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The Saint Sees it Through

The Saint Sees it Through is the title of a mystery novel by Leslie Charteris featuring his creation, Simon Templar, alias The Saint. The book was first published in 1946 in the United States by The Crime Club. Hodder and Stoughton published the first British edition in 1947.

This was the final full-length novel featuring Templar to be solely written by Charteris, as the author chose to concentrate on short stories and novella-length Saint stories hereafter. The next full-length Saint novel, Vendetta for the Saint (1964), would be credited to Charteris, but actually written by Harry Harrison.

Story summary

To be added.

Television adaptation

The Saint Sees it Through was adapted as an episode of the TV series The Saint that aired during the second season. It was first broadcast on March 19, 1964. It is one of the few full-length Saint novels to be adapted for television.

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