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Bad Mood (Lonnie Gordon album)

Bad Mood is Lonnie Gordon's second album, but the first one to be officially released. It was published in 1993 on SBK/Capitol Records. The album is her most commercially successful to date. Includes the hit singles, "Gonna Catch You", "Happening All Over Again", "Bad Mood" and "Do You Want It?." It includes a cover of Gloria Gaynor's major hit, "I Will Survive" as well as the ballad, "Missing You."

Track listing

  1. "Love Can Turn Around"
  2. "Bad Mood"
  3. "Sing a Song"
  4. "Little Ghetto Boy"
  5. "Missing You"
  6. "Gonna Catch You"
  7. "Happening All Over Again"
  8. "Do You Want It?
  9. "Stay Together"
  10. "Your Touch"
  11. "I Will Survive"
  12. "Don't Stop Lovin' Me, Baby"

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