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List of Little House on the Prairie episodes

The following is a list of episodes for the television show Little House on the Prairie. A majority of the episodes ran approximately 50 minutes (without commercials – they have since been edited for syndication to accommodate more commercial time). Expanded episodes (90 minutes to two hours) have been indicated as such – many of these may not be currently shown in determined areas due to their length.

Pilot Movie

# Airdate Prod. Code Title Overview
Pilot (Special #1) March 30, 1974 n/a Little House on the Prairie Charles and Caroline Ingalls move their young family from the big woods of Wisconsin to the open prairies of Kansas. Their closest neighbor, Isaiah Edwards, helps them settle on the prairie as they encounter fierce storms, fires, hostile Native American tribes ... and ultimately, the government.

Season 1 (1974-1975)

24 episodes
# Airdate Prod. Code Title Overview
1 September 11, 1974 1002 Harvest Of Friends The Ingalls move to the banks of Plum Creek, near Walnut Grove, Minnesota. To acquire the deed to his farm, Charles takes several jobs. Eventually, the multiple duties and the stress become too much, and an exhausted Charles becomes injured during a picnic with his family. When a feed dealer takes advantage of him to take his oxen, he and his young children try to meet the deadline. This sends several of Walnut Grove's businessmen into action to help their new friend. In the end, Laura reminisces about her father claiming to reap a harvest he did not expect, a harvest of friends...
2 September 18, 1974 1001 Country Girls Mary and Laura begin school at Walnut Grove School. While Caroline must deal with the snippy Harriet Oleson, the rich part-owner of the Mercantile, Laura must deal with her spoiled daughter. As one problem winds into another, Laura finds a difficulty greater than dealing with Nellie. A looming essay for parents day causes worry for little Laura who wants to give a beautiful essay, but is unable to write the words on paper. It is her speech that truly shows the closeness of the Ingalls family.
3 September 25, 1974 1003 100 Mile Walk A hailstorm leaves the Ingalls' crops in ruin. To recoup the money, Charles and some friendly neighbors, including a light-hearted Irishman, work in a dangerous dynamiting job. The Irishman, who is employed as a powder-monkey brings both cheer and grief to Charles. Caroline, meanwhile, rounds up the farmers' wives to salvage what's left of the crops, despite the pessimism that threatens their effort. Note: This is a reference to the hundred mile walk in the book "On the Banks of Plum Creek". In the books however, it was locusts that ruined the crop and invariably led them to move on, unlike the television series where they stay in Walnut Grove through most of their life.
4 October 2, 1974 1004 Mr. Edwards' Homecoming While in Mankato, Charles encounters a drunken Mr. Edwards in the midst of a barfight, and brings him to Walnut Grove. To rehabilitate him, Charles gets him a job at Hansen's Mill while Caroline tries to set him up with widow Grace Snyder. While Mr. Edwards vies for Grace's attention, his personal grudge with God seems to doom their potential relationship.
5 October 9, 1974 1005 The Love Of Johnny Johnson Laura's crush on a much older student, Johnny Johnson, is unrequited. His interest in Mary results in sibling rivalry between the two normally close sisters. Eventually Charles explains to her that someday she, like Mary, will have many beaus vying for her. Note: In "On the Banks of Plum Creek" Johnny Johnson is the name of the Norweigian, barefoot, cattle-herd who works near their first home in Plum Creek.
6 October 23, 1974 1006 If I Should Wake Before I Die After the death of her dear friend, Miss Amy feels lonely for her family. While talking to the Ingalls' girls at her funeral, Laura declares it is not fair for loved ones to ignore a birthday and always show up for a funeral. Miss Amy decides to stage her own death and enlists the help of Doctor Heiram Baker and Charles Ingalls.
7 October 30, 1974 1007 Town Party, Country Party While at a party at Nellie Oleson's, Laura hurts her ankle and becomes friends with Olga, a friendly girl with a birth defect causing one leg to be shorter than the other. The Ingalls decide to throw their own party and while Charles helps Olga despite her fathers lack of support, Laura exacts her own special revenge on Nellie Oleson. Note: In "On the Banks of Plum Creek", a chapter by the same name shows a very similar story, with the exclusion of Olga. In the story, Laura uses the lobster to scare Nellie into the deep end and become the victim of several leeches which were unfortunately kept out of the episode.
8 November 6, 1974 1010 Ma's Holiday The girls and Charles decide to surprise Caroline with a romantic holiday. When Grace Snyder can't make it, Mr. Edwards volunteers for the job. Later on, he finds the Ingalls' girls, especially Carrie, to be more than he can handle. Meanwhile, Caroline can't stop thinking about the children and worrying for their safety.
9 November 13, 1974 1011 School Mom When Miss Beadle is injured and ordered to rest per Doc Baker, Caroline takes over as substitute teacher of Walnut Grove School. During her tenure, an uneducated youth named Abel enrolls. Abel is relentlessly teased because he is illiterate. Eventually, the harassment and Mrs. Oleson's meddling become too much, and Caroline orders the school closed. Caroline then takes it upon herself to teach "Dumb Abel" to read.
10 November 20, 1974 1013 The Raccoon When Laura accidentally breaks her glass doll, Mary brings home a raccoon to cheer her up. Laura keeps him and prides herself on teaching him tricks and his docile behavior. To her dismay, food aggression and the many kids at school cause her pet raccon, named Jasper, to bite her on the finger and run away. Afraid of losing her pet for good, she makes Mary promise to keep it a secret, but when the chickens are disturbed by a rabid raccoon, Mary must break the bad news to her father.
11 December 4, 1974 1012 The Voice Of Tinker Jones Reverend Alden stirs a hornets nest in Walnut Grove when he pleads for a Church bell. Mrs. Oleson offers to donate a large bell as well as a plaque commemorating her generosity. While half of the residents refuse to accept the donation, arguing that the plaque would be sacrilegious, the other half frown upon the others' apparent ingratitude. The blame invariably falls on Reverend Alden and he is convinced he must leave. With the help of a friendly mute, Tinker Jones, the children decide to band together and forge the bell on their own before its too late.
12 December 11, 1974 1014 The Award Mary is entranced by the award for an extra credit exam, being a beautiful dictionary. Her studying and carelessness causes a fire to start in the barn. Worried and very angry, Caroline forbids her to take the exam. Having second thoughts, she decides to try to hold Mary to the punishment to establish her credibility while Mary decides to take the test anyway and win her Ma's love back by winning the award. Note: Michael Landon does not appear in this episode.
13/14 December 18, 1974 1008/ 1009 The Lord Is My Shepherd The Ingalls family is delighted by the birth of a new baby boy. Unfortunately, Laura becomes jealous, and refuses to pray for her new brother's good health. The young boy dies soon afterwards and Laura is crushed with guilt, following a sermon by Reverend Alden about miracles, she decides to run away and pray for a miracle. Deciding that her late brother meant more to her father than herself, she pledges herself to God on a mountain offering to take his place in heaven so that the baby may come back to life. With the help of a heaven-sent stranger, she realizes how much she really means to her father. Note: Originally aired as a two-hour episode. In syndication, it is seen as a two-part episode. Guest star: Ernest Borgnine
15 December 25, 1974 1015 Christmas At Plum Creek When Christmas comes around, all the Ingalls' are caught up in the secrecy and excitement. Charles and Mary take secret jobs to obtain a gift for their loved ones. Laura meanwhile is left out of the fun when she can't find anything to give or any way to raise money. While she succeeds in making the Christmas a memorable experience for everybody, Carrie remembers the true meaning of Christmas.
16 January 15, 1975 1017 Family Quarrel Nels Oleson has had it up to here with his wife's snobbish, meddlesome behavior, particularly toward the Ingalls. Mrs. Oleson doesn't take kindly to her husband's old-school beliefs either. The two get into a huge argument and decide to separate. This sends the Ingalls and the Olesons' other friends to intervene and convince them to settle their differences.
17 January 22, 1975 1016 Doctor's Lady When Mrs. Oleson's niece Kate comes to visit, Doctor Baker falls for her and proceeds to court her. Unfortunately doubt lingering in his mind about his age causes his hopes for a happy relationship to fade. He must wrestle between his love for Kate, and his fear concerning his age to make a difficult decision.
18 January 29, 1975 1018 Circus Man A medicine man adorned with bravado and slight of hand stays with the Ingalls and advertises his miracle powder. After residents start to prefer his powders over Doc Baker's medical treatment, the Ingalls send him packing. However when Jack comes down with a sickness, he returns bring to Laura the hope she needs, and eventually confesses the truth. Guest star: Red Buttons
19 February 5, 1975 1019 Plague A typhus outbreak sweeps Walnut Grove, and several people become critically ill. The church is set up as a makeshift hospital-morgue while Charles, Doc Baker and Rev. Alden – all quarantined with the ill – search for the source of the plague. During the search Charles is devastated to see his dear friend Mr. Edwards sick with the typhus. However, his dear friend holds the key to the source.
20 February 12, 1975 1020 Child Of Pain When Miss Beadle discovers that a kindly boy in her class has taken another beating from his alcoholic father, the town council decides to take action. The Ingalls take in the boy and they decide to help rehabilitate his father. Despite many of the members lack of faith in his redemption and Charles' own doubts, he stays with the boys father to break him from his dangerous habit.
21 February 19, 1975 1021 Money Crop A young, university-educated farmer named Joesph Coulter convinces the farmers to buy new hybrid corn. As he returns with the crop, Coulter's horses bolt causing his wagon to veer down a steep hill trapping the farmer underneath, and exposing the precious seed to hungry crows. The residents of Walnut Grove fear that they may have been cheated, and take their frustrations out on his wife with harsh accusations. Charles is convinced something is wrong and hurries to look for him.
22 February 26, 1975 1022 Survival While returning from a family trip, the Ingalls receive a twofold warning from a mean hearted official. He warns them that a blizzard is coming, and that a dangerous Indian fugitive is on the loose. He surprises the Ingalls by claiming his crime was his birth into the Indian race. Later, the family must take shelter in an abandoned cabin. Charles nearly freezes to death but is rescued by the Indian fugitive, Jack Lame Horse. However, when the same ruthless Marshall shows up, Charles is forced to show his gratitude by saving the fugitives life.
23 March 5, 1975 1023 To See The World Johnny Johnson has an argument with his father. Afterwards he decides to leave 'to see the world'. Mr. Edwards accompanies him while on his way to purchase an expensive hunting rifle. However, when Johnny refuses to be swayed, Mr. Edwards relies on his money, and the charms of a young woman to send the young boy home.
24 May 7, 1975 1024 Founder's Day Founder's Day comes to Walnut Grove, and everybody is looking forward to the exciting competitions. While Laura and Mary try to outdo the Olesons, Charles is challenged to a logging contest by an ancient lumberjack. While Charles wants to gain respect from the stubborn old man, his opponent hopes to prove that he is still the 'Bull of the Woods' despite the constant urging of his wife. The excitement reaches a boiling point with the final competition, the logging contest, and Charles proves himself in quite an unexpected way.

