The Saddle Club Series 3 (TBA)

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