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Walking Away (Craig David song)

"Walking Away" is a track by Craig David on his album Born to Do It. It reached number one in New Zealand and became the number one song of 2001, according to the RIANZ Singles Chart, combining both sales and airplay. The song heavily samples the chord pattern of One by U2.

The track has also been re-recorded for the "Greatest Hits" compilation that will be released in November 2008. The new versions will each feature a different artist from France, Germany, Spain and Italy.


David sings about walking away from a girlfriend who has no trust in him. It may also be interpreted as a person who is unhappy with his environment and feels out of place and is moving away.

Formats and track listings

CD: 1

  1. "Walking Away"
  2. "Human"
  3. "7 Days" (live in Amsterdam)

CD: 2

  1. "Walking Away" (radio edit)
  2. "Walking Away" (Ignorants remix) (featuring Trell)
  3. "Walking Away" (DJ Chunky remix live)
  4. "Treats (Better Day)" (remix)

Music video

There were two versions to this song.

  • The U.K. music video shows David with his girlfriend in a car, where she is seen yelling at him. He turns on the radio and the beat starts. He then gets out of the car and the landscape continually changes, showing different places.
  • In the U.S. version, the video begins with an introduction from another song (performed by David) leading into the actual song ("Walking Away"). The video shows him "walking away" from troubles in his life: a flooded apartment, a fire in his Mustang convertible, electrical problems at the train station, and a tornado at the end of the video.

Chart performance

The single reached number three on the UK singles chart, spending thirteen weeks inside the top 75. It was David's last Billboard Hot 100 single in the U.S. thus far.

Chart Peak Position
Australian Singles Chart 5
Austrian Singles Chart 45
Belgian Singles Chart 18
Danish Singles Chart 14
Dutch Singles Chart 7
French Singles Chart 22
Irish Singles Chart 9
Italian Singles Chart 15
New Zealand RIANZ Singles Chart 1
Norwegian Singles Chart 6
Swedish Singles Chart 13
Swiss Singles Chart 24
UK Singles Chart 3
U.S. Billboard Hot 100 44


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