Freddy (weather)

Freddy (Mr. Weather) is a Hong Kong animated weatherman on TVB's weather forecasts. Despite TVB's policy on a media blackout for information on Freddy, it is suggested that he was created in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and that TVB still pays a license fee for his use.

A yellow-suited, pink-faced weatherman on TVB's nightly forecast, Freddy's various talents include getting zapped in the behind by lightning and sun rays, being blown from the frame by gusty winds, whistling and incessantly murmuring Ooooh and Aaaah.

Freddy is only seen giving the next day's forecast; the rest of the weather forecast is read by an actual human presenter.

Freddy may have changed little over the years, but the skyline behind him is regularly updated to keep abreast of the ever-changing skyline of Hong Kong. It appears as if he is walking on the water surface of Victoria Harbour. As of January 2008, Freddy is in his third incarnation, with a red hairdo and paler yellow suit.


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