Season 2 (1975-1976)

22 episodes
# Airdate Prod. Code Title Overview
25 September 10, 1975 2001 The Richest Man In Walnut Grove Hanson's Mill closes when a major customer declares bankruptcy, leaving Lars unable to pay Charles two months of back pay. The Ingalls have a large tab at the Mercantile, forcing the family into a spirit of cooperation and sacrifice to pay off the bill. On the day Charles presents the funds due, Nels remarks how mightily impressed he is by the Ingalls' resolve.
26 September 17, 1975 2002 Four Eyes The beginning chapter in a story arc concerning Mary's failing eyesight, which will soon render her blind. The tip off of her vision problems comes with her flagging grades. Mary is excited to receive a pair of brand new glasses but her excitement fades when other students relentlessly tease her even after Miss Beadle points out her own pair of glasses. Mary decides to 'lose' her glasses until Miss Beadle unwittingly shows her that she does not need to worry about her glasses making her look unattractive.
27 September 24, 1975 2007 Haunted House When Nellie dares Laura to enter a rickety old house, Laura instead discovers a kindly old widower living there. She learns that he is waiting for his beloved wife, a deceased actress to return home. Laura excitedly volunteers her help in fixing up the place until a trip to Mankato shows that his wife is dead and not coming back. Laura then must help him overcome his denial and sorrow, when she tells him that his wife is dead.
28 October 1, 1975 2008 In The Big Inning It's Walnut Grove vs. Sleepy Eye in the annual baseball battle. Star pitcher Mumford appears to be an ace up Walnut Grove's sleeve, until his wife discovers the townspeople are betting heavily on the game's outcome. To put a stop to the madness, she benches him, leaving Caroline to persuade Mrs. Mumford to allow him to play. The troubles of the Walnut Grove team are not over however, between arguments of the rightful name of the team to Sleepy Eye's Green Stockings' win at any cost attitude the battle for the game is fought in quite an unorthodox manner.
29 October 8, 1975 2006 The Campout Mrs. Oleson invites herself along on the Ingalls' campout after she concludes that Laura and Mary will have the upper hand collecting leaves for a science project. The Ingalls and Olesons seem to mix like water and oil throughout the trip. After learning a "scratching" good lesson about poison ivy, Laura and Nellie become trapped in a raging current, leading the rivals to rely on each other to save them from being swept away, nearly resulting in the two families bonding closer together.
30 October 29, 1975 2004 The Spring Dance Laura wants to go to the annual Spring Dance with Henry Henderson, while Grace Snyder hopes Mr. Edwards will ask her out. But both men, young and old, are too shy to ask the girls. Caroline decides to teach them a technique she used on Charles to make him jealous. While the two girls shamelessly deceive their beaus, Charles reminds Caroline about the exact circumstances that occurred when she tried it on him.
31 November 5, 1975 2009 Remember Me (Part 1) A widowed mother named Julia Sanderson learns she has a terminal illness, and has no close relatives willing to care for her three children - sons John Jr. and Carl; and daughter Alicia. Charles promises Mrs. Sanderson the children will find a new home. Meanwhile, the relationship between Mr. Edwards and Grace Snyder begins to really blossom.
32 November 12, 1975 2010 Remember Me (Part 2) Charles has a difficult time finding someone who will adopt all three Sanderson children. At one point, a young couple hope to adopt Alicia only, while John Jr. and Carl are considered to be potential farming hands to another. While the kids try to show their bravery Alicia breaks down in tears not wanting to leave her brothers and current guardian Grace Snyder. At the very last minute Mr. Edwards makes a decision that will change his life and the lives of the three orphaned children.
33 November 19, 1975 2003 Ebenezer Sprague Charles wants to seed a new field and decides to obtain a loan from the new banker, Ebenezer Sprague. The cold-hearted gentleman refuses to trust Charles and his family until Laura unwitting befriends him at the fishing hole. Their friendship and its abrupt end shows the banker that no man should worry about making any true friends.
34 December 10, 1975 2005 At The End Of The Rainbow While fishing in a stream, Laura and her friend Jonah find pyrite and mistake it for gold. Laura spends her days gathering the "gold dust", and begins fantasizing about her family being very, very rich ... and the Olesons being dirt poor. The secrecy starts to lead to squabbling and hasty action from the nosy Oleson children. In the end, the truth becomes a disappointment to the two excited children.
35 December 17, 1975 2013 The Gift The children of Walnut Grove pool their money to buy Rev. Alden a new Bible, and entrust Mary with the cash. However, Mary and Laura decide to invest their money in medicines that, upon their sale, could easily double their money and thus allow them to buy one really great gift for their beloved minister. After much scheming to follow through with their project, they realize that miracle medicines are really not truly needed, and they must tell the truth to the sympathetic Reverend.
36 January 7, 1976 2015 His Father's Son Mr. Edwards and John Jr. feel estranged from each other, and an upset Mr. Edwards tries to make his son join him in his way of life. With an expensive gun Mr. Edwards also offers to take him on a hunting trip to his son's dismay. John Jr. writes a heartfelt letter which Mr. Edwards apparently disregards leaving his son with no choice but to go with him. During the trip a frightening encounter helps Mr. Edwards understand his son, and John discovers that his father does care for him, but he couldn't read the note he wrote for him.
37 January 14, 1976 2012 The Talking Machine Laura and Nellie vie for the affections of a new schoolboy named Jason, who is very adept with new contraptions. While Laura accompanies Jason in all his experiments, Nellie tries to use a brand new 'Talking Machine' to gain his affection. When Nellie is unable to get Jason to choose her over Laura, she decides to get even with Laura in an especially embarrassing scheme.
38 January 28, 1976 2014 The Pride Of Walnut Grove Mary enters a statewide math competition, but Charles can't afford to pay the travel expenses necessary for her to compete. The entire town council foots the bill, with great pride in her. This causes Mary to worry she will let them down. Her return to Walnut Grove shows her that the town is proud of her whether or not she comes first.
39 February 4, 1976 2011 A Matter Of Faith Charles and the girls go on a camping trip, and Caroline will join them later. Caroline then scratches herself on a piece of baling wire, and the minor scratch soon turns into a serious infection. Just when she is about to succumb to her illness, Caroline opens her Bible to a passage where she decides to preform a painful procedure which impresses even Doc Baker.
40 February 11, 1976 2016 The Runaway Caboose At a train station, Mary, Laura and Carl wander into a caboose. Without warning, the caboose begins to move, and it soon is on a crash course with an oncoming train. Charles and Mr. Edwards go on a race against time to try to warn the locomotive operator and stop the runaway caboose.
41 February 25, 1976 2019 Troublemaker Miss Beadle is relieved of her duties as schoolmarm when several of the older students' misbehavior becomes too much. In her place is Hannibal Applewood - a strict disciplinarian whom students call "Mr. Crabapple" in disdain. Acting on a false tip from Mrs. Oleson, Mr. Applewood quickly singles out Laura as the class troublemaker, unfairly punishing her for things she did not do, and even expelling her when test papers become damaged. As things get out of hand, Charles decides to step in and figure out just how Mr. Applewood obtained his lengthy resume.

42 March 3, 1976 2017 The Long Road Home During a recession, Charles and Mr. Edwards take a job handling highly explosive liquid dynamite along a rough and dangerously winding road. Also on the same job is an experienced Negro with a tolerant attitude and a prejudiced young man who refuses to accept his partner. Through rough detours, bandits, and prejudice, Charles and Mr. Edwards must work hard on the long road home.

43 March 10, 1976 2020 For My Lady To buy Caroline a new set of china, Charles secretly takes a woodworking job for an attractive young widow. The problem is, Mrs. Oleson plants a suggestion in Caroline's mind that there's more going on than woodworking behind closed doors. Laura and Mary soon decide they need to try to "win Pa back" with plans of their own.

44 March 17, 1976 2018 Centennial Walnut Grove prepares to celebrate the nation's centennial, but the party is threatened with cancellation when their taxes go up. A Russian immigrant, Yuli Pyatakov, gives an impassioned speech about what it's like to live in America, and that he loves his new land despite its faults. The townsfolk are inspired to resume the celebration.

45 March 24, 1976 2022 Soldier's Return Mrs. Whipple's son, Granville, returns to Walnut Grove to resume his career as a music teacher. He becomes close to Mary Ingalls who offers to copy music in exchange for lessons. His new life takes a turn for the worse when a young boy, whose father he abandoned, reminds him of his past with the help of a haunting bugle. He relapses into morphine addiction which cause in his eventual suicide.

46 March 31, 1976 2021 Going Home His crops and farm lie in ruin, thanks to a devastating tornado that sweeps through Hero Township. A despondent Charles sees no opportunity ahead, so he decides to move his family back home to Wisconsin and sells his farm. Meanwhile, Mary and John worry about their blossoming relationship which ends up in Mary's first kiss and talking about marriage. A crushed Laura prays for Charles to have strength, a prayer that is answered in the form of the previous owners of the farm who want to buy back their old farm.

Season 3 (1976-1977)

21 episodes
# Airdate Prod. Code Title Overview
47 September 27, 1976 3008 The Collection When Rev. Alden falls ill while collecting, ex-convict Caleb Hodgekiss offers to collect the money himself. However, Hodgekiss is actually scheming to keep the money himself, until he sees how the money is intended to be used.

