Warehouse store

A warehouse store, as opposed to a warehouse club, is a retail location with a limited variety of merchandise sold in bulk at a discount to customers. Unlike a warehouse club, warehouse stores do not require their patrons to obtain a Membership nor do they require the payment of any fees.

This type of store is also referred to as a "Big Box" or "Price-Impact" store because of the spartan, warehouse style of the interior and the low prices. These stores tend to feature black text on a yellow background in marketing and in decor.

Examples in the United States

Notable United States warehouse store chains include Food 4 Less, Foods Co. and Super Saver Foods.

Many warehouse stores are operated by traditional grocery chains both as a way to attract lower income, value conscious consumers and to maximize their buying power in order to lower costs at their mainstream stores. Notable examples of corporations who operate warehouse stores include United States chains Kroger and Albertsons LLC and the smaller Sacramento-based Nugget Market.


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