water supplies

Rural Water Supplies and Sewerage Act 1944

The Rural Water Supplies and Sewerage Act 1944 (7 & 8 Geo. VI c. 26) was an Act of Parliament in the United Kingdom, introduced by the coalition government.

It empowered the Government to make grants for the purpose of expanding rural water supplies, up to the sum of £15,000,000 in England and Wales and £6,375,000 in Scotland - this sum was extended to £20,000,000 for Scotland by the Water (Scotland) Act 1949.

By March 1950, the Government had granted £9,839,000 in England and Wales, and £6,619,000 in Scotland, with £3,700,000 of the latter sum being spent in the Highlands; applications for the remainder of the grants were in process. The limiting factor on expenditure had been the availability of labour and materials, not problems with the provision of finance.


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