water crow

Crow's Foot

Crow Foot, Crowfoot, or Crow's Foot may refer to one of the following. Some of them may also be known as Bird's Foot, chicken claw, etc., the latter ones being basically the same analogy.


  • Crowfoot, a First Nations chief, of the Blackfoot, and named for him:

*Crowfoot Glacier in the Canadian Rockies
*Crowfoot (electoral district)


Crow's feet (plural usage):

  • Crow's feet can mean Caltrop
  • wrinkles in the outer corner of the eyes as the result of aging (resembling crow's feet).

Chicken Foot

Bird's foot

Crowfoot socket wrench, a type of Wrench

Crows Feet, album by singer-songwriter Kalai.

Crow's Feet, a fifth season episode of popular TV-series _Crime_Scene_Investigation.

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