War Story

War Stories was a comic book series written by Garth Ennis and illustrated by a number of artists.


The series consisted of two, 4-issue mini-series the two series were printed monthly, the first beginning in November 2001 and the second beginning in January 2003.

Each mini series consisted of 4 stand alone issues primarily set during World War Two (one was set during the Spanish Civil War). Each deals with the horror of war experienced by those on the Front line.

Series 1

Johann's Tiger

In the final days of World War Two the commander of a Tiger tank tries to save his men by convincing them to desert so they may surrender to the Americans before they are killed fighting the Soviets.

With pencils by Chris Weston and inks by Gary Erskine.

D-Day Dodgers

A young British officer is assigned to the Italian campaign. Once there he finds that their sacrifices are being ignored at home in favour of news about the battle in France and a massive, possibly suicidal, push is planned to attract headlines.

With art by John Higgins.

Screaming Eagles

In the last days of the war four American soldiers, all that remains of their company, are sent to secure a mansion to be used as a General's head quarters. Once there they find Nazis have been storing a fortune in stolen artworks, antiques and valuables. The men decide to enjoy themselves for a few days before they have to return to the front.

With art by Dave Gibbons.


Narrated by her first mate The Nightingale is a ship assigned to guard convoys through the Artic circle. When they are given foolish orders that lead to ships under their care being lost she gets a reputation as cursed. Her crew are forced to make the ultimate sacrifice to set things right.

With art by David Lloyd.

When asked at Wizard World, Philadelphia, what comic Ennis was the most proud of, his response was this issue, saying, "if I had to hold up one thing and say this is what I can do, that would be it."

Series 2

The Reivers

A story of the SAS in North Africa. Conflict begins between the groups Commanding Officer and his second in command when it seems the former is more interested in satisfyig his lust for blood and glory than fighting a war.

With art by Cam Kennedy.

J for Jenny

A British pilot hopes to take revenge on the Germans who killed his family by bombing civilian targets but his co-pilot is more of a pacifist who sees their missions as a necessary evil. Their conflict leads to brawling and eventually threatens to destroy the crew when they're shot down over Germany.

With art by David Lloyd.


Four soldiers, each from different sides and different countries, seek shelter in a shell hole during a battle. Unarmed they each tell their stories for entering the war to pass the time.

With art by Carlos Ezquerra.


A British pilot is assigned to a Cam Ship as part of a string of unfortunate luck. But his experiences make him realise he shouldn't put off living his life just because he might die at any moment.

With art by Gary Erskine.

Collected editions

The stories were collected as two trade paperbacks:

  • War Stories (Vertigo, two 4-issue mini-series, each story is a standalone):
    • Volume 1 (2004 ISBN 1-84023-912-3)
    • Volume 2 (2006 ISBN 1-4012-1039-2)


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