walked one through

Scenes One Through Thirteen

Scenes One Through Thirteen catalogs every Hot Hot Heat single along with their other early releases, all recorded before the band was signed to Sub Pop in late 2001.

Tracks 1-8 were recorded by Colin Stewart and Josh Wells at the Hive.
Tracks 9-13 were recorded by Beil Cooke-Dallin at Keating X Road.

Track listing

  1. "Keep My Name Out of Your Mouth"
  2. "Word to Water"
  3. "Haircut Economics"
  4. "The Case That They Gave Me"
  5. "Paco Pena"
  6. "Circus Maximus"
  7. "I Blew a Fuse in My Personality"
  8. "Tokyo Vogue"
  9. "Fashion Fight Pause"
  10. "Spelling Live Backwards"
  11. "Matador at the Door"
  12. "Tourist in Your Own Town"
  13. "You're Ruining It for Everyone"

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