48 October 4, 1976 3001 Bunny Nellie goes for a ride on Bunny, Laura's beloved horse, and begins to mistreat it. The horse goes wild and throws Nellie off. Nellie is shaken up but not seriously hurt; however, Nellie decides to pretend that she has been paralyzed in the accident. Laura believes it and, in remorse, decides to help Nellie. However, Mrs. Oleson decides that the only way things can be made right is by shooting Bunny. One day when visiting the Olesons, Laura finds out that Nellie is just fine, and schemes to expose the fake paralysis by taking Nellie on a little ride in her wheelchair.
49 October 25, 1976 3005 The Race Picking up where the previous episode left off, it's a race between Nellie and Laura, and their respective horses. Laura's entry, Bunny, is the favorite, but Mrs. Oleson – over Nels' objections, of course – decides to buy an expensive thoroughbred for Nellie.
50 November 1, 1976 3007 The Monster Of Walnut Grove A comedy of misunderstandings results when Laura sees what she thinks is Nels beheading his wife during an argument (Mrs. Oleson was actually out of town, and Nels had accidentally beheaded a mannequin). Laura reports what she had seen to Nellie and Willie, who play along to have a little fun at their nemesis's expense.
51 November 15, 1976 3011 Journey In The Spring (Part 1) Charles' mother passes away after a long illness, and he travels back to Wisconsin to handle the funeral arrangements. His father, Landsford, becomes very despondent and – after an argument with Charles – tries to kill himself by setting his house on fire. Charles saves Landsford and talks him into coming to Walnut Grove to sort out his emotions. While staying with his son's family, Landsford begins to form a special relationship with Laura.
52 November 15, 1976 3012 Journey In The Spring (Part 2) Landsford's relationship with his granddaughter, Laura, continues to grow, but falls into jeopardy when Bunny the horse is injured. Landsford tells Laura he will try to nurse the horse back to health, but Charles sees the horse is too badly hurt and must destroy it. Laura is angry when Landsford realizes his son did the right thing and shouldn't have made a promise he couldn't have kept. Landsford wants to leave, causing Laura to go all-out in staying for as long as he wants.
53 November 29, 1976 3002 Fred Laura goes to work for a farmer to earn some extra money, but chooses the farmer's billy goat instead. The goat, whose name is Fred, quickly wreaks havoc on Walnut Grove, doing everything from eating the Ingalls' crops to butting Rev. Alden in the back. Charles soon makes Laura get rid of the goat.
54 December 6, 1976 3009 The Bully Boys The Gallinder family – two 40-ish brothers and a teen-ager – come to Walnut Grove and quickly cause trouble. Rev. Alden pleads with the townspeople to be patient with the newcomers, but it soon becomes clear the Gallinders want to do nothing but cause trouble. They run up bills at the Mercantile and Hanson's Mill (with no intention of paying off either tab), while the boy causes trouble at school, eventually punching both Laura and Mary. Things get uglier when the men attempt to rape Caroline (while she was on the way to the Mercantile to deliver eggs); when Charles goes to confront the Gallinders, he is beaten. Rev. Alden realizes the Gallinders are nothing but thugs and invites them to church ... to order them out of town.
55 December 20, 1976 3003 The Hunters (90-minute episode) Charles is badly wounded on a hunting trip, when Laura knocks over a gun and it discharges. Laura despearately searches for help, and convinces a blind man and his son to help them. When the son leaves Charles alone in the cabin, Laura and the blind man are forced to work together to find their way out of the woods and get a doctor.
56 December 27, 1976 3013 Blizzard In the series' second Christmas episode, Miss Beadle dismisses school early on Christmas eve, unaware that the light, uneventful snowfall is about to quickly become a monster blizzard. The children become stranded halfway home, leading the fathers of Hero Township to brave the worsening weather conditions to find them and lead them back to the schoolhouse.
57 October 18, 1976 3006 Little Girl Lost Carrie proves to be a pest when accompanying her older sisters on a butterfly gathering trip for school. However, Mary and Laura soon regret being annoyed when Carrie falls down an old mine shaft. A drunken old miner finds an opportunity to redeem himself when he assists the cause to rescue Carrie before the crumbling mine collapses.
58 January 10, 1977 3010 I'll Ride The Wind The love between Mary and John Jr. continues to blossom, and marriage may soon be on the horizon. But Mary is worried that she could be standing in the way between John and his dreams of becoming a writer.
59 January 17, 1977 3015 Quarantine Mr. Edwards returns from a nearby town with a case of mountain fever, and passes it on to Alicia. Alicia becomes very sick and Mr. Edwards quarantines himself as he tries desperately to help his daughter. Laura, bringing some raspberries to the back door and hears Alicia's cries tries to help her. Then Mr. Edwards walks in and she must deal with an angry Mr. Edwards. Eventually, Laura ends up nursing both father and daughter back to health.
60 January 24, 1977 3014 Little Women The school plans to put on a series of plays based on books. Laura, Mary and their friend, Ginny, decide to do a play on "Little Women." The Ingalls girls must deal with Nellie, who schemes to get the lead role, and Ginny's desire to play matchmaker for her single mother.
61 January 31, 1977 3004 Injun Kid Laura becomes friends with Joseph Stokes, the son of a Sioux Indian who moves to Walnut Grove. Joseph's grandfather virtually disowns him because he comes from a mixed marriage – his Native American father and white mother – and is not shy about sharing his bigotry. Things are no better at school, as Joseph is harassed by a bully. Eventually, Laura helps Joseph stand up to the bully.

62 February 14, 1977 3016 To Live With Fear (Part 1) Mary is severely injured when a horse kicks her in the barn. When her condition deteriorates, it becomes clear she needs an expensive surgery to save her life. Charles and Mr. Edwards are forced to take dynamiting jobs for the railroad to fund the surgery.

63 February 21, 1977 3017 To Live With Fear (Part 2) Mary needs more surgery, something that weighs heavily on Charles' mind as he feverishly works to earn enough money for his daughter's surgery. Eventually, a fatigued Charles causes an accident that traps him and a co-worker inside. Mr. Edwards leads a harried effort to save the two men's lives.

64 March 7, 1977 3019 The Wisdom Of Solomon A young black boy named Solomon, the son of former slaves, runs away to Walnut Grove, and soon takes refuge at the Ingalls. Charles is able to get the truth from Solomon: He is tired of everyone treating him "different" because he is black. Charles tells him he has much to be proud of and convinces him to return home, but not until after Solomon teaches the people of Walnut Grove a few lessons of his own.

65 March 14, 1977 3020 The Music Box Laura makes friends with Anna, a girl who stutters and has made few friends as a result. Later, Nellie starts a club and invites Laura to join but not Anna. While at the Mercantile, Laura steals a music box. Nellie catches her in the act but decides to keep silent about the incident on the condition that Laura break off her friendship with Anna. Later, Nellie inducts Anna into the club, but only to humiliate her. Laura goes along with the teasing, but Mary soon gets Laura to confess everything that's happened. In the end, Charles makes Laura admit to Nels that she stole the music box. Nels is disappointed but praises Laura for coming clean, which is nothing compared to the punishment Nellie is about to face. Laura also must make amends with Anna, who is terribly hurt by what the earlier shenanigans at the Olesons.

66 March 21, 1977 3018 The Election A three-way race for class president ensues, with Nellie and Mary battling the slow-witted Elmer Dobkins for the honor. Plenty of shenanigans ensue: Elmer's nomination was just a joke, while Mary and Nellie each host parties to try to win votes. After Nellie plays a cruel joke on Elmer, Miss Beadle soon puts a stop to the whole idea of class officers, until Laura pleads with the teacher that many lessons have been learned. In the end, Willie – of all people – winds up casting the deciding vote.
67 April 4, 1977 3021 Gold Country When their crops are destroyed by heavy rain, the Ingalls and Edwards families head west to pan for gold. However, the temptations of being rich soon turns everyone against each other. Laura and Carl visit with an ex-miner who has seen the ill effects of gold mining. In the end, Charles and Mr. Edwards realize each of them is already rich (because they have their families) and decide to go home.
  • Note: Originally aired as a two-hour episode. In syndication, it is seen as a two-part episode.
  • Note: Last appearance of Victor French until a guest shot in the sixth season, and his full-time return late in the eighth season.
  • Note: Final appearance of Brian Part as Carl Edwards. Carl is seen again in "A Promise to Keep" but is played by a different actor in that episode.

Season 4 (1977-1978)

22 episodes
# Airdate Prod. Code Title Overview
68 September 12, 1977 4003 Castoffs Laura is given an order by her mother to care for her dog, Jack, before going to town to greet a newcomer, Kezia Horn, who lives in a house without walls. Laura becomes frustrated at Jack and gives up trying to take the ticks out of his ears. Mary, Laura, Nellie and Willie go to visit Kezia and find out what a unique yet kind person she is. When Laura arrives home, she finds old Jack dead in the barn. In tears, she and her family bury him in the meadow. Later, Charles brings home a stray dog that followed him home from Mankato but Laura refuses to bond with the dog. Kezia speaks to Laura about how the dog only wants to love her, and how she is also wanting to love others but not being accepted. Guilt-ridden Laura runs to find the dog and bonds with him. Reverend Alden speaks with Kezia and she decides to leave Walnut Grove because no one is accepting of her. It's up to Laura to get everyone to change their minds before it is too late.

69 September 19, 1977 4002 Times Of Change Charles takes Mary to Chicago, where he is attending the Grange. There, Mary meets up with John Jr., who has started a job as a cub reporter for a newspaper. However, former lovebirds John and Mary soon find their lives headed in separate directions.
70 September 26, 1977 4007 My Ellen When Laura and Mary go skinny-dipping with their friend, Ellen Taylor, some boys come by to get a glimpse. The girls hide underwater until they go away. Laura and Mary come back up, but Ellen becomes trapped under the surface and drowns. Ellen's grief-stricken mother blames Laura for the tragedy, then rebuffs efforts by several people to cheer her up. Later, when Laura turns up missing – Mrs. Taylor had trapped Laura in the basement, thinking she is Ellen – suspicion falls on Busby, a retarded man whom Charles had warned his daughters to stay away from. While the hunt is on for Busby, Laura must rely on her wits to escape Mrs. Taylor's clutches and help her come to terms with Ellen's death.
71 October 3, 1977 4004 The Handyman After Caroline complains about the small size of her kitchen, Charles decides to build an addition onto the house. However, he must leave to take a rush delivery to Mankato. Caroline hires a handsome young handyman named Chris Nelson to complete the job. Chris stays with the Ingalls family and unwittingly becomes head of the household in Charles' absence, prompting Carrie to mistakenly call the man "Uncle Chris." Mary soon becomes convinced that her Ma and Chris are becoming romantically involved, and she freely expresses her opinions. Nellie and Mrs. Oleson don't help matters when they share Mary's suspicions. Eventually, Mary confronts Chris with her suspicions and tells him he must leave, only to find out later it was a misunderstanding. Charles later returns and finishes the kitchen.

