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That Was The Team That Was

That Was The Team That Was was a Scottish television programme that documented successful time periods for Scottish football sides. The show was broadcast on BBC One Scotland every Friday night (when there was a series ongoing) and has recently ended its third series. Its title is derived from the 1960's BBC satire That Was The Week That Was. Produced by Brendan O'Hara of BBC Scotland. The show sadly ended on 22 February 2008 as BBC Scotland confirmed that no more episodes of the show would be produced.


Filmed in a documentary style, the programme is narrated by John Gordon Sinclair and part-written by Chick Young. It involves highlights of matches played by the featured side interspersed with recollections from former players and managers. A scrapbook style format, showing newspaper clippings, is used to cover events for which there are no television highlights, a particular problem in 1985, when a dispute between television companies and the League led to a 6 month football broadcasting hiatus.

2006: The First Series

The first series, entailing 6 episodes, was broadcast in February and March 2006. The date provided is that on which the episode was first aired.

2007: The Second Series

The second series, again featuring 6 episodes, was broadcast in January, February and March 2007. The date provided is that on which the episode was first aired.

2008: The Third Series

The third series began on 8 February 2008. Unfortunately the series only consisted of three episodes as some producing problems at BBC Scotland HQ occurred and production of the show stopped. The final episode of the third series was aired on 22 February 2008. BBC Scotland have confirmed that a fourth series of the programme will not be made, making the third series the final series of the show.


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