The Magic Thief

The Magic Thief is the first book in an anticipated childrens' fantasy trilogy published by HarperCollins in June of 2008. Authored by American Sarah Prineas and illustrated by Antonio Javier Caparo the novel follows the adventures of Connwaer, a thief, who is taken into apprenticeship by Nevery Glass, an old wizard.

The sequel, The Magic Thief: Lost has been completed and the third installment is nearly complete, but release dates have not been announced.


Prineas wrote the first chapter of The Magic Thief for Cricket, a literary magazine for young adults, after a request for stories about wizards and serialized fiction. When she felt the characters had more to tell, she expanded it into a novel, and then into a trilogy.


Connwaer attempts to pickpocket an old wizard, and when he succeeds in snatching a magic stone without being killed, the wizard decides to take him under his wing.

The book is set in a fictional city called Wellmet.


  • Connwaer - a former thief who works as an apprentice at Nevery Glass.
  • Nevery Glass - an old wizard who is trying to solve a big magical problem in Wellmet.
  • Bennet - the "muscle" of Nevery.
  • Keeston - apprentice to Pettivox and secretary to Nevery.
  • Pettivox - the master of Keeston
  • Rowan Forestal - the daughter of the Duchess
  • Willa Forestal - the Duchess, mother of Rowan


The Magic Thief has received positive reviews from both Kirkus and the School Library Journal and Teens Read, claiming that it "stands out from the many fantasy novels on the shelves. KUER-FM hosted a summer book listing, in which book expert Catherine Weller recommended The Magic Thief.

Prineas has been compared to J. K. Rowling in her contribution to children's literature, providing new wizardry-related fiction since the completion of the Harry Potter series.


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