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Web-Developer Server Suite

Web.Developer Server Suite

The Web.Developer Server Suite is an open-source/non-proprietary, WAMP-based [Windows,Apache,MySQL,PHP], web-server distribution for Windows.

The project was originally started in 2003, with the primary purpose of allowing the user to operate a domain name and website from a local PC for development, testing, and/or self-hosting. It is one of the original, professional WAMP distributions that has been actively maintained and developed.

The main focus of this project is to provide a stable, reliable, and secure distribution of the WAMP stack.

The components are built with VC++ 6.0, Service Pack 5, Processor Pack (MASM), and the Feb 2003 Platform SDK (the last 'official' VC6.0 PSDK). This is the same toolchain that 'official' release builds of Apache, MySQL, PHP, etc, are compiled under. VS.NET is avoided, to prevent mixing runtimes between major components, except for mod_aspdotnet builds.

The Web.Developer Server Suite includes phpMyAdmin, Perl, OpenSSL, mod_security, Tomcat (Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages), and mod_aspdotnet (ASP.NET).

A core web framework package composed of Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, MediaWiki, and phpBB is provided.

This WAMP distribution is also integrated with a GUI WAMP stack controller.

This project was known as the DeveloperSide.NET Web-Server Suite, up to September 01, 2006. With the release of version 2.0, the name Web-Developer Server Suite was modified to Web.Developer Server Suite.



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DeveloperSide.NET was originally started in 2003 with the purpose of providing online guides for building and installing open-source/GPL web-server applications and components under the Windows Operating System.

At that point in time, installing, integrating and operating a web-server under Linux was a simpler task over performing the same setup with the Windows ports of the components. Windows-based documentation was either: non-existent, outdated, or unusable. Builds were often broken by default.

Several months after the inception of the project, the focus was redirected to building and providing a Web-Server distribution to compete with the 'WIMPP' package: Windows, IIS, [Microsoft]SQL Server, ASP [IIS term for any server Pre-Processed document].

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