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The Bear Went Over the Mountain (novel)

The Bear Went Over the Mountain (1996) is a novel by William Kotzwinkle. The movie rights for the book have been sold to Jim Henson. The book can be read as a fantasy based story but also has elements of satire, particularly in its depiction of the publishing industry.

Plot introduction

The plot concerns an academic, Arthur Bramhall. Bramhall's colleagues know him to be a poorly performing teacher of English with little talent as a writer. Bramhall manages to write a great novel and goes off to celebrate with a beer. Whilst he is drinking a bear digs up his manuscript. The plot follows the dual adventures of the main characters, the bear is accepted as a talented author and Bramhall's increasing desperation leads to him being shunned by his former friends and colleagues. In its use of humour and a character of very limited abilities - the bear - to comment on aspects of modern life the book resembles stories like Forrest Gump and Being There. It also continues a trend well established in Kotzwinkle's work.

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Interview with Kotzwinkle about the book.

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