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The War God's Own

The War God's Own (published 1999) is the second novel in the fantasy series War God by David Weber. It follows the adventures of Bahzell Bahnakson and his friend Brandark.
The Characters

  • Bazhell Bahnakson of the Horse Stealer hradani. The son of Bahnak, the prince of Hurgrum.
  • Brandark Brandarkson of the Bloody Sword hrandani.
  • Crown Prince Harnak of Navahk of the Bloody Sword hrandani.
  • Kilthandahknarthos (Kilthan) A dwarf merchant who hires Bazhel and Brandark on as caravan guards.
  • Zarantha a lost noblewoman who befriends Bazhel and Brandark.
  • Wencit of Rum an ancient white sorcerer.
  • Tomanak Orfro God of War and Justice.

When Bahzell finally comes to a place that worships Tomanak, he knows that there will be prejudice against him because he is a hradani. But as Sir Vaijon, a representative of the house of Tomanak, meets him, the human instantly comes into conflict , even as he struggles to accept that Tomanak had chosen Bahzell for his representation. However, Vaijon is the least of worries for Bahzell who knows that Sharna, god of evil and deceit, is working his claws into Hrandai lives. However to get back to his home he must travel leagues of hostile territory with servants of Sharna trying to kill him.

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