72 October 17, 1977 4005 The Wolves Laura and her new friend, Andy Garvey, find an injured mother wolf trying to tend to her pack of baby pups. Andy takes the wolf and her babies home to care for them, but decides to move them to the Ingalls barn when he learns Larabee wants to shoot them. Things turn deadly when a pack of rabid dogs advance on the barn, trapping Andy, Laura, Mary, Carrie and Bandit inside, leaving them to rely on Jonathan – and even more so, Bandit and the mother wolf – to save them from being mauled.
73 October 24, 1977 4006 The Creeper of Walnut Grove Laura and Andy become detectives to solve a series of burglaries in Walnut Grove. After an incident at the Oleson's, Charles becomes very angry with his daughter. However, things get worse when Laura sets some traps to catch the culprit, but winds up catching Charles instead (at one point, causing him to be doused with green paint). It is soon revealed that a boy named Timothy Ferrel was the creeper all along.
74 October 31, 1977 4001 To Run And Hide When Dr. Baker is unable to save a terminally ill patient, he chalks it up to incompetence and resigns as Walnut Grove's doctor. While he tries his hand out at farming, a new doctor – Dr. Logan – accepts a call to replace Dr. Baker. However, he is ill-tempered and has no compassion for his clients, prompting Charles to go all-out to convince Dr. Baker that he is a good doctor and that the people of Hero Township need him.
75 November 7, 1977 4008 The Aftermath Outlaws Frank and Jesse James bring their trail of treachery to Walnut Grove. They stake out the town and take aliases while trying to blend into the background, even hiring Mary to do their work. However, their cover is soon blown when a posse arrives to arrest the James brothers, causing them to take Mary hostage.
76 November 14, 1977 4009 The High Cost Of Being Right When the Garvey's barn burns down, Alice takes a job at the post office. Johnathan believes that it's a man's job to support a family, and is outraged.
77 November 21, 1977 4011 The Fighter (90-minute episode) Boxer Joe Kagan's career costs him everything, including his family. Ultimately, he faces his greatest challenge...his own grown son!
  • Note: This episode introduces Moses Gunn in the title role of Joe Kagan.

78 November 28, 1977 4012 Meet Me At The Fair The Oleson and Ingalls families travel to a fair in Mankato, where Mary hopes to spend time with a boyfriend. Instead she is propositioned by her boyfriend's boss. Meanwhile Nels and Charles enter a donkey riding contest, and Laura has a hard time staying with Carrie. Eventually, Carrie falls asleep inside a hot-air balloon that accidentally gets set off.
79 December 5, 1977 4010 Here Come The Brides When Adam Simms and his son Luke move to town, Adam instantly takes a liking to Miss Beadle, while Luke and Nellie fall in love. After Nellie talks to Miss Beadle, she and Luke run away to have a very short-lived marriage. This episode features one of the first looks at the softer side of Nellie's personality.
80 December 12, 1977 4013 Freedom Flight An Indian boy comes to Walnut grove, asking for help for his sick father. Charles agrees to help, angering several racist citizens, who are convinced the Indians mean to attack them. Charles is kept busy nursing the tribe leader back to health and warding off an imminent war.
81 January 9, 1978 4014 The Rivals Charles must try to save his business from a competitor. Laura, who is in love with Jimmy Hill, must compete with somebody else for him.
82 January 16, 1978 4015 Whisper Country Mary gets her first teaching job in the backwoods community of Willow Prairie, but is met with stern, purely hateful opposition by the settlement's leader: an elderly woman who has driven away previous teachers and has thwarted all attempts to establish a school and uses the Bible in a hateful way to back her beliefs. The father of a student she stays with, a loyal follower to the woman, is just as bad. The woman's adamant beliefs against common things such as reading and cleaning with soap and water are the cover for her own shameful secret: She cannot read. Mary is driven from the community, but after Charles gives her a pep talk, she is able to expose Mrs. Peal. Afterward, she learns to accept and embrace education.
83 January 23, 1978 4016 I Remember, I Remember While waiting for Charles (who is stuck in the rain with a broken wagon wheel on her anniversary), Caroline tells the children the story of how she and Charles met.
  • Note: In this episode Matthew Laborteaux portrays young Charles, in the next season he would return, but as orphan child Albert.

84 January 30, 1978 4017 Be My Friend (90-minute episode) When Laura finds a bottle with a note inside that reads, "Be my friend," she convinces Charles to help her look for the person, but they find a baby. They then look for the child's parents.
85 February 6, 1978 4018 The Inheritance When Charles receives news that he is the heir to a late relative, Mrs. Oleson becomes oddly friendly. The Ingalls – sure they've inherited a fortune – go on a wild spending spree to upgrade their farm and equipment. Then, Charles gets the inheritance and finds out he's inherited Confederate money. Mrs. Oleson immediately decides to foreclose on the Ingalls farm, putting the Ingalls' friendships to the test.
86 February 1, 1978 4019 The Stranger Nels' brother sends his 12-year-old son, Peter, to Walnut Grove after the boy's behavior grows unmanagable. However, Mrs. Oleson babies the son, prompting a frustrated Nels to turn to Charles for assistance in rehabilitating Peter.
87 February 27, 1978 4020 A Most Precious Gift Charles has always wanted a son, and has another chance to get one when Caroline announces she's pregnant. But Caroline fears how Charles will react if the baby is a girl. Eventually, it's all for naught, as Charles loves his baby Grace just the same.
  • Note: The Ingalls' youngest biological child, Grace, is born.

88 March 6, 1978 4021 I'll Be Waving As You Drive Away (Part 1) Just as Mary falls in love with newcomer Seth Barton, her eyesight begins to worsen. Charles takes her to an optometrist, but the news is not good: Mary's vision cannot be saved, and she will soon go blind. In denial, Charles does not tell his daughter. One morning, she wakes up and finds to her horror she is completely blind. Mary becomes very bitter over her predicament and having to rely on others for basic needs.
89 March 13, 1978 4022 I'll Be Waving As You Drive Away (Part 2) Mary is sent to a blind school in Iowa, where she meets her husband-to-be, Adam Kendall. Mary refuses to accept Adam's help at first, but he eventually helps her learn to deal with her blindness. Meanwhile, the town of Walnut Grove faces bankruptcy as its citizens prepare to move out.
  • Note: This marks the first appearance of Linwood Boomer as Adam Kendall, and the final appearance of Charlotte Stewart as Miss Beadle-Simms.
  • Note: This was intended by NBC as the final episode of the series, but the show ended up being renewed for the following season.

Season 5 (1978-1979)

24 episodes
# Airdate Prod. Code Title Overview
90 September 11, 1978 5001 As Long As We're Together (Part 1) When Walnut Grove falls on hard times, the Ingalls, Olesons and Garveys settle in the town of Winoka, where they are met by a cruel local businessman, Miles Standish. This episode marks the introduction of Matthew Laborteaux as Albert, the lovable orphan who is eventually taken in by the Ingalls family.

91 September 18, 1978 5002 As Long As We're Together (Part 2) The former Walnut Grove residents continue to adjust to life in the city of Winoka. Charles and Caroline are managing The Dakota Hotel; Nels, Harriet and Jonathan Garvey are working in the saloon and Alice Garvey begins teaching school for the poor children of Winoka since the only school in town is an expensive private academy.
92 September 25, 1978 5003 The Winoka Warriors Charles convinces Albert to attend the livery school. With Garvey as coach, Albert and the livery school's football team use the help of a discouraged blind boy to play against the private Winoka school's team.
93 October 2, 1978 5004 The Man Inside Laura makes friends with a shy classmate, but winds up jeopardizing the friendship when she makes fun of an obese man, not knowing he is the girl's father. True remorse doesn't come until the man falls seriously ill.
94 October 9, 1978 5007 There's No Place Like Home (Part 1) A gambling man (Ray Bolger) loses all his winnings, indirectly leading to the decision for some of Winoka's residents to return home to Walnut Grove.
95 October 16, 1978 5008 There's No Place Like Home (Part 2 ; 90-minute episode) The Ingalls and friends return home to Walnut Grove, only to find a disgruntled and disabled Lars Hanson, who's been crippled by a stroke.
  • Note: This marks the final appearance of Karl Swenson as Lars Hanson (ironically, Swenson was to die a short time later after this episode was filmed).

96 October 23, 1978 5010 Fagin Charles buys Albert a cow for the upcoming county fair, in which Albert names him Fagin. Laura grows jealous when Charles starts placing more attention on Albert. Especially, when Nellie teases Laura about having Albert as a brother, in which Laura punches Nellie in her eye. After Albert overhears Charles and Caroline talking about Laura's jealousy, Albert runs away, leaving Laura to take care of Fagin for the fair.
97 October 30, 1978 5009 Harriet's Happenings Mrs. Oleson's cousin, Sterling Murdoch, comes to Walnut Grove to start the town's first newspaper, The Pen and the Plow. Mrs. Oleson writes a column for the fledgling newspaper, and soon writes scandalous stories about the residents of Hero Township. When she learns that a German student Erich Schiller beat Nellie in the school spelling bee, Mrs. Oleson claims that the lad's German immigrant parents are illiterate. Charles confronts Murdoch about his newspaper, but his complaints fall on deaf ears. Laura and Albert temporarily get back at Mrs. Oleson, but she responds by writing a story suggesting Charles fathered Albert outside his marriage. Charles has enough and exposes the work of Murdoch and Mrs. Oleson in church on Sunday, clears up the lie about the Schiller family (they could read German) then chastises the rest of the town for reading the newspaper.

98 November 6, 1978 5013 The Wedding Adam proposes to Mary, and she accepts. Charles and Caroline travel to Winoka for the wedding. Mary begins to have doubts about getting married, once Charles and Caroline talk about being grandparents and how hard it was to keep track of Mary when she was little. Mary is worried about how she and Adam will possibly be able to raise a baby, since they are both blind.
99 November 13, 1978 5005 Men Will Be Boys When Albert and Andy boast they can become self-sufficient, Charles and Jonathan decide to take them on a camping trip to put that claim to rest. But Albert and Andy prove their worth, and their fathers wind up, well, not so well off.
100 November 20, 1978 5014 The Cheaters The Walnut Grove School children take a series of routine tests to prepare them for the next grade, but after Andy Garvey shows failing grades, his parents enlist Nellie Oleson to help him with his studies...but Nellie shows him an even better way to succeed: by cheating.
101 November 27, 1978 5011 Blind Journey (Part 1) It is discovered that the late Mr. Hanson has willed his (now decrepit) house to the town of Walnut Grove. The town council then elects to turn it into the new blind school, as the proprietor of the blind school in Winoka has informed Mary and Adam that the rent has been raised to an amount he can no longer pay. Charles then recruits Joe Kagan to accompany him to Winoka to lead the children back to Walnut Grove. To their shock and dismay, they discover that Mrs. Oleson has paid a large sum of money to name the new blind school after herself and traveled to Winoka to help lead the blind children to Walnut Grove in order to impress someone named Mrs. Terhune.
102 December 4, 1978 5012 Blind Journey (Part 2) In Winoka, Mrs. Oleson is disappointed to discover that Mrs. Terhune is not an elite society lady from St. Louis, but rather Hester Sue Terhune (Ketty Lester in her first appearance), the African American caretaker of the blind school that has merged with the one run by the Kendalls. During the journey back to Walnut Grove, Mrs. Oleson must overcome her racism and Adam must overcome his fear of water. Upon return to Walnut Grove, Nels is shocked to see that his wife has overcome her racism (for now).
103 December 18, 1978 5006 The Godsister (90-minute episode) In a rare episode featuring Carrie, the young Ingalls tyke becomes heartsick for her Pa when Charles and Jonathan take jobs on a telephone crew and must be away for weeks. When nobody has time for her, Carrie creates an imaginary friend named Alyssa, and the two have wonderful adventures together.
  • Note: Lindsey and Sidney Greenbush appear on-screen together in the roles of Carrie Ingalls and her imaginary friend, Alyssa.

