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List of Darkwing Duck episodes

This is a list of Darkwing Duck episodes. Included with it are the first transmission dates and production order numbers for all 91 episodes.

The episodes in this list are ordered by season. However, because seasons one and two both aired simultaneously on different networks, episodes are not listed chronologically. For instance, some events that happen in season two, such as character introductions, take place before certain season one episodes.

Season 1 (1991, Disney Afternoon)

Screenshot Title Original Airdate #

"Darkly Dawns the Duck Part 1" September 8, 1991 1 52
Darkwing Duck is a little known crime fighter dying for a big break, and the publicity that goes with it. Yet when he gets on the trail of the infamous Taurus Bulba's latest scheme he gets into more trouble than he expected. Bulba has masterminded a scheme from within prison revolving around a powerful invention - The Waddlemeyer Ramrod, but is missing the arming code. Darkwing foils an attempt to kidnap the only living relative of the late inventor of the Ramrod, an orphan named Gosalyn Waddlemeyer. During the rogue crimefighter's adventure he stumbles upon Launchpad McQuack, who wants to be his sidekick. Debut of Darkwing Duck, Gosalyn, Warden Waddlesworth, Taurus Bulba, Hammerhead, Hoof and Mouth. Launchpad McQuack returns from DuckTales.

"Darkly Dawns the Duck Part 2" September 8, 1991 2 53
Gosalyn is now under Darkwing's protection, but Taurus Bulba is still out to get her, believing she has the Waddlemeyer Ramrod arming code. But Gosalyn doesn't know anything about the arming code. So After breaking out of prison, Taurus Bulba successfully kidnaps Gosalyn. Darkwing is arrested, and soon finds himself in need of a sidekick and a family.

"Beauty and the Beet" September 9, 1991 3 18
Darkwing narrates the story of how Dr. Reginald Bushroot, plant scientist, only wants to make the world a better place to live, but his colleagues mock his passion for plants. When he subjects himself to his own experiments, he becomes a half-plant, half-duck 'Doctor Dolittle of the Plant World,' and it's time to get even with his tormentors. Bushroot's debut.

"Getting Antsy" September 10, 1991 4 8
The owner of the local mini-golf course, Lilliput, has invented a helmet that allows him to communicate with ants. He then uses a shrink ray to shrink the buildings and landmarks of St. Canard, using the ants to haul the now-shrunk buildings back to the mini-golf, where thay become part of the course. When DW discovers his secret, Lilliput shrinks him down a tiny size, smaller than an ant. Darkwing now has to foil the villain's plot, and get back to normal. Debut of Honker Muddlefoot.

"Night of the Living Spud" September 11, 1991 5 40
Tired of being told women won't date him because he's just a shrub, Bushroot tries to grow a wife for himself, and accidentally creates a vampire potato. Darkwing and Launchpad track Bushroot into the country, where a strange truck driver named Duane tells them about the giant potato. Darkwing think's Duane is just crazy, but when a bunch of locals at the diner think Darkwing is the vampire and try to kill him, Darkwing has to prove he isn't one. Meanwhile, the Muddlefoots are on a camping trip with Gosalyn hoping to capture a mysterious monster known as "Webfoot". Instead of finding "Webfoot", the vampire potato has turned Launchpad, Herb, Binkie, Tank, and Honker into zombies. Gosalyn finally convince Darkwing that the vampire is real, but before he can kill it, Bushroot shows up to "save" his bride. Debut of Herb, Binkie and Tank Muddlefoot.

"Apes of Wrath" September 12, 1991 6 16
S.H.U.S.H. sends Darkwing, Launchpad and Gosalyn to Africa to find the missing Dr Beatrice Brute, the famous anthropologist. Darkwing encounters Major Trenchrot and learns that he is planning to open a vacation villa for villains.

"Dirty Money" September 13, 1991 7 4
Someone is stealing all the money in Saint Canard by erasing all the ink on the money and leaving it nothing but worthless paper to write on. SHUSH Director J. Gander Hooter calls on Darkwing to help solve the mystery but SHUSH Agent Grizzlikof doesn't trust him. Darkwing discovers that the thief is Ammonia Pine, who used be a maid until some dangerous chemicals caused her to be obsessed with cleaning. Ammonia then kidnaps J. Gander Hooter and Grizzlikof takes his place but refuses to let Darkwing do his job properly. Debut of J. Gander Hooter, Grizzlikof and Ammonia Pine.

