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walking it through

See It through My Eyes

See It Through My Eyes is an album of recordings by American singer/songwriter Meredith Brooks originally done in the early 1980s. It was released in 1997 by the record company in an attempt to capitalize on her newfound success created from Blurring the Edges (see 1997 in music).

Track listing

  1. "Pick It Up" (Burns, Burns)
  2. "The Look" (Bolden, Brooks, Robinson)
  3. "You're Gonna Miss My Loving" (Perry)
  4. "See It Through My Eyes" (Brooks)
  5. "Thunder and Lightning" (Brooks, Burns)
  6. "Video Idol" (Brooks, Burns, Perry)
  7. "Jessica" (Brooks, Burns, Perry)
  8. "Company Man" (Burns, Burns, Miranda)
  9. "Your Attention" (Brooks, Burns)
  10. "Who's Fooling Who" (Brooks)



  • Producers: David Perry, Jack Robinson
  • Engineer: David Perry
  • Mastering: Herb Jung
  • Photography: Robert Duffey

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