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Culver Academies

The Culver Academies is one of the leading college preparatory boarding schools and summer camps in the United States. The Culver Academies is composed of three entities: Culver Military Academy (CMA) for boys, Culver Girls Academy (CGA), and the Culver Summer Schools and Camps. Collectively known as Culver Academies located in Culver, Indiana, USA. Henry Harrison Culver first founded Culver Military Academy in 1894 "for the purpose of thoroughly preparing young men for the best colleges, scientific schools and businesses of America." Coeducational since 1971, Culver Girls Academy was founded for the purpose of encouraging young women to attain the highest degree of self-development. Culver Summer Schools and Camps began in 1902 and today brings over 1,300 campers from around the world to Culver to learn leadership skills that improve personal confidence.

A boarding school featuring a broad college preparatory curriculum with a focus on educating "its students for leadership and responsible citizenship in society by developing and nurturing the whole individual - minds, spirit, and body - through integrated programs that emphasize the cultivation of character." Culver is one of the largest boarding schools in the United States, with over 785 students, an endowment of over $182 million, and a total campus of more than 1800 acres. The campus has the Vaughn Equestrian Center with one of the country's largest indoor riding hall and stable complexes, the Roberts Hall of Science and Dicke Hall of Mathematics with 64,500 square feet of classroom space, the Huffington Library with the latest in educational technology, the Henderson Ice Arenas provide facilities to three boys' and two girls' teams, and the newly constructed Steinbrenner Performing Arts Center.

Leadership Organization

The boys continue to be organized as a military academy using a cadet system, while girls are part of an English prefect system. The boys' part of the school is known as Culver Military Academy (CMA), and the girls' part of the school as Culver Girls Academy (CGA). CMA consists of three battalions each containing three units within - Squadron (Band and Troop A and B), Artillery (Battery A, B, and C), and Infantry (Company A, B, and C) - which together form the Corps of Cadets. CGA has seven dorms - Tower, Court, Ciel, Atrium, Ithica, Benson, and Linden. CMA is run by the Commandant of Cadets Col. Kelly Jordan and aided by the Regimental Commander. CGA is run by the Dean of Girls, Ms. Laura Weaser, and aided by the Senior Prefect.


Culver Military Academy and Culver Girls Academy have a rich sports tradition and offer a variety of athletic programs and sports teams. The hockey team is world-renowned, and the boys' and girls' lacrosse teams have both recently won state tournaments. The boys' team won in 1999, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2007, and 2008 and the girls' team has won four times, in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2007, and 2008. In addition, Culver has recently had state champions in golf, cross country, and track, as well as the state softball player of the year. Culver is also currently home to the national rowing single sculls champion, although his home is in Germany. CMA's Black Horse Troop is one of the nation's foremost elite horsemanship groups for high school students and is usually invited to participate in the Presidential Inauguration Parade. Recently Culver's sailing team went to several national events and placed the team on the map for the sailing world. The Culver Academies Girls Soccer team is renowned in the local area.


The Eugene C. Eppley Foundation donated the funds for the three classroom buildings that comprise the Gignilliat Memorial Quadrangle. The Eppley Auditorium, built in 1959, seats 1,500 people.

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