"Duck Blind" September 16, 1991 8 17
Darkwing Duck falls afoul of Megavolt and comes out blind. Undaunted, DW tries to keep going using a few inventive gadgets, but Gosalyn, Honker and Lauchpad almost get killed because of his arrogance. Sunk in a black funk, Gosalyn and the gang plan to nab Megavolt themselves, but get caught by Megavolt instead. Debut of Megavolt.

"Comic Book Capers" September 17, 1991 9 36
Infuriated at how he's portrayed in his new comic book, Darkwing decides he can write the comic better himself. But he keeps getting interrupted by everyone, who then add their own little bits...Finally, even Megavolt joins in and the result is a hilariously funny romp through Comic Book Land--which the editor hates. No matter, Darkwing is off to see Disney about a contract.

"Water Way to Go" September 18, 1991 10 1
SHUSH has given Darkwing Duck a simple case, travel to Oilrabia and stop Steelbeak. F.O.W.L.'s top agent is threatening to flood the country with a portable weather machine. The only problem is that Darkwing has agreed to let Launchpad assume role as hero and be a sidekick himself for this mission. Debut of Steelbeak.
"Paraducks" September 19, 1991 11 33
Darkwing goes back in time with Gosalyn and he meets himself in grade school when he was known as "Drakey". He then sees a record shop being robbed by a gang of greasers. Due to Darkwing's inaction, Darkwing's present time world gets changed, so they have to go back and straighten out the mess they made. Debut of Dr. Sarah Bellum.

