A webisode is an episode of a television show that airs initially as an Internet download or stream as opposed to first airing on broadcast or cable television. The word itself is a portmanteau formed by the words 'web' and 'episode'.

A webisode is simply a web episode – collectively it is part of a web series, a form of new media that characteristically features a dramatic, serial storyline, where the primary method of viewership is streaming online over the Internet. Where there is no "set" standard for length, most webisodes are relatively short, ranging from 4-15 minutes in length.



  • 1998-99: First public use of the word Webisode, attributed to Stan Lee Media in the marketing and promotion of the 7th Portal online superhero series created by Jesse Stagg and Steven Salim.
  • 1996: Earlier usage by the textually-based seaQuest 2047 to describe their periodic publications, beginning circa 1996.
  • 1995: Created by the first Internet serialized fiction called The Spot created by Scott Zakarin It was used to describe the series. Derivational words also created at the time: Webisodic.

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