104 January 8, 1979 5018 The Craftsman Albert takes a job as apprentice for a Jewish coffin maker, who is the target of deep prejudice in the community.
105 January 15, 1979 5016 Blind Man's Bluff Laura's schoolmate and friend, Jordan, has dreams of one day working for a circus but is troubled by his quarreling parents. After an accident causes temporary blindness, Jordan pretends to remain blind in an effort to bring his parents closer together and avoid their upcoming divorce. Laura discovers Jordan's deception and struggles about whether she should tell everyone the truth.
106 January 22, 1979 5015 Dance With Me (90-minute episode) Ray Bolger (The Wizard of Oz fame) returns as the happy-go-lucky Toby Noe. He is staying with the Ingalls family and eating them out of house and home when the spirited spinster Amanda Cooper catches his eye. Toby sets out to win her heart but she is determined to keep him at arm's length. Meanwhile, Laura has a crush on schoolmate Jason and, with Albert's council, tries to get him to notice her.
107 February 5, 1979 5019 The Sound Of Children Mary and Adam discover they are having a baby. Adam's father visits Walnut Grove upon learning the news and convinces Adam and Mary to move to New York so that Adam can attend law school and eventually become a partner in his father's law firm. Tragedy strikes however and Adam realizes that the troubles between he and his father were not imagined after all.
108 February 12, 1979 5020 The Lake Kezia Monster Mrs. Oleson attempts to evict Kezia (Hermione Baddeley) from her house by the lake. She, Willie and Nellie move in and force Kezia to serve as their maid, but Laura, Albert and Andy Garvey hatch a plan to drive the Olesons away. They get Kezia to concoct a story about a monster that inhabits the lake, and then dress up as the monster. The plan works, the Olesons run away screaming, and Kezia keeps her house.
109 February 19, 1979 5021 Barn Burner Farmer Judd Larabee objects to setting a standard price for wheat, particularly since black farmers would pay the same rate as white farmers. Jonathan Garvey has enough of Larabee's racism and confronts him in front of his family. Tensions escalate when a vengeful Larabee pays a visit to the Garveys and assaults Andy, who is the only one home. Then, Garvey's barn burns down and Larabee is fingered as the suspect. Andy knows the truth, but will his testimony be complete enough before Larabee's fate is sealed?
110 February 26, 1979 5022 Enchanted Cottage Mary begins to see light again and the entire family hopes she will soon recover her sight. She and Charles travel to visit the eye doctor for tests and a professional assessment. Meanwhile, Adam struggles with the possibility of Mary regaining her vision and what that means for their future. An excited Laura recruits Albert to help her fix up the Mr. Edward's old shack for Mary's return. Nels Oleson donates his unsold paint to Laura's project.
111 March 5, 1979 5017 Someone Please Love Me During a horse-buying trip to Sleepy Eye, Charles meets up with Brett Harper, one of the state's best horse breeders. However, Harper's alcoholism has taken a deep toll on the family and is coming apart because of the lack of a strong head of the household. Charles temporarily takes the role as the family man while he tries to sober Harper up, but his touch may have worked too well: Harper's wife and children like Charles better than drunken Brett (who had become that way after his son had died). Charles manages to convince his family that Brett is a good person, but needs to be sober to do so.
112 March 12, 1979 5023 Mortal Mission Numerous Walnut Grove townsfolk become seriously ill after eating anthrax-laced mutton, turning the Blind School into a makeshift hospital and morgue. Charles and Jonathan – among the few who hadn't gotten sick – race against time to rush supplies and medicine to the Blind School, but have to encounter a few obstacles along the way. Namely, the brothers who sold the meat even though they knew it was spoiled; and a deluded farmer who believes the medicine will help him become rich.
113 March 19, 1979 5024 The Odyssey Laura and Albert's friend, Dylan, has one dream - to one day see the ocean. When the boy discovers he is terminally ill, he sets out to realize his dream and Laura and Albert join him. As the trio begins the journey to San Francisco, they come across a few stumbling blocks and are soon found by a worried Charles. The children convince Charles to help Dylan obtain his dream of seeing the ocean before he dies. The group meets William Randolph Hearst, famous American newspaper magnate, along the way.

Season 6 (1979-1980)

23 episodes, including a special (#123) format from three episodes
# Airdate Prod. Code Title Overview
114 September 17, 1979 6001 Back To School (Part 1) A new school year begins with a brand-new teacher, and Laura meets Almanzo Wilder, who would become her husband. Nellie and her mother also has their eye on the handsome young farmer and believe that Nellie's new restaurant and hotel will attract his attention. Nellie proves to be less than competent at hospitality.

115 September 24, 1979 6002 Back To School (Part 2) Laura and Nellie, both wanting Almanzo, engage in a series of dirty tricks to get back at the other. First, Nellie invites Almanzo to dinner, and Laura volunteers to cook; it is a recipe for disaster. Later, Nellie deliberately gives aspiring teacher Laura some incorrect material for an exam, and Laura fails miserably. The two engage in a memorable fistfight, both of them landing in the mud. When Almanzo takes Laura back to his place to clean up, Charles finds her wearing his robe and assumes the worst.
116 October 1, 1979 6006 The Family Tree The school's latest project is to create a "family tree" documenting the history of their families, which causes Albert to remember his own dark past. Ultimately, he has become attached to the Ingalls that he wants them to adopt him. But first, they must face Albert's real father.
117 October 8, 1979 6005 The Third Miracle Adam wins a teaching award and must travel to Minneapolis to receive it. En route, Mary, Adam and another woman and are involved in a serious stagecoach accident. Mary is the only one who is able to look for help. While she is climbing the hillside, her old glasses fall out of her pocket. The glasses start a fire that acts as a signal for Charles, who's searching for her. Meanwhile, Laura and Albert get Mrs. Oleson and Nellie to pick up some honey from a honeycomb, not telling them they're actually getting a hornets' nest.
  • Note: Leslie Landon appears in this episode as the other woman in the stage coach. She also appears in Season 8's "A Wiser Heart" and will later play the role of Miss Plum in Season 9

118 October 15, 1979 6003 Annabelle When the circus comes to town, Nels tries to make amends with his estranged rotund sister, Annabelle.
119 October 22, 1979 6007 The Preacher Takes A Wife Rev. Alden falls in love with a member of his congregation and marries her.
  • Note: This would be the only episode showing Alden's married life as his wife would not appear in another series episode, leaving that plot hole ambiguous.

120 October 29, 1979 6011 The Halloween Dream Before going to a Halloween party, Albert and Laura take a nap and have a dream where they are mistaken for Indians and taken to a tribe's camp.
121 November 5, 1979 6004 The Return of Mr. Edwards Mr. Edwards has become very wealthy owning a logging empire. When Alicia brings him lunch, she is nearly crushed by a falling tree. Edwards saves her from certain injury, but his legs are crushed. He soon becomes resigned to life as a cripple, prompting Grace to write to her old friends, the Ingalls, to help. However, neither Charles nor Laura can seem to get Edwards to snap out of his depression, which is taking its toll on the family. On two occasions, Charles has to stop Edwards from trying to commit suicide. Only when Charles pretends to have been injured in a gun accident does Edwards snap out of his deep depression. It isn't long before Edwards is back to his old, irascible self.
  • Note: This is Victor French's first appearance on the show in many years (due to his commitment to his previous series, Carter Country), however he would not appear on the show again until the eighth season.

122 November 12, 1979 6010 The King Is Dead A professional wrestling promoter tries to convince Jonathan to become a championship wrestler.
123 (Special) November 15, 1979 6680 The Little House Years (TV-Movie) In this three-hour special, the cast reminisce their past years in Walnut Grove (via clips from previous episodes).
  • Note : Originally shown as a three-hour TV movie, depicting memorable episodes from the series. In syndication, it is shown as a three-part episode.
  • Note : This episode is not numbered as it was originally shown independently from the series.

124 November 19, 1979 6009 The Faith Healer A traveling minister comes to Walnut Grove on a "healing" crusade. But after a member of his congregation suddenly dies, some citizens begin to question the minister's motives.
125 November 26, 1979 6013 Author, Author Caroline's parents come for a visit, but on the trip her mother passes away. Caroline's father is then distraught until he is convinced to write an autobiography.
126 December 10, 1979 6008 Crossed Connections The newly invented telephone comes to Walnut Grove. The switchboard is housed in Nellie's Restaurant and Harriet is tasked with being the system's operator. She listens in on a phone conversation from Alice Garvey about her past, which has an adverse effect on the entire Garvey family.
127 December 17, 1979 6012 The Angry Heart A teen-aged boy comes to Walnut Grove to live with his grandparents, when his mother can no longer tolerate his increasingly ill-tempered behavior. When the elderly couple become afraid of the boy, Charles offers to help reform him. It seems to be working, until Charles gives the boy a gift for his hard work – a blue shirt – that he rips up, not knowing that it triggered the boy's horrible memories of abuse.
128 January 7, 1980 6014 The Werewolf Of Walnut Grove A bully terrorizes Miss Wilder, the schoolteacher, and his fellow classmates, especially Albert. The resourceful Albert tries to get revenge against the bully by creating a papier-mâché werewolf costume, and nearly succeeds until Carrie unwittingly exposes the effort. The children then decide they've had enough of being pushed around and gang up on the bully.
129 January 14, 1980 6015 What Ever Happened To The Class Of '56? Charles and Caroline travel to their class reunion, and find that many of their classmates have become financially successful. But are they really happy in their lives?
130 January 21, 1980 6016 Darkness Is My Friend While spending the night at the Blind School, Laura and Mary are held hostage by a trio of escaped felons. When one of them becomes ill from a gunshot wound, the leader sends Laura to get a doctor, warning her that the consequences will be deadly if she says anything about the hostage situation. When she can't find Dr. Baker, the terrified Laura goes to her Pa and tells him about what's going on. Charles poses as Dr. Baker, but soon finds himself in a dangerous predicament when the real Dr. Baker shows up. But Charles manages to get the upper hand.
131 January 28, 1980 6017 Silent Promises Laura, eager to appear more mature, offers to teach a deaf boy sign language. As their teachings go on, he develops feelings for Laura.
132 February 4, 1980 6018 May We Make Them Proud In an episode that marks the turning point for both the characters and the series in general, Albert and a friend, Clay, inadvertently cause a fire at the School for the Blind, killing Mrs. Garvey and Mary's infant son. After Albert unwittingly causes Mary to snap out of her trance, he runs away to his old home in Olney only to find a grave that says J. QUINN on it (which means that after The Family tree Albert's biological father somehow died). Soon Albert must come face-to-face with what he has done. It is unknown how Albert's biological father died.
  • Note: Originally shown as a two-hour episode. In syndication, it is seen as a two-part episode.
  • Note: Final appearance of Hersha Parady as Mrs. Garvey. Her character dies in the fire at the blind school.

