walk the plank

Walk the Plank (gameshow)

Walk the Plank is a South African television gameshow produced for the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) in 2005. It was hosted by Rutendo Matinyarare. A crossover of Survivor and traditional quiz shows but with a voiceover and puzzle games and costumes. Six contestants work in two teams and have to complete games such as life-sized Jenga, as well as throwing spears at targets to reveal clues, which they then have to use to solve other puzzles. The game consists of 4 rounds:

  1. General knowledge.
  2. Physical.
  3. Outdoor (filmed outside the studio).
  4. Relay - consisting of 3 tasks each performed by a different team member.

The first show aired on 3 August 2005. The set weighs 70 tons. After 1 September 2005, the show was moved from its prime time slot at 1930 on Wednesdays to 1100 on Sundays, because of poor ratings.

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