"Easy Comes, Easy Grows" September 20, 1991 12 24
Darkwing is baffled by a series of crimes involving missing money. Entire safes have gone missing from banks and homes alike. Not trusting a bank with his final stash of money, Herb Muddlefoot buries his cash. Gosalyn and Honker soon find it blossoming into a full-bloom money tree. It turns out that Bushroot has developed a kind of plant that not only makes money, it takes money. Darkwing finds out that a little of Bushroot's phony money goes a long way when he's caught passing counterfeit bills and thrown in jail!
No Pic "A Revolution in Home Appliances" September 23, 1991 13 50
Megavolt gets zapped with his new invention, which lets him turn regular home appliances into living things. He assembles a group consisting of: A Salon chair, a refrigerator, a guitar, and a TV. Darkwing Duck has to stop them before they take over St. Canard.
No Pic "Trading Faces" September 24, 1991 14 14
Darkwing's computer goes haywire causing him to trade bodies with Gosalyn as do Launchpad and Honker. Now Gosalyn must pose as Darkwing to stop F.O.W.L.'s latest scheme - stopping the Earth's rotation in an attempt to blackmail the planet. Can DW defeat Steelbeak in a child's body? And how can they reverse the body swap?
No Pic "Hush, Hush Sweet Charlatan" September 25, 1991 15 15
Darkwing Duck investigates the production of movie, which is plagued by accidents and is being directed by none other than Tuskernini "CLAIMING" to have abandoned his life of crime. In reality it's all part of his plan to purposely bankrupt the studio for his own gain. Debut of Tuskerninni.
No Pic "Can't Bayou Love" September 26, 1991 16 12
While Gosalyn and Honker are at summer camp, Jambalaya Jake and his Alligator Gumbo, both from the Bayou, have moved to the city after hearing it was "easy pickings". By using Launchpad as bait, they try and catch Darkwing. But DW shows them first hand that in the HIS city the "pickings" are not so easy. "I guaranteee" ! Debut of Jumbalaya Jake and Gumbo.
No Pic "Bearskin Thug" September 27, 1991 17 29
Drake and Gosalyn go camping, much to Gosalyn's chagrin. Drake is obsessed with teaching his daughter the finer point of being a TRUE outdoorsman. On top of that, F.O.W.L. has a bear on the loose to drive away campers in order to keep their plan of hiding nuclear missiles inside trees under wraps.
No Pic "You Sweat Your Life" September 30, 1991 18 13
Darkwing goes undercover at a health spa to root out a pair of workers responsible for a museum break in. To his dismay, Herb and Binkie Muddlefoot tag along. The health spa owner, Jock, has discovered the formula for a fountain of youth. The last ingredient he needs is a feather from a true hero (Darkwing Duck).
No Pic "Days of Blunder" October 1, 1991 19 44
Quackerjack tricks Darkwing into framing himself, now full of self doubt. Quackerjack posing as a psychiatrist convinces Darkwing that being a superhero isn't right for him. With Darkwing out of the picture, the criminal is free to go on a crime spree, until he kidnaps Gosalyn. First appearance of Quackerjack.
No Pic "Just Us Justice Ducks Part 1" October 2, 1991 20 47
NegaDuck, Megavolt, Quackerjack, Bushroot and the Liquidator form the Fearsome Five and devise a plan to take over St. Canard. Darkwing rejects the help of Morgana Macawber, Gizmoduck, Steggmutt, and Neptunia, wanting all the credit for the defeat for himself. But when he faces the Fearsome Five, he soon finds out the job is more than he alone can handle. First appearances of Morgana Macawber, Neptunia, Steggmutt, NegaDuck and the Liquidator. Fenton Crackshell returns from DuckTales
No Pic "Just Us Justice Ducks Part 2" October 3, 1991 21 48
The Justice Ducks are each defeated and captured by the Fearsome Five. Darkwing soon becomes their only hope, and the five heroes join in battle against the five villains, with the ultimate victors deciding the fate of the whole city.
No Pic "Double Darkwings" October 4, 1991 22 19
Darkwing is attempting to teach a hapless Launchpad to be his "Darkwing Decoy", Enter Jumbalaya Jake and Gumbo, wanting revenge for their earlier defeat. Jake has asked his "Loosiana" voodoo Granny Whammy to "cook him up a hex". Jake mistakes Launchpad (still dressed as Darkwing Decoy) for DW. After realizing his mistake Jamabalya uses Launchpad as a partner in crime, and Darkwing is getting all the blame.
No Pic "Aduckyphobia" October 7, 1991 23 21
In this parody of Spider-Man, Professor Moliarty steals a radioactive element called canardium to power his wind machine. In the process, a small spider named Webby becomes irradiated and grows to the same size as the other characters. He bites Darkwing which causes him to grow four extra arms, which all seem to have a mind of their own, and, in the meantime, Moliarty has duped the naive Webby into assisting him in stealing the remaining components for the wind machine. Darkwing adopts a new super-hero identity... Arachno-duck! Debut of Professor Moliarty. This episode was later banned, though no reason is cited, it is believed the parody was too close to the source material.
