Westmoreland Choral Society

Westmoreland Choral Society is a volunteer choral group from Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.


WCS was founded in Spring of 1971 by two former members of the Bach Choir of Pittsburgh, Oren Hopkins and Linda Stainton, who were displeased with traveling all the way to Pittsburgh to attend concerts and rehearsals. The Westmoreland Sympathy Orchestra as it was called at first, became quiet successful, and it was well encouraged and supported by Seton Hill College music faculty and the citizens of Greensburg.

Dr. William Dovenspike became the first music director, later succeeded by Marvin Huls in Fall of 1976. By then, the Westmoreland Choral Society had three-quarter hundred voices in its group.

The choral group originally held rehearsals at Seton Hill College. Later on, rehearsals moved to First Methodist Church, Greensburg; First Presbyterian Church, Greensburg; the YMCA, Greensburg; the Salvation Army, Greensburg; back to the First Presbyterian Church; and finally the current area, First Lutheran Church, Greensburg.

The Westmoreland Choral Society give a number of annual concerts, including back-to-back Christmas concerts, the Pops Concert, and the Palm Sunday concert. The group began performing a Fall concert every other year starting in 1994. They has done their concerts at Westmoreland County Arts and Heritage Festival at Twin Lakes Park.

Choral members come from Westmoreland, Fayette, Allegheny, Armstrong, and Somerset Counties with varying backgrounds. According to the official website, they are "united by the love of singing, the challenge of learning a variety of choral music and the desire to participate in the continuation of this art form.


  • Marvin Huls - Music Director of Westmoreland Choral Society
  • Edgar Highberger - Accompanist of Westmoreland Choral Society
  • William Crowley - Associate Accompanist of Westmoreland Choral Society
  • Shirley Huls - Founder & Director of Westmoreland Children's Chorus

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