warp: see weaving.
Warp is a verb and noun pertaining to distortion and twisting, and to lines and ropes used in the contexts below.

Warp may refer to:

Ships and aircraft

  • Wing warping, a manner of controlling the roll of an aeroplane
  • Warp drive, the faster-than-light movement in science fiction, as used in Star Trek.
  • Warping (sailing), a slow method of moving a boat in still waters or against the wind


  • OS/2, where version 3.0 was known as Warp
  • WARP (software), a product for IBM mainframes to improve performance from APT International - a former Monaco based company
  • Warp (Cypress), a VHDL Cypress development system for CPLD
  • WARP (Information Security), from the acronym for Warning, advice and reporting point
  • Warp (MT of SM Unit), a Shader Multiprocessor architecture.

A warp is a Multithreaded SIMT Architecture of the MT (Multithreadead Instruction unit ) that is part of the SM (Shader Multiprocessors) in the GPU design.


  • WARP Services / WARP, Working Automated Robotic Products is a automation company that put to motion anything. From wheel chairs to systematizing motion automated guided vehicles, with laser navigation.


Books and comics



  • Warp (weaving) the set of lengthwise threads attached to a loom
  • Image warping, the process of distorting an image digitally
  • Revealed preference, from the acronym for Weak Axiom of Revealed Preferences
  • Warp, a brand of energy mints
  • WARP, USAID's West African Regional Program

warp : in term of textile warp is the verticle thread in fabric.

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