Wallop is an Internet social network service that originated from Microsoft Research. The company itself however is a separate startup entity.

Business Model

Created by Microsoft, Wallop is backed by $13 million from Microsoft and venture capitalists including Norwest Venture Partners, Bay Partners and Consor Capital.

Wallop stated that they will allow users to purchase software through their social networking site from an online shopping marketplace, the mods will allow you to add characters, graphics, games, backgrounds, and more to put on their “personal profiles.” The add-ons will cost anywhere from $0.99 to $4.00 a pop said Karl Jacob the CEO of Wallop. Oddly, users will only be able to sign up for the site if an existing member invites them (an approach that Facebook abandoned in October 2006). The majority of the website is currently rendered in Adobe Flash. Wallop is in the beta stage.

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