No Pic "When Aliens Collide" October 8, 1991 24 56
Gosalyn and Honker adopt a cute little alien named Wacko as a pet after his spaceship crashlands in the park. But what they don't know is he's actually an alien criminal who is in possession of destructive orbs called "seismo-spheres." An integalactic bounty hunter, Captain BigNasty, comes looking for him, and in the meantime, Honker's brother Tank now has the seismo-spheres, mistaking them for jawbreakers.
No Pic "Jurassic Jumble" October 9, 1991 25 31
When a pair of tax attorneys (Shyster and Loophole) are abducted, Darkwing is on the case! He initially suspects their client, criminal mastermind Numero Uno, but Gosalyn and Honker instead follow a trail of huge footprints to the natural history museum where they meet the real kidnapper, Stegmutt. He works for a mad scientist named Dr. Fossil, who is plotting to destroy the world and bring back the dinosaurs using his invention, the Retro-Evolution Gun.
No Pic "Cleanliness is Next to Badliness" October 10, 1991 26 39
Steelbeak has been charged by F.O.W.L. to RE-inflate their dwindling assets by robbing a few banks. But fancy's himself better than that, choosing to employ the simple minded Ammonia Pine to pull off the heists quick and clean. Meanwhile Darkwing's new fan club (created by Gosalyn as a money maker) has become a huge distraction for our hero until Darkwing comes to his senses.
No Pic "Smarter Than a Speeding Bullet" October 11, 1991 27 45
As Steelbeak is stealing rubber duckies, Darkwing's attempt to stop him is interrupted by Comet Guy, a superhero from another planet who is looking for a hero renowned through out the galaxy to train him.
No Pic "All's Fahrenheit in Love and War" October 14, 1991 28 27
Darkwing becomes fed up with the cold, so he decides to go on a vacation. But before he can, he finds out that banks are being robbed, with no forced entry. Enter Isis Van der Chill, the Ice Queen of St. Canard. She has ice water in her veins and a passion for that caped crimefighter, Darkwing Duck. Isis is stealing the city's gold in order to goldplate the city to stay warm all year round. Darkwing must stop her before the city becomes too warm and he becomes a frozen duck on a stick. Debut of Isis Van der Chill.
No Pic "Whiffle While You Work" October 15, 1991 29 23
Quackerjack, the demented toymaker, wants to get rid of Whiffle Boy, the hero of an over popular video game that put him out of business.. The target? The Whiffle Boy Championship in Whiffle Town. The contestants? Gosalyn and Darkwing Duck. The result? Quackerjack and Darkwing get zapped into the video game!
No Pic "Ghoul of My Dreams" October 16, 1991 30 41
It's 'Nightmare on Darkwing Street' as St. Canard suffers from a plague of strange nocturnal nightmares. Not even Darkwing Duck is immune. Soon he finds himself led to the door of Macawber Manor and into the arms of the beautiful villainess, Morgana Macawber. But Darkwing can't be distracted by good looks for long. Morgana is using sleep sand to rob the citizens of St. Canard while they sleepwalk. While attempting to foil the next crime, Darkwing is inadvertently transported to Dream World, a place where one's dreams come true and Nodoff rules supreme. As the nightmares begin, Morg and Darkwing find out that Nodoff's real plan is to send the entire city to sleep -- forever!
No Pic "Adopt-a-Con" October 21, 1991 31 46
In this case, Adopt-a-Con means the Adopt A Convict Program. The program has sent Tuskernini to Drake's house. DW is sure that Tusker won't reform, even though he acts as if he has. Posing as Bushroot, he takes Launchpad, Gosalyn, and Drake hostages in order to fish out Darkwing. But Drake's already a hostage. How can DW pull out of this one?
No Pic "Toys Czar Us" October 22, 1991 32 43
Gosalyn gets into trouble at school, causing the principal to suggest Drake take a better look at his parenting. Drake gives up Darkwing to become the perfect parent just as Quackerjack learns that parents won't buy his dangerous toys, he decides to create a toy utopia for children, with him as the ruler.
No Pic "The Secret Origins of Darkwing Duck" October 23, 1991 33 55
Two hundred years in the future, Darkwing Duck is a mere myth. In this fairy-tale-like yarn (spun for a couple of delinquent museum goers), the origins of the masked crime fighter of St. Canard are explained by the janitor of the Darkwing Duck Museum.
No Pic "Up, Up and Awry" October 24, 1991 34 42
Gizmoduck comes to St. Canard in order to help stop Megavolt's latest scheme: Stealing horseshoes and cable to build a giant electro-magnet. Darkwing is hardly receptive and wallows in self-pity as the super-suited superhero takes the spotlight.
No Pic "Life, the Negaverse and Everything" October 25, 1991 35 49
While pursuing the Fearsome Five (and therefore escaping the Muddlefoots and their boring "Pelican's Island" birthday party for Honker), Darkwing is thrown into a giant cake - which serves as the universal portal between his world and the Negaverse. In the Negaverse, everything is the extreme opposite of his world and Negaduck is supreme ruler, so Darkwing decides to use his new friends (The "Friendly Four") to change things a bit, which Negaduck does not like.