133 February 11, 1980 6020 Wilder And Wilder Almanzo's wandering brother, Perley Day, comes to stay, and Charles hopes Laura's feelings will shift to him, unaware that he is a troublemaker.
134 February 18, 1980 6021 Second Spring Nels has had enough of his henpecked family life and begins selling his wares on the road. Along the way, he stops in a small town and meets a beautiful woman named Molly. The two begin a wonderful friendship and they learn they have real feelings for each other. Nels finds himself fighting temptation and infidelity, particularly after Charles accidentally catches his friend kissing a woman that is not his wife. Eventually, Nels admits to Molly he is married and the two cannot see each other anymore, then goes home to make amends with his wife, Mrs. Oleson.
135 February 25, 1980 6022 Sweet Sixteen The school district's superintendent comes to Walnut Grove looking for someone who can replace a teacher who has fallen and broken her leg. Eliza Jane recommends Laura who passes her teacher's exam and is given the position. She must now travel to another town where her first job will be, but runs into a triangle of misunderstanding between herself, Almanzo, and another student.
136 May 5, 1980 6023 He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (Part 1) Almanzo proposes to Laura who accepts, but their age difference is called into question by Charles, who tells Almanzo to wait two years for him and Laura to be married. An angry Almanzo states that he will not wait and two years seem like forever, and leaves Walnut Grove but Laura refuses to go with him. Meanwhile, in an effort to improve business at Nellie's failing restaurant, the Olseons hire Percival Dalton to help straighten out things. However, Percival doesn't seem to be making much progress because of Nellie's refusal to learn the hospitality business. Only when Percival tells her that he has feelings for her (because of her feisty demeanor) does she begin to cooperate. Meanwhile, Adam learns that he did not get his expected inheritance from his newly deceased father; most of the assets were used to pay off heavy debts. That puts an end to construction of the new blind school. Laura, however, finds an old courthouse building in Sleepy Eye for rent. Note: First appearance of Steve Tracy as Percival Dalton
137 May 12, 1980 6024 He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (Part 2) With Percival's help, Nellie becomes nice, and the transformation is hard for the Ingalls to believe. Eventually, Nellie admits she has feelings – real feelings – for Percival, but says nothing until he announces it's time for him to leave. Mrs. Oleson tries to comfort her daughter, but Nels tells her that, if she wants him that bad, she needs to make her feelings known. It turns out that her proposal was just what Percival was waiting for, and the two marry.
Meanwhile, Laura goes to Sleepy Eye to help Mary and Adam get the new blind school ready. She finds that Almanzo has been working in town but he is still angry about her decision not to go against her father's wishes. When he finds out that Laura is having trouble raising the rent deposit for the blind school, he takes a second job. Unfortunately, while he's working one day, Laura sees him with a saloon girl and believes that he has a new girlfriend. Shortly thereafter, Almanzo becomes gravely ill with pneumonia. Charles finds out and tells Laura what he's been doing for the blind school and his illness. She goes to care for him, and after the matter concerning that "other woman" is cleared up, the two make up. After his recovery, Charles agrees to allow Laura and Almanzo to wait one year before they get married, rather than having to wait two years.

Season 7 (1980-1981)

22 episodes
# Airdate Prod. Code Title Overview
138 September 22, 1980 7052 Laura Ingalls Wilder (Part 1) Picking up six months after the previous season finale, Almanzo decides to purchase land for a new farm but will need the earnings from his first crop to pay off the mortgage. When the holder of the mortgage refuses to let him use water from an adjacent creek he loses everything. Meanwhile, Eliza Jane falls in love with Harve Miller, a friend of Almanzo's who has come to live in Walnut Grove. Laura begins teaching at Walnut Grove School and dreams of career but this meets up with Almanzo's strong objections, since he wants her to be a traditional housewife. Nellie finds out that she is pregnant.
139 September 29, 1980 7053 Laura Ingalls Wilder (Part 2) The relationship of Eliza Jane and Harve blossoms, but it never reaches its potential since Eliza is unable to express her true feelings of love for Harve. Things begin to fall apart when Harve reveals he is in love with someone else although Eliza pretends that they are still involved. After Almanzo loses his crop and postpones their wedding, Laura offers to take a teaching position in another town to help earn money for a new farm. Laura breaks the engagement when Almanzo refuses her help. In the end, Eliza Jane decides to leave, but not before convincing her little brother to let his wife-to-be teach at the school. Almanzo agrees, and the two are wed at the Blind School in Sleepy Eye.
140 October 6, 1980 7054 A New Beginning Unable to make a living in Walnut Grove, Jonathan moves to Sleepy Eye to start his own freight business. His fledgling business quickly becomes the target of robbers, and it isn't long before Johnathan – wanting to stop it – becomes a deputy sheriff. He catches the ringleader, but the matter quickly becomes personal when Andy is beaten by the leader's underlings
141 October 13, 1980 7056 Fight Team Fight! One-time football star Pete Ellerbee comes to Walnut Grove to coach the town's football team. Albert decides to join, as he can learn valuable skills such as teamwork, responsibility and doing your best. But those aren't Ellerbee's goals. His goal is but one – to win, since it proves manhood and pride. Soon, football isn't so much fun in Walnut Grove, thanks to Ellerbee's desire to push the boys beyond their abilities endangers their safety and well-being.
  • Note: This episode conflicts with the historical timeline of the show. Ellerbee and Mr. Oleson are way too old to have played college football, which wasn't played until 1869.

142 October 20, 1980 7051 The Silent Cry Houston, the cantankerous caretaker of the Blind School, gets a turn in the spotlight when two orphaned boys are threatened with separation. A tiny boy named Josh is mute, making him unappealing to any potential families; but his older brother Michael has plenty to offer. Houston realizes that both brothers have value and wants to adopt him, but the adoption agency says no. When a young couple wants to adopt Michael but not Josh, both brothers become very upset and run away, leaving Houston to frantically search for the two.
143 October 27, 1980 7055 Portrait Of Love Stars a young Madeleine Stowe as a talented painter, Annie Crane, who had lost her sight in early childhood. An English art exhibitor was so impressed with Annie's work, even before he found out she was blind, that her art is publicized. Her birthmother realizes who she is and wants to contact her, but Annie is embittered because she felt abandoned, but is reconciled when she learns why.
144 November 10, 1980 7057 Divorce, Walnut Grove Style Laura believes that Almanzo is having an affair with a former girlfriend.
145 November 17, 1980 7059 Dearest Albert, I'll Miss You As a school project, Albert becomes pen pals with a girl elsewhere in the state. However, both of them fabricate stories about themselves in attempts to be more attractive to the other.
146 November 24, 1980 7058 The In-Laws Charles and Almanzo, at the suggestion of Jonathan Garvey, decide to start a freight business to Sleepy Eye. When Almanzo suggests that there might be a better way to get to Sleepy Eye, the two decide to have a race to see who is right.
147 December 1, 1980 7060 To See The Light (Part 1) After a freak accident, Adam Kendall regains his sight, which worries his wife Mary.
148 December 8, 1980 7061 To See The Light (Part 2) Having regained his sight, Adam resumes his aspirations of becoming a lawyer. While taking his entrance exam, he is assaulted by hoodlums and falls ill, causing him to miss the final exam. But Mary and Charles talk the schoolmaster into granting Adam permission to finish the test and win a scholarship to law school.
149 January 5, 1981 7062 Oleson Versus Oleson A town referendum is scheduled, wherein an affirmative vote will allow women to have equal property ownership rights. The men of Hero Township all oppose this effort, including Nels, Charles and Almonzo. However, those three men agree to the concept of equal rights for women, but have their reasons for not supporting the referendum. When Mrs. Ingalls finds out, she rounds up the women and leads a successful effort to get the men to see the errors of their ways.
150 January 12, 1981 7063 Come, Let Us Reason Together Percival's real name is revealed as Isaac Cohen. Percival's parents visit Walnut Grove. Percival's father, Benjamin, is a hot-tempered man who lives by his Jewish faith, while Nellie's mother Harriet is a full-fledged Christian. Nels brokers peace between Benjamin and Harriet with the deal that a boy would be raised Jewish and a girl would be raised Christian. When Nellie gives birth, she unexpectedly has twins, and names them Benjamin and Jennifer. Nellie and Percival agree to raise their son as a Jew and their daughter as a Christian.
151 January 19, 1981 7064 The Nephews Almanzo's brother Royal visits Walnut Grove and leaves his two naughty children in Almanzo and Laura's care while Royal and his wife enjoy a vacation.
  • Note: This is the first appearance of Royal Wilder, and here played by Woody Eney. The episode also implies that Royal's wife is pregnant with daughter Jenny, whom we will meet two seasons later in ...A New Beginning.

