Way Cool Jr.

"Way Cool Jr." is one of the most well-known songs by the glam metal band Ratt. It is the third track of their 1988 album Reach for the Sky. It reached number 75 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The song's lyrics focus mainly on a handsome, charmistic young man leading the high life while dealing in illicit drugs. The song is an example of the sort of irony the band became famous for, especially with their songwriting for Reach for the Sky.

Though met with some criticism for seemingly glorifying criminal drug use, it actually exposes the seemingly flashy lifestyle as a facade. By this point in their career, Ratt had become disillusioned with the plastic nature of the rock n' roll lifestyle.

It was precisely this, the contrived and fake nature of the lifestyle, that formed the basis of their focus during the making of the album. Many go as far as to suggest that the song was specifically addressed to guitarist Robbin "The King" Crosby who was entrenched within the depths of a crippling heroin addiction.

This is supported by Crosby's affinity for the blues, which was the element in Ratt's music to which he contributed more than any other member of the band. Crosby's 2002 death came as a result of his drug use, which only served to further add credence to this sort of speculation.

The band's popularity would waver greatly shortly afterwards and Crosby would exit the band two years later. It was co-written by album producer Beau Hill, guitarist Warren DeMartini and vocalist Stephen Pearcy.

Track listing

1."Way Cool Jr." - 4:27
2."Chain Reaction" - 3:42


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