"Dry Hard" October 28, 1991 36 26
Someone is poisoning St. Canard's bottled water supply during a heat wave. All the bottled water, except Bud Flud's Sparkling Crystal Pure Flud Water and Koo Koo Fizzy Water, that is. Staking out the Koo Koo bottling factory, Darkwing and Launchpad surprise Bud Flud in the act. In an unfortunate accident, Bud tumbles into the vat of contaminated water, and though Darkwing and Launchpad rush to save him, it's too late. Darkwing soon learns that there's a new villain in town, the Liquidator, the master of all liquids, and the Liquidator blames Darkwing for throwing him into the vat. And now he's turned all the water in St. Canard into rubber!
No Pic "Heavy Mental" October 29, 1991 37 20
Dr. Sarah Bellum of S.H.U.S.H. invents the Norma Ray, a device that can give people psychic powers. She tests it on Launchpad, and at first it doesn't appear to have any effect, but over time Launchpad does begin to gradually develop psychic powers... which he finds increasingly difficult to control! Worse, Major Synapse of F.O.W.L. steals the Norma Ray and plans to use it to create his own psychic squad!
No Pic "Disguise the Limit" October 30, 1991 38 63
"Okay, so maybe impersonating Darkwing Duck is a rotten trick. But then I'm Negaduck, a rotten kind of guy!" And so saying, Negaduck sets the populace clamoring for Darkwing's blood. In an attempt to disguise him until the guilty party can be found, J. Gander has Sarah Bellum zap Darkwing with her disguise ray. The ray backfires and leaves Darkwing in a shapechanging muddle. He turns into anyone he's looking at. But how to capture Negaduck when he's constantly changing form?
No Pic "Planet of the Capes" October 31, 1991 39 61
Comet Guy, the superhero from the planet Mertz, returns to Earth in search of Darkwing Duck. Mertz is in trouble and they need his help. Darkwing suspects it's to rescue someone important, but to his dismay, he discovers it's nothing of the sort. Ordinary Guy, the only one on Mertz without superpowers, is missing. And what are superheroes without someone to protect? So they want Darkwing to take his place.
No Pic "Darkwing Doubloon" November 1, 1991 40 51
Set in the past, this episode recounts the story of Darkwing Doubloon's adventures against the evil pirate Negaduck and his (four-man-strong) crew of villainous miscreants on the high seas.
No Pic "It's a Wonderful Leaf" November 4, 1991 41 60
Dr. Reginald Bushroot plots to ruin St. Canard after very rude last minute shoppers get in his way of shopping for his plants.
No Pic "Twitching Channels" November 5, 1991 42 65
Megavolt's latest device accidentally transports him and Darkwing into a land of "horrible beakless mutants" (i.e: the real world), where Darkwing Duck is only a cartoon!
No Pic "Dances with Bigfoot" November 6, 1991 43 69
Darkwing is kidnapped by a chimpmunk tribe and the Crimson Quackette (Gosalyn Mallard) and Honker to search for him.
No Pic "Twin Beaks" November 7, 1991 44 67
Bushroot is missing from its prison sentence, just as are Honker's parents. Darkwing and Launchpad deduct that something strange is going on in Twin Beaks and travel there, only to find the town being overrun by intelligent alien cabbages.
No Pic "The Incredible Bulk" November 8, 1991 45 62
Bushroot creates an extra strong fertilizer for his plants that makes them grow to big sizes. Meanwhile Darkwing, fed up with "intellectual" ways to fight crime (that apparently never work), drinks some of the fertilizer and becomes extra strong himself, but soon falls prey to its very unexpected side effects...
No Pic "My Valentine Ghoul" November 11, 1991 46 68
Darkwing ticks off Morgana during their date, and Negaduck think it's his chance to woo Morgana back into crime. Gosalyn makes a Love Potion the causes a Valentine's Day episode not to be missed!
No Pic "Dead Duck" November 12, 1991 47 58
Darkwing is killed and Megavolt gets the fame for it. He won't believe he's dead, til the Grim Reeper is after him.
No Pic "A Duck By Any Other Name" November 13, 1991 48 6
While helping Darkwing to retrive the diamond ducky from Tuskernini, Launchpad is accidentally mistaken by the media as DW himself, thus "revealing his secret identity" to St. Canard. Tuskernini decides to use the revelation to his own advantage, but fails when the real Darkwing Duck gets in the way.
No Pic "Let's Get Respectable" November 14, 1991 49 64
Concerned by his public image more than ever, Darkwing decides to give up his sinister self and become the hero-in-a-tutu, to much of NegaDuck's content.
No Pic "In Like Blunt" November 15, 1991 50 2
Someone has stolen the master list of S.H.U.S.H. agents, and that someone is criminal mastermind Phineas Sharp, the arch-enemy of S.H.U.S.H.'s greatest secret agent ever, Derek Blunt. To get the list back, Darkwing teams up with Blunt, but the pair soon find themselves constantly at odds with one another.
No Pic "Quack of Ages" November 18, 1991 51 59
Quackerjack travels back in time, to year 1291, in order to destroy the first yo-yo ever created. Darkwing follows him.