152 January 26, 1981 7065 Make A Joyful Noise Joe Kagen moves to Sleepy Side to assist at the blind school. While there he begins to develop feeling for Hester Sue. She however is planning to marry an undertaker.
153 February 2, 1981 7066 Goodbye, Mrs Wilder Laura finally loses her patience with Mrs. Oleson's meddling and "suggestions" for the school. So, Laura resigns and lets Mrs. Oleson run the school, a task she gleefully accepts. She implements French lessons and art appreciation into the curriculum, and makes the children wear uniforms to school. Albert leads a class rebellion against Mrs. Oleson's nonsense, but Laura admonishes him for taking matters into his own hands. Meanwhile, Nels – who supports the more traditional curriculum – says nothing, since he knows he can't get through to his wife, so he allows the visiting regional superintendent of schools to do the talking for him.
154 February 9, 1981 7067 Sylvia (Part 1) A 15-year-old student, Sylvia Webb, is sexually assaulted by an unknown person only identifiable by a festival mask, and Sylvia eventually becomes pregnant. Albert and Sylvia fall in love, much to the objections of Sylvia's overprotective father. Mrs. Oleson, at the switchboard, overhears a conversation between Doc Baker and Mr. Webb telling her that Sylvia is pregnant, and she tells the entire town.
155 February 16, 1981 7068 Sylvia (Part 2) Sylvia and her father plan to move out of Walnut Grove to escape Albert, whom most of the town believes is the father of Sylvia's unborn child. But Sylvia and Albert, reunited, have plans of their own to get married and raise her baby as their own. Caroline (who earlier had confronted Mrs. Oleson about spreading lies about Albert being the baby's father) counsels Albert about whether he is ready to get married. Later, after Sylvia runs off, Mr. Webb barges into the house, where Albert affirms that he did not impregnate Sylvia. Albert gets a job with the town's blacksmith, Irv Hartwig (Richard Jaeckel). But when he unwittingly discloses Sylvia's whereabouts to the blacksmith, Albert and Sylvia try to escape, leading to a final and deadly confrontation in which the rapist's identity is exposed.
156 February 23, 1981 7069 Blind Justice Adam decides to get a job as a lawyer, but after his father's law firm turns him down, both he and Mary are attacked by unknown assailants. Forgetting this, Adam decides to start a law firm of his own, taking on as his first client a man accused of stealing an outhouse.
157 March 2, 1981 7070 I Do, Again Laura finds out that she is pregnant. Caroline, who also believes that she is pregnant, finds out from Doc Baker that she is experiencing early menopause and can never have more children. Charles, heartbroken upon learning that he will never have another natural son, decides to take Caroline on a second honeymoon, and then they renew their wedding vows.
158 May 4, 1981 7071 The Lost Ones (Part 1) Charles and Albert travel with the Cooper family – parents Alvin and Sarah, 12-year-old James and 9-year-old Cassandra – while on a delivery run. When they encounter a steep hill, Charles and Alvin agree to take the hill one at a time, with the children staying with the Ingalls wagon. However, something goes horribly wrong and Alvin loses control of the wagon; the wagon crashes at the bottom of the hill, and both he and Sarah are killed instantly. The children witness the accident. Charles – knowing he cannot financially support any more children in his already crowded home – takes traumatized James and Cassandra to Walnut Grove to stay while he searches for the youngsters' family. However, Uncle Jed is living in a homeless camp and unable to take custody, leading Charles to realize he must find a foster family who will accept the children.

159 May 11, 1981 7072 The Lost Ones (Part 2) Rev. Alden announces he has found a family – the Tompkins – to take in orphaned James and Cassandra, unaware the father is mean and is merely interested in extra farmhands. At one point, James is unjustly accused of stealing from Mr. Tompkins' son and is given a whipping. Eventually, the abuse takes its toll, and James and Cassandra run away. The Tompkins tell the Ingalls the children are missing but, when Mr. Tompkins declines to help Charles in the search, it becomes clear he's more interested in getting the children home to teach them a lesson (rather than for their safety). In the end, James and Cassandra decide they would be much happier living with the Ingalls, a responsibility that Charles and Caroline realize they must accept.

Season 8 (1981-1982)

22 episodes
# Airdate Prod. Code Title Overview
160 October 5, 1981 8402 The Reincarnation of Nellie (Part 1) Nellie and Percival move to New York City to take over Percival's father's store upon his death. Adam and Mary also move there so Adam can work at his father's law firm. Mrs. Oleson becomes very depressed, and to cheer her up, Nels agrees to go to an orphanage to find a little girl to adopt. Trouble is, Harriet wants someone who is just like Nellie, and that girl is nowhere to be found. Never say never, and soon, the Olesons have adopted a brat named Nancy. Nancy quickly causes trouble in Walnut Grove, and her shenanigans quickly far become far worse than what Nellie ever did.

161 October 12, 1981 8403 The Reincarnation of Nellie (Part 2) Nancy tricks her new brother, Willie, into locking a classroom rival named Belinda Stevens in an ice shed, so she could play the lead role in an upcoming musical. Laura later learns that a sob story that Nancy had told the class – that she had been abandoned by her mother – was untrue; Nancy's mother died while giving birth, and she had been forced to move from orphanage to orphanage because of her increasingly uncontrollable behavior. Eventually, Laura – with some help from Belinda – trick Nancy into being the "queen of the dunk tank" at Walnut Grove's upcoming town festival.
162 October 9, 1981 8401 Growin' Pains James becomes very insecure about living in Albert's shadow, and annoys him by emulating him. After he is caught stealing a razor blade from the Mercantile (after having broken Albert's original blade), James decides to run away. Albert searches for his brother and – in a bit of reverse psychology – tells him he's running away too. During a severe thunderstorm, the two take refuge in a large house, where the two bond.
163 October 26, 1981 8405 Dark Sage Doc Baker hires a university-trained doctor named Caleb Ledoux. However, Dr. Ledoux is black and – with the exception of the Ingalls – finds very little work because of his skin color. Even Doc Baker is prejudiced and gives his new assistant menial tasks. Later, when Doc Baker is unavailable for a call, Dr. Ledoux is called on to save a pregnant mother having complications during childbirth. He saves her life by performing an emergency cesarean section, and Doc Baker realizes the doctor had training he does not possess. An angry Dr. Ledoux threatens to leave, but only upon Doc Baker's impassioned plea does he decide to stay. The residents of Walnut Grove decide to welcome Dr. Ledoux.
164 November 2, 1981 8404 A Wiser Heart Laura attends a writing seminar in Arizona, but things don't go very smoothly at all, thanks to a less than honorable professor.
165 November 9, 1981 8406 Gambini The Great Albert, Willie and the other schoolchildren are taken in by the stunts of an aging daredevil, and try to replicate them. Only after a tragedy occurs when the daredevil is unable to perform one of his stunts do they learn a lesson about hero worship.
166 November 16, 1981 8407 The Legend of Black Jake Nels is kidnapped by a pair of bumbling criminals who demand a $100 ransom. However, tightwad Mrs. Oleson refuses to pay the ransom, leaving Nels to plot his own revenge.
167 November 23, 1981 8411 Chicago Charles visits grief-stricken Mr. Edwards in Chicago after John Jr. died in an apparent street accident. However, suspicions quickly arise over the circumstances of John Jr.'s death once his boss reveals he was investigating business corruption and about to go public with his findings. It soon becomes clear that John Jr. was murdered, and it is up to Charles and Edwards to uncover the truth.
168 November 30, 1981 8408 For The Love of Nancy An overweight boy named Elmer is mercilessly teased by his new classmates, but quickly catches Nancy's eye. Of course, Nancy has plenty of cruel tricks up her sleeve, as she uses Elmer to get her way.
169 December 7, 1981 8409 Wave of the Future Mrs. Oleson, believing business to be slow at Nellie's Restaurant, is drawn into the world of restaurant franchising. Charles and Nels respond by opening their own restaurant. The new restaurant's success, plus the demands of the franchiser, conspire to do in Mrs. Oleson's restaurant, and it isn't long before it reverts back to Nellie's.
  • Note: The character at the end of the story making a "business proposition" to Harriet is clearly meant to be Col. Sanders from Kentucky Fried Chicken, but for legal reasons this character is credited as "Bearded Man". This is also an anachronism as Col. Sanders had not yet been born, and Kentucky Fried Chicken would not be founded until midway through the next (20th) century.

170 December 21, 1981 8410 A Christmas They Never Forgot Adam and Mary return to Walnut Grove for Christmas, and arrive at the Ingalls just ahead of a fierce blizzard. The Ingalls – along with their friend, Hester Sue, spend the snowy Christmas eve recalling favorite holiday memories.

171 January 4, 1982 8412 No Beast So Fierce James makes friends with Gideon, a young boy who stutters. Behind his friend's back, James joins in the teasing, and a distraught Gideon runs away. While Caroline searches for Gideon (to persuade him to come home), Charles invites James along on a shipping trip to Mankato. Along the way, a feral wolf tags along and will play a key role in this story.
172 January 18, 1982 8413 Stone Soup Laura has a heart-to-heart talk with Willie about responsibility and being a good example to younger students. It's a talk Willie takes seriously, particularly after a pregnant Laura – overwhelmed by managing Almanzo's orchard in his absence – collapses from heat stroke. Willie runs to get Doc Baker, and winds up saving Laura's life. Then, after hearing Caroline read "Stone Soup" at school, Willie commissions his classmates to help manage the farm until Almanzo returns.
173 January 25, 1982 8414 The Legacy In a flashforward to 1982, a couple is purchasing an antique table branded with a large "CI." In flashback, we learn that the table was a patent Charles created. Charles had gone to a factory to have the tables produced, but a crooked businessman decides to steal the plans and make a fortune for himself, and succeeds. In the end, Charles learns his greatest legacy is with his family.
174 February 1, 1982 8415 Uncle Jed Just as Charles and Caroline are about to formally adopt James and Cassandra, Uncle Jed shows up wanting custody.
175 February 8, 1982 8416 Second Chance Hester Sue's ex-husband Sam Terhune comes to Walnut Grove, claiming he has reformed himself from his drinking and gambling and wants a second chance. Hester Sue believes him and it isn't long before they plan to get re-married. But on the wedding day, a surprise visitor shows up, which turns out to be Sam's wife Naomi saying she will divorce Sam, then it becomes clear that he does not deserve a second chance.
176 February 15, 1982 8417 Days of Sunshine, Days of Shadow (Part 1; 90-minute episode) When Almanzo becomes ill, he begins worrying about the condition of his crops. During a hailstorm, he rushes outside but begins to go numb. He suffers a stroke and becomes bitterly resigned to life as a cripple.
177 February 22, 1982 8418 Days of Sunshine, Days of Shadow (Part 2) Almanzo grows more and more depressed after his stroke. He refuses to take therapy and even the birth of his daughter, Rose, doesn't help matters. Making things worse is meddlesome Eliza Jane, who plans to care for her brother and get him a "less stressful job" in Minneapolis. Only after Laura is injured after a tornado levels their home and the town, and she too becomes filled with guilt, does Almanzo decide to change his grim outlook on life.

178 March 1, 1982 8419 A Promise To Keep Mr. Edwards returns to Walnut Grove, harboring some devastating secrets. Namely, his alcoholism – fueled by his grief over John Jr.'s violent death – has caused his marriage to fall apart. He goes to great lengths to obtain alcohol. While in Sleepy Eye, a drunken Edwards causes another accident that nearly kills Albert. An angry Charles orders Edwards to leave and never come near the family again, leaving Laura as his last hope. Edwards sobers up, until he receives a letter from Grace telling him that she has filed for divorce. A desperate Edwards tries to break into the Mercantile to steal some alcoholic beverages, but eventually walks into the church and begs God for forgiveness and guidance. He becomes godfather to Laura's daughter Rose and is converted to Christianity.
179 March 8, 1982 8420 A Faraway Cry Caroline accompanies Doc Baker to a mining camp where an influenza virus has felled many of its residents and where Caroline's childhood friend is pregnant and desperately ill. Caroline vows to give the baby a good home after its mother dies shortly after giving birth.
180 May 3, 1982 8421 He Was Only Twelve (Part 1) Charles, Albert, James and Mr. Edwards travel to Sleepy Eye on business. James – wanting to open a savings account with his birthday check from Uncle Jed – walks into the bank as it is being robbed. James is shot and critically wounded. When the doctor tells Charles that the injuries are potentially fatal, he and Mr. Edwards – and eventually Albert, who joins against Charles' orders – go on a hunt for the robbers.
181 May 10, 1982 8422 He Was Only Twelve (Part 2) James remains comatose after being wounded during a robbery. Charles refuses to believe that James' injuries are fatal and begins shunning his friends and verbally abusing his family. Eventually, Charles leaves with James, and builds an altar in the woods. Charles prays to God for a miracle.

