weak force

or weak nuclear force

Fundamental interaction that underlies some forms of radioactivity and certain interactions between subatomic particles. It acts on all elementary particles that have a spin of 12. The particles interact weakly by exchanging particles that have integer spins. These particles have masses about 100 times that of a proton, and it is this relative massiveness that makes the weak force appear weak at low energies. For example, in radioactive decay, the weak force has a strength about 1/100,000 that of the electromagnetic force. However, it is now known that the weak force has intrinsically the same strength as the electromagnetic force, and the two are believed to be only different manifestations of a single electroweak force (see electroweak theory).

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The word weak is a generic adjective pertaining to a general state of feebleness, a lack of strength, durability or vigor. Weak is the opposite of strong. It may refer to:


In concurrent programming refers to weaker consistency models.

  • A weak entity is a database entity that cannot be uniquely identified by its own attributes alone.
  • A weak reference is a reference that does not protect the referent object from collection by the garbage collector.
  • A weak symbol is a symbol definition in an object file or dynamic library that may be overridden by other symbol definitions.




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