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All's Well, Ends Well

All's Well, Ends Well (家有囍事; Jia You Xi Shi) is a Hong Kong comedy film directed by Clifton Ko and released in 1992.

It was a Lunar New Year film, where a film's release was timed to coincide with the larger movie audience at that time of year. The movie is also one of Stephen Chow's trademark 'mo lei tau' films of little sense but lots of good-natured humor.

The movie starred Stephen Chow with Maggie Cheung, Leslie Cheung, Raymond Wong, Sandra Ng, and Teresa Mo.

There were two sequels:

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The comedy of 3 brothers who found little solace in love and finally discover that it has to be nurtured and not garnered on the fly. Moon is considered the 'head' of the family being the eldest brother. He was supposed to be celebrating his 7th anniversary wedding with Tai Sou but ended up enjoying himself with his mistress (Sheila Chan) and turns up at home with her one night, forcing his wife (whom he calls a 'hag') to evict the house in dismay as she was very devoted to her husband and tolerates him for all his misgivings, stopping short of only accepting a mistress as a serious contender of Moon's affections.

So (Leslie Cheung) is an effeminate floral arranger lecturer at an art school who is good at cooking and enjoys women's hobbies. His aunt Mo-Seung came to his house on one occasion and ravished his well-prepared dish whole (he had intended it to be a gift for Tai-Sou on her wedding anniversary) and earned his anger. From that day on, they were constantly at loggerheads over trivial issues including insulting each other with metaphorical vulgarities during a mahjong game session and never looked like reconciling.

Foon is a local radio DJ who flirts shamelessly while on air and is well-known among his legion of female fans for his impressive kissing technique. Holli-yuk (Maggie Cheung) calls him on air one day and arranges a date with him. She is an avid Hollywood movie lover who loves re-enacting particular love-scenes from movies. She was convinced that Foon shared her same conviction and they were soon lovers. Foon, being a notorious playboy, was not eager to settle down and unsurprisingly, Holli-yuk catches him in the act eventually. She was furious but after a freak accident which left Foon suffering from a peculiar mental illness; she was still unconvinced and offered to become a nurse for him, eagerly devising methods to punish him for his callous behaviour.

The three brothers' dilemma would be resolved and in spirit of the films of the same name, the story would conclude on a cheeky and high-spirited note.

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