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Oviatt Library

The Oviatt Library (Delmar T. Oviatt Library) serves the California State University, Northridge (CSUN) campus. The library is named for Delmar T. Oviatt who was instrumental in the founding of CSUN. Today it features over 1.2 million volumes in its collection.

Construction on the library was in two parts. The first phase finished on October 24, 1973 and the second nearly doubled the size in 1991 by the addition of east and west wings. The 1994 Northridge earthquake badly damaged the building forcing the library to close. The core (phase 1) re-opened later that year, but the wings were demolished and reconstructed. The wings re-opened in 2000.

Currently the Friends of the Oviatt Library CSUN is led by President Fred Levy, a longtime Northridge resident and 2005 Volunteer of the Year.

Filming Location

The library doubled for the exteriors of the title subject of the movie Sky High, and in 2008 served the same role for J.J. Abrams' upcoming Star Trek (film) feature.

Library Information

New Library Hours:

Saturday 12:00pm-5:00pm, Sunday 12:00pm-8:00pm


We encourage patrons to be respectful of others by keeping voices lowered and conversations brief. Patrons may listen to music using personal headsets as long as it is not heard by surrounding students. Headsets may also be used to dim noise that will be occurring in some areas of the library.

The entire first floor of the library will have varying noise levels due to transactions at service desks, library users leaving computer labs, visitors to the Friends of the Library Bookstore as well as to the Presentation Room on the lower level and other events.

Therefore, for those wishing to study in a quiet space we have designated the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors as Quiet Zones. Exceptions are public service desks and exhibit spaces, where a certain amount of conversation is necessary and appropriate. For quiet space there are also study rooms available on a first-come first served basis on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the library.

Cell Phone Use

In order to provide a quiet place to work and study, the Library building is designated as a "cell phone free zone." We appreciate everyone's cooperation by adhering to the following procedures:

Patrons should turn off or make silent all cell phones and pagers when entering the Library building.In an emergency, when patrons must make or receive a cell phone call, they are required to move to the stairwells or within six feet of a payphone. They should take their valuables with them. Voices carry, even at these locations, so we request cell phone users to help by speaking softly. A patron may never use a cell phone's camera or binocular features in the Library without permission from Library Administration.

Food, Beverages & Tobacco

The Oviatt Library prohibits food and beverages (except for bottled water and non-alcoholic beverages in spill-proof mugs) from being brought into the Library premises in order to prevent damage to Library materials and furnishings. In addition, state law prohibits the use of any tobacco products or marijuana (including medicinal usage) in the Library. Persons not complying with these rules may be asked to leave or escorted off the premises by the CFA.

Minors: Information for Parents

Supervising and ensuring the safety of minor children in the Oviatt Library, as in any other public place, is a parent's or legal guardian's responsibility. Do not ask or expect library employees to supervise or oversee the activities of a minor child. Please be aware that our facilities are open to the public, a situation which can present risks to minors. Please be aware that this is a University Library whose collection is geared primarily toward adults. It both houses, and has Internet access to, material(s) that may not be age-appropriate for minors under 18 to read or see. Parents or adult caregivers are responsible for any act of vandalism by a minor including, but not limited to, cutting, tearing, defacing, or destroying books, periodicals, equipment, furniture or any part of the Library facility. The Library employee in charge will request that minors leave the premises if the Library Rules of Behavior are not followed. If minors are left in the Library at closing time or in the event of an emergency situation, Library personnel will immediately call the University Department of Public Safety to take custody of the minors.

Oviatt Library History and Facts

The California State University, Northridge's Oviatt Library provides educational, cultural and information services and resources to the students and faculty. Its primary mission is to support and supplement classroom and independent learning; facilitate student and faculty research; and provide students with lifelong skills in identifying, locating, evaluating and synchronizing information.

All library materials are housed in the Delmar T. Oviatt Library, a 234,712 square foot state-of-the-art facility. Of note are the Collaboratory with its 175 multipurpose computer workstations, 3 computer equipped library instruction labs, and 150 computer workstations devoted to library information resources. There are over 1,600 seats for in house study. During Fall and Spring semesters, the building is open 90 hours a week. The Library maintains provides access to electronic information 24 hours a day.

The Oviatt Library has a physical collection containing 1.37 million volumes, of which over one million are books, and over 249,000 bound periodical volumes. The Library subscribes to 28,000 online journals, nearly 2,900 print journals, 200 online databases and nearly 16,700 ebooks. The microform collection contains 3.17 million pieces. There are over 13,200 sound recordings, 11,300 film and video recordings and nearly 60,000 pictures and other graphic materials. The archives and manuscript collection exceeds 4,200 linear feet of materials, with nearly 29,700 items housed in Special Collections.

The Library is heavily used with 8.9 million uses of its web pages annually, a gate count of 1.4 million annually, and over half a million interactions per year with Library personnel.

Annual Activity

Oviatt Library Annual Activity



  • Checkout and Renewal 280,537
  • In House use 210,596
  • Reserve 11,948

Interlibrary Loan 27,273

Reference Services

  • Students Attending Library Research Instruction 25,673
  • Directional/Information 70,973
  • Reference 58,871
  • Consultation 5,589
  • Electronic Reference 924
  • Computer Assistance 910

Gate Count 1,371,073

  • Library Web Pages Viewed 8,908,681
  • Materials Cataloged 33,046
  • Materials Processed 88,664
  • Gift Books Donated 21,579

Oviatt Library Collection Statistics 2006-2007

Volumes Held in Library

  • Total Volumes 1,369,375
  • Books (print) 1,092,945
  • Bound Periodicals 248,891
  • Juvenile 14,592
  • Textbooks (TCC) 12,947

Titles Held in Library

  • Total Print Titles Held 807,214
  • Electronic Periodicals 28,007
  • Current Print Periodicals 1,696
  • Print Serials 1,136
  • Electronic Books 16,723
  • Microforms 3,171,981
  • Sound Recordings 13,251
  • Film and Video Materials 11,323
  • Graphic Materials 59,780
  • Manuscripts and Archives Linear feet 4,250

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