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North American Weather Services (NAWS) is a group of amateur and non-amateur weather enthusiasts, profession meteorologists, and data seekers from around Canada and the United States of America. The data displayed seems to come from national weather services like Environment Canada and the American National Weather Service, but ofter without mention of it. They have a goal and aim to connect the public citizens of North America with weather conditions expected within the next month.


North American Weather Services formally began on June 15, 2005 with the company name of North American Met. On December 25 the name was changed to North American Weather Services in hope to attract more weather enthusiasts from the United States and Mexico. However there have been many other "smaller websites" opened by the head administrator in 2000 (Ontario Weather Center) which was closed in 2001 due to low website traffic, and again in 2004 (Litohin Weather) which was also abandoned.

In June 2005 North American Weather Services opened its own community weather discussion forum, which grew in to 97 members in 4 months. Because this forum was powered by InvisionFree, North American Weather Services opened a paid for forum service, which is the forum active today.

During the end of the year 2005 (November and December) North American Weather Services expanded their weather data on their websites to include current conditions, forecasts, severe weather outlooks, etc. The company's website "" is not operational as of August 2008.

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