"Time and Punishment" November 19, 1991 52 70
Gosalyn follows Darkwing along to a crime despite his expressed wishes for her not to, and ends up attached to Quackerjack's Time Top, ending up in the future with Quackerjack and Megavolt. There, she finds that, believing Gosalyn lost, Darkwing has become DarkWarrior Duck, an almost psychotic version of Darkwing, who takes the law too far (for example, he orders a year in prison for a jaywalker). Gosalyn must work with Quackerjack and Megavolt to find a way to get back to the past, so Darkwing doesn't 'lose' Gosalyn, and will not become DarkWarrior Duck.
No Pic "Stressed to Kill" November 20, 1991 53 66
Quackerjack and Megavolt have been using a device called the Relaxatron to calm the citizens of St. Canard so they can go on an unhindered crime spree. But their plan backfires when the newly de-stressed Darkwing Duck is too mellow to save the city from destruction!
No Pic "The Darkwing Squad" November 21, 1991 54 71
J. Gander Hooter surprises everyone by announcing he wants Darkwing to personally train a select group of S.H.U.S.H.'s agents to be more like him. Disgusted, Agent Grizzlikof quits and allows himself to be recruited into F.O.W.L. by Steelbeak - in exchange for being allowed to personally kill Darkwing Duck!
No Pic "Inside Binkie's Brain" November 22, 1991 55 72
Darkwing and Launchpad examine the "little hero" side of some of the show's characters, notably Binky Muddlefoot, who becomes a superhero known as the Canardian Guardian.
No Pic "The Haunting of Mr. Banana Brain" November 25, 1991 56 73
Gosalyn tells the story of a strange poltergeist-like being called Paddywhack who lives in a cursed jackbox and feeds on the misery of others. While robbing the toy museum, Quackerjack sets Paddywhack free and the latter one first haunts Mr. Banana Brain, but then emprisons Quackerjack himself. Having no other choice than to team up with his enemy in order to defeat Paddywhack, Quackerjack befriends Darkwing (also caught in the box) and both clown their way out.
No Pic "Slime Okay, You're Okay" November 26, 1991 57 74
Gosalyn is mutated into a hideously, disgusting, ugly, green slime monster called "Yucky Duck," when she gets some of Dr. Reginald Bushroot's plant formula on her tail, and DW must find a cure for her sliminess before she melts into an icky, slimey puddle of goo!
No Pic "Whirled History" November 27, 1991 58 77
Gosalyn Mallard dreams of her dad as different historical figures while, in the real world, Darkwing tries to stop her from sleepwalking.
No Pic "U.F. Foe" November 28, 1991 59 76
Lanchpad's childhood friend, Tia; who's an alien, comes for him to make him King of the galaxy. Though they seem sweet, Darkwing is suspicious and has right to be.
No Pic "A Star is Scorned" November 29, 1991 60 81
The Darkwing Duck show is losing its rating and a new "gimmick" is being introduced into the plot - Bushroot. Darkwing first plays along, but then humiliation gets the better of him, and he plans a little revenge on the show's producers...
No Pic "The Quiverwing Quack" December 2, 1991 61 78
Gosalyn becomes the Quiverwing Quack, a hero with an archery set, much to the terror of Darkwing, who's being overprotective. Negaduck wants to the City's #1 villain again, and Quiverwing is the perfect target. This episode shows a perfect fine example to Negaduck's cruelty and hatred at its maximum.
"Jail Bird" December 3, 1991 62 80
After Negaduck steals the Mystic Eye of Quackelcoatyl, which can steal anyone's powers, he proceeds to steal the powers from the other members of the Fearsome Five, turning himself into a super-powerful being, "Mega-Negaduck", with the intentions of destroying St Canard... Darkwing and the (now diminished in power and size!) other members of the Fearsome Five must team up if they are to have any hope of beating Mega-Negaduck and saving St Canard.
No Pic "Dirtysomething" December 4, 1991 63 82
Ammonia Pine is paired with her sister Ample Grime by FOWL. Darkwing should have an easy time catching the mismatched pair of sisters, but has more than a little trouble doing so. Gosalyn has learned that she can make money recycling and many things that would aid Darkwing in his adventure seem to be missing.
No Pic "Kung Fooled" December 5, 1991 64 75
While chasing Professor Moliarty, Darkwing, Gosalyn, and Launchpad wind up in Kung Pow City, the home of Darkwing's quack-fu master, Goose Lee. Although Darkwing initially thinks Master Lee will be proud of him, he finds, instead, that he is disappointed. Meanwhile, wandering around on her own, Gosalyn encounters a Honker lookalike named Duck Ling, whose neighborhood is being terrorized by a gang of ninjas.
No Pic "Bad Luck Duck" December 6, 1991 65 79
Mistaken for Negaduck by a shamanistic tribe and their witch doctor, Darkwing is cursed with bad luck until he returns the amulet, retrieving it back from Negaduck (who stole it in the first place). This episode also features the infamous Darkwing Club, never to be seen again.