Season 9 – "...A New Beginning" (1982-1983)

22 episodes
Note: The series is now titled "Little House: A New Beginning."

# Airdate Prod. Code Title Overview
182 September 27, 1982 8451 Times Are Changing (Part 1) To find a better life for his family, the Ingalls move to Iowa, selling their homestead to the Carter family, who are moving from New York City to find a simpler life. Laura announces her resignation from Walnut Grove School to raise Rose at home, while Almanzo's brother, Royal, arrives with his daughter, Jenny, and a devastating secret: he is terminally ill, and that the true reason he came back to Walnut Grove is to give Jenny a chance to know who would become her adopted parents.

183 October 4, 1982 8452 Times Are Changing (Part 2) The Carters adjust to life in Walnut Grove, but Jenny has a hard time doing so after her father dies. Jenny is so distraught that she attempts suicide by drowning herself. Jeb gets over his fear of water by diving in and saving Jenny. Laura teaches her adopted daughter a "toughlove" lesson on the importance of life, just as her father did before her.
184 October 11, 1982 8454 Welcome To Olesonville A power-hungry Mrs. Oleson obtains the town's bond and uses it to force an election: Elect Nels mayor or else. The townsfolk realize Nels will merely become a puppet for his wife and fight back with a candidate of their own.
185 October 18, 1982 8456 Rage A farmer named Mr. Stark is denied a loan at the bank and soon goes bankrupt. In a rage, he shoots his wife and daughter, then goes on the run. During the manhunt, Mr. Stark hides at the Wilders' residence, and then snaps. He begins to think Laura and Jenny are his wife and daughter. With Almonzo part of the posse, Laura and Jenny must rely on their own wits to defeat Mr. Stark.
186 October 25, 1982 8453 Little Lou A widowed circus midget and young father named Little Lou moves to Walnut Grove to try to make a living. He gets a job at the bank, but a prejudiced Mrs. Oleson refuses to do business as long as he is employed there. Jobless, Little Lou begins stealing from the Mercantile to support his young daughter. Just before he is set to go on trial for theft, Nancy falls down a well, and Little Lou is the only one who can reach inside to save her.
187 November 1, 1982 8457 The Wild Boy (Part 1) The circus comes to Walnut Grove, and one of the most popular attractions is a "wild boy." That night, the boy, whose name is Matthew, runs away from the circus and hides at the Wilders' home. There, Almonzo and Laura discover Matthew has been beaten by his master and given morphine. While they try to keep Matthew safe with Mr. Edwards, his master has posted a reward for the boy's return.
188 November 8, 1982 8458 The Wild Boy (Part 2) Nancy – her mind focused on the large reward – finds out where Matthew is hiding and leads his master to Mr. Edwards. This initiates a custody battle between the cruel circus master and Mr. Edwards. A judge decides to have Matthew put in a mental hospital, but then allows Mr. Edwards to keep him in Walnut Grove as long as he keeps silent.
189 November 15, 1982 8459 The Return Of Nellie Who would ever think someone would be jealous over Nellie? That's exactly what happens when she comes home to visit her family in Walnut Grove. Nellie tries to make friends with her new sister, but Nancy rebuffs her efforts. Later, the people of Walnut Grove toast Nellie at a party, but Nancy – feeling left out – runs away. Nels and Nellie are left to search for Nancy in the woods.
  • Note: Final appearance of Alison Arngrim as Nellie.

190 November 22, 1982 8460 The Empire Builders The railroad is coming to Walnut Grove, and with it the promise of jobs and economic growth. But that joy turns sour when the townspeople learn the side effects: the railroad needs property easements, forcing many farmers from their homes; and plenty of ill repute to boot.
191 November 29, 1982 8462 Love Laura's childhood friend, who is blind, falls in love with Mr. Edwards ... and the age difference doesn't seem to matter. Later, the young woman has surgery to restore her sight, and her feelings don't change at all when she sees that Mr. Edwards is gruff-looking. Eventually, he encourages her to pursue her dreams.
192 December 6, 1982 8461 Alden's Dilemma A traveling minister is planning a surprise party for Rev. Alden. But this truth doesn't come to light until Alden concludes his congregation is planning to leave him.
193 January 3, 1983 8463 Marvin's Garden A retiring doctor's last patient is Jenny, who is rendered unable to walk or talk after a near drowning.
  • Note: The main theme to the episode's original score would later serve as the theme music to Michael Landon's next series, Highway To Heaven.

194 January 10, 1983 8464 Sins Of The Fathers Sarah Carter's imposing father visits Walnut Grove, demanding they move back to New York.
  • Note; The episode's title could be taken as a misnomer, as there is only one father in question in the episode's plot (in this case, Sarah Carter's father), so given the overall plot it should be called "Sins Of The Father" (the final word in singular form).

195 January 17, 1983 8455 The Older Brothers Mr. Edwards – and later, Almanzo and John – become mixed up with the criminal activities of a bumbling gang of outlaws.
196 January 24, 1983 8465 Once Upon A Time Laura wins a story-writing contest and is offered the opportunity to publish her writings ... in heavily modified form.
197/198 February 7, 1983 8467/033210 Home Again (Part 1 & 2) Charles and Albert return to Walnut Grove after Albert has repeated run-ins with the law (for curfew violations and theft). It is soon discovered Albert is hooked on morphine, leading Charles to take drastic measures to help his son withdraw from the drug. Because of Albert's morphine addict, he begins to become out of control, especially when he attacks Jeb Carter in school and hits Etta Plum directly in the face when she tries to stop him. Note: Originally aired as a two-hour episode. In syndication, it is shown as a two-part episode. Note: Final series appearance of Michael Landon as Charles Ingalls and Matthew Laborteaux as Albert Ingalls until the telemovie sequels.
199 February 14, 1983 8466 A Child With No Name Laura's newborn son unexpectedly dies from an epidemic picked up during a vacation while Laura was pregnant. In haste, Laura blames Doc Baker for the baby's death and chalks it up to his incompetence. Doc Baker's reputation is badly damaged and he is almost forced to leave Walnut Grove. Later, Rose becomes sick with smallpox and, against Laura's wishes, Almanzo calls on Doc Baker. Laura and Doc Baker are quarantined, and she soon realizes what she always knew: That Doc Baker is a good doctor.
200 February 21, 1983 8469 The Last Summer Jason begins doing odd jobs for an aging woman. Sarah becomes jealous over the blossoming friendship, until she realizes the woman thinks of Jason as her surrogate grandson. Jason makes plenty of happy memories with his friend before her death.
201 March 7, 1983 8470 For The Love Of Blanche Mr. Edwards promises to care for a dying traveler's "baby," only to discover it to be an orangutan. The orangutan, named Blanche, makes quick friends with everyone except Nancy. Nancy tries to swat the animal, who fights back. Mrs. Oleson wants Blanche killed, but Willie and Mr. Edwards devise a plan to trick them into thinking Blanche is dead. Mr. Edwards decides that Blanche needs to live in a zoo. Later, Blanche saves Rose from a potentially deadly house fire, and when Jenny tells the story at school, Nancy finds out that Blanche is still alive. Mrs. Oleson demands that the sheriff make sure Blanche is dead this time.
202 March 14, 1983 8471 May I Have This Dance? Willie – fed up once and for all with his mother's meddling – is resolved to marry his sweetheart, Rachel Brown, and take over management of Nellie's Restaurant and Hotel. Nels is proud of his son, but Mrs. Oleson decides to boycott the wedding.
203 March 21, 1983 8472 Hello and Goodbye Mr. Edwards is devastated when he learns that Matthew's natural father wants to reclaim custody of his son. He winds up moving to Laura's new boarding house, where an Englishman named Sherwood Montague, and newlyweds Willie and Rachel Oleson, have also taken up residence.

The TV movie sequels (1983-1984)

3 Specials
Note: Counted as Season 10 in syndication. However, these episodes – considered sequels to the series – are shown on the Hallmark Channel as separate films.

# Airdate Prod. Code Title Overview
1C (Special #3) December 12, 1983 8486 Little House: Look Back to Yesterday Charles and Albert return to Walnut Grove to assist the farmers in starting a cooperative. During the visit, Albert begins suffering from serious nosebleeds, which he learns is a symptom of a rare – and possibly fatal – blood disease. In the end, he lives through the final scene holding Laura's hand at the top of the hill in front of the keepsake tree.
Note: Originally aired as a two-hour movie. When offered in syndication, it is shown as either a two-part episode or in its entirety.
2C (Special #4) December 17, 1984 0407 Little House: Bless All the Dear Children While the Wilders and Mr. Edwards are shopping in Mankato, Rose is kidnapped by a grief-stricken mother, prompting a desperate search for the little girl. A young orphan boy is a key player in the frantic search.
Meanwhile, Jason starts a Christmas tree delivery service (to raise money for gifts), Nancy refuses to help contribute to the Olesons' Christmas gathering, while Mr. Montague learns the meaning of Christmas.
Note: Originally aired as a two-hour movie. When offered in syndication, it is shown either as a two-part episode or in its entirety.
Note: The movie was originally intended to air in December 1983; however, it did not air until December 1984, 10 months after the official "finale."
3C (Special #5) February 6, 1984 0400 Little House: The Last Farewell During Charles and Caroline's visit to Walnut Grove in the year 1901, residents learn that railroad tycoon Nathan Lassiter holds deed to Hero Township. Meanwhile, Mrs. Oleson is seriously ill and is in a hosipital in Minneapolis. Despite their best efforts, the residents are unable to drive Mr. Lassiter away. When they attempt to resist with force, Mr. Lassiter comes back with a detachment of Union troops who order everyone to leave. Though Mr. Lassiter demands the residents instant evacuation, the soldiers allow the residents to remain until Easter Sunday. Angered at the injustice done to them, the residents decide that they should send a (literally) explosive message to Mr. Lassiter that he can have the land, but not the town.
Note: Originally aired as a two-hour movie. When offered in syndication, it is shown as either a two-part episode or in its entirety.

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