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I Want Out

"I Want Out" is a song by the German power metal band Helloween from the album Keeper of the Seven Keys Part 2, that was released as a single in 1988.

It was written by Kai Hansen, who confirmed in an interview, that is was a hint of him really wanting "out" of the band. Musically, the song is characterised by a recognisable introduction and Michael Kiske's trademark high pitched singing in the chorus. It is also notable for being punk-influenced (especially the rebellious lyrics) in contrast to other Helloween songs, or Hansen's post-Helloween work.

It is one of the Helloween's most recognizable songs, and is often performed live by both Helloween and Hansen's current band Gamma Ray.


  • In 1999, the Swedish metal band Hammerfall released a cover of the song as a single. It is notable for Kai Hansen's appearance on guitar, lead vocals (along with Hammerfall vocalist Joacim Cans) and keyboards.
  • In 2000, Sonata Arctica released a cover version of this song on their EP, Successor, and on the Helloween tribute album The Keepers of Jericho - Part I. They covered it again in 2003 on their album Takatalvi. Skylark also did cover the song, in the same Tribute album, with female vocals, and this is widely recognised as the most "Kiske-like" version of the song.
  • Gamma Ray also covered the song, though this may not count as a cover since Gamma Ray is headed by Kai Hansen, who wrote the song while with Helloween.
  • In 2006 Australian band LORD performed this song live at the Metro Theater in Sydney.
  • Spanish power metal band Avalanch performed a live cover on their Días De Gloria album.

Track listing on Helloween album

  1. "I Want Out" - 4:39
  2. "Save Us" - 5:12
  3. "Don't Run For Cover" - 4:45

Track listing on Hammerfall album

  1. "I Want Out" - 4:37
  2. "At the End of the Rainbow" - 4:09
  3. "Man on the Silver Mountain" - 3:25


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