Season 2 (1991, ABC)

Screenshot Title Original Airdate #
No Pic "That Sinking Feeling" September 7, 1991 66 7
An oil tanker, a power plant, and finally a baseball stadium are sucked down underground by some mysterious force. Darkwing and Launchpad investigate and discover that Professor Moliarty is behind it all, and he's going to use the stolen buildings to create a giant magnet to move the moon over to block out the sun and plunge the world into eternal darkness.
No Pic "Film Flam" September 14, 1991 67 34
When Gosalyn is being strongly influenced by the violence she sees in the movies, Darkwing decides to "filter" her watchings. But what to do if the movie heroes start coming live, especially when Tuskernini is behind this? DW will have to find out.
"Negaduck" September 21, 1991 68 25
While trying to stop Megavolt, Darkwing is hit by his Tron-splitter, which separates his good and evil sides into two separate ducks. After his evil side is hit again, he becomes even more evil, becoming Negaduck, with the intention of killing his good side and destroying St Canard. Debut of the original 'electric' Negaduck.
No Pic "Fungus Amongus" September 28, 1991 69 10
While investigating pizza topping crimes, Darkwing falls for a beautiful, creepy villainess called Morgana McCawber.
No Pic "Slaves to Fashion" October 5, 1991 70 37
Binky convinces Drake that Gosalyn should act more ladylike and that the student masquerade is the ideal place to start. Unfortunately, Tuskernini has plans of his own for the masquerade involving his hypo-gas.
No Pic "Something Fishy" October 12, 1991 71 28
After a day at the beach goes awry, Darkwing investigates the strange behaviour of the sea creatures only to find out that Neptunia, sick of all the rubbish dumped in the sea by the surface dwellers, has a little revenge planned.
No Pic "Tiff of the Titans" October 19, 1991 72 32
F.O.W.L, namely agent Steelbeak, are trying to steal the EGRET (Experimental General Retaliatory Transport) which is due to be shortly shown at the St. Canard air show; in a bid to protect it Gizmoduck is put on the case and, as Fenton Crackshell, decides to stay with his old pal Launchpad while in town. If that wasn't enough for Darkwing, Gizmoduck is convinced that he is a villain.
No Pic "Calm a Chameleon" October 26, 1991 73 30
Enter Camille Chameleon, a villainess who, due to a science experiment she did on herself that went wrong, can change her appearance at will to anything she wants. She plots to take over the Howl Publishing Empire so she can print her own money. Darkwing and Launchpad must stop her, but when appearances may not be what they seem, who can you trust? Debut of Camille Chameleon.
No Pic "Battle of the Brainteasers" November 2, 1991 74 9
Honker sees a meteor crash land but when he, Gosalyn and Launchpad go to investigate they accidentally pick up Flarg, Barada and Nikto: three hat-shaped, mind-controlling aliens from the planet Fez. Debut of Flarg, Barada and Nikto.
No Pic "Bad Tidings" November 9, 1991 75 38
F.O.W.L. has been setting off giant tidal waves around the world and now holds the world hostage, to call a halt to their foul plans S.H.U.S.H. solicits the help of Darkwing, sending him off to the other side of the world with his less-than happy partner, Agent Grizzlikof.
No Pic "Going Nowhere Fast" November 16, 1991 76 57
While robbing a bank, Negaduck zaps Darkwing with his stolen particle accelerator, inadvertently giving him the power of super speed. Such powers, alas, come with a price.
"A Brush with Oblivion" November 23, 1991 77 22
Splatter Phoenix, a self-proclaimed "daringly innovative pseudo anti-neo post modern deconstructionist" is loose in the Art museum, in an attempt to steal the Mona Lisa's smile. Debut of Splatter Phoenix.
No Pic "The Merchant of Menace" November 30, 1991 78 35
A series of diamond heists have been perpetrated in St. Canard and S.H.U.S.H. believes that Herb Muddlefoot is to blame. Darkwing refuses to believe that his bumbling neighbour is involved so, to stay close, starts to learn about Quackerware. Little do they know that Weasel Loman, tired of Herb being salesman of the year, is impersonating him whilst commiting the robberies himself.

Season 3 (1992, ABC)

Screenshot Title Original Airdate #
No Pic "Monsters R Us" September 12, 1992 79 85
An accidental trip to McCawber Castle lets Darkwing, Launchpad and Gosalyn meet Morgana's family who are upset to find her dating a mortal. Darkwing fights with Morgana's father, Malucum McCawber, about what's best for Morgana's happiness and turns them into monsters.
No Pic "Inherit the Wimp" September 19, 1992 80 84
Gosalyn has a homework assignment to write on members of her family, and decides the best way is to use Quackerjack's Time Top to fetch a few members of the Mallard family tree from the past. Darkwing is less than impressed to find that his heroic forebears are not all that he had imagined them to be.
No Pic "The Revenge of the Return of the Brainteasers, Too!" September 26, 1992 81 83
Flarg, Barada and Nikto are broken out of Fezian prison by Flarg's girlfriend Talaya, and head to Earth for revenge against Honker for stopping their plans of universal conquest the last time.
No Pic "Star Crossed Circuits" October 3, 1992 82 86
Darkwing receives a new supercomputer, the D-2000, from S.H.U.S.H. but all too soon complications involving a can of cola and a soap opera arise, causing 'Dee Dee', as she now likes to be called, to develop feelings towards Darkwing.
No Pic "Steerminator" October 10, 1992 83 89
F.O.W.L. brings Taurus Bulba back to life by turning him into a killer cyborg. After regaining his memory, Bulba swears revenge against Darkwing, who is now confined to a wheelchair due to an altercation at a sporting goods store.
No Pic "The Frequency Fiends" October 17, 1992 84 91
A top-secret new SHUSH gadget brings the three worst aspects of Gosalyn's personality to life as evil energy beings. In order to stop them, Darkwing Duck needs the help of an energy expert--his arch-foe Megavolt!
No Pic "Paint Misbehavin'" October 24, 1992 85 90
As Darkwing and the Quivering Quack headline a comic book convention, the criminal creationist Splatter Phoenix returns.
No Pic "Hot Spells" October 31, 1992 86 92
Invited to Morgana's old school for a simple presentation, Darkwing is captured by Beelzebub when Gosalyn tries to learn magic the easy way.
No Pic "Fraudcast News" November 7, 1992 87 95
With all the supervillians out of town and no one for Darkwing Duck to fight, Bianca Beakley finds the ratings for her newscasts are too low and so turns to a life of crime as the Bug Master!
No Pic "Clash Reunion" November 14, 1992 88 94
With a little help from Gosalyn and a marker, Drake Mallard discovers that one of his high-school classmates is none other than the supervillain Megavolt. He remembers that he first became Darkwing Duck in order to defeat Megavolt at the senior prom, and prepares to thwart the villain's next effort at their class reunion. But when the popular kids discover his secret identity, "Drake the Dweeb" must regain his self-confidence before he can save the day.
No Pic "Mutantcy on the Bouncy" November 21, 1992 89 93
Darkwing investigates a series of robberies, his main suspects being the mutants The Rubber Chicken and Cement head, but is everything as it first seems?
No Pic "Malice's Restaurant" November 28, 1992 90 97
Wanting to help Morgana's new restaurant, Darkwing invites the Cute Little Lost Bunnies. Three little TV stars that neither Morgana or Negaduck can stand.
No Pic "Extinct Possibility" December 5, 1992 91 96
St. Canard museum has found a giant piece of amber that has a 65 million year old Darkwing inside; confused by how this could have happened, Darkwing, Launchpad and Gosalyn use Quackerjack's Time Top to head back into the past.

Incompleted Episodes

These episodes were only in the very early concept stages (Or various stages of production) at the time of the series' cancellation. They did not even enter the production or animation stage. Disney studios itself never confirmed if they had been completed nor why they were never aired. (Note: If someone has any idea what the Season Four Episodes ideas were besides this one, NOT FAN-MADE, feel free to post them)

     Breakfast of Chumpions
Note: No Details were given of the summary of this episode.

     Bulba and a new hero
Note: Taurus Bulbs was intended to return in this episode to seek an artifact located in africa that will restore his organic body, however it requires four elements (Electricity, Water, Nature and Fire). Darkwing and Gosalyn were intended to make a trip to Africa to for a school project and countered a African version of Darkwing. The Fearsome Five were hinted to returned in this episode as well, although Bulba is the main villain.

     Cometguy and New Villain-Parmizon the Planet Eater
Note: Cometguy was intended to return including a introduction for a new villain.

     Pranks for the Memories
Note: Paddywhack was intended to return.

     Yours, Mayan and Ours
Note: No Details were given of the summary of this episode.

     Opposites Attack
Note: One of the famous episodes that were never produced, this episode was going to explained that Negaduck from the Negaverse and the Negatron Negaduck (From Season Two Episode: Negaduck) were the one and the same being and the whole details of his origin. Posiduck was also mentioned to return to help Darkwing battle Negaduck. This episode would be the continum of 'Negaduck' episode and fill in the gaps of 'Life, the Negaverse, and everything'.

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