wakeup call

2 a.m. Wakeup Call

2AM Wakeup Call is the second album from the band Tweaker. Opposed to The Attraction to All Things Uncertain, this album captures emotional, human performances and instrumentation - notably live drums, acoustic guitar, piano and glockenspiels. It's a nighttime record about dreams, nightmares, and insomnia -- things that keep us up at night.

2AM Wakeup Call was subsequently released in 5.1 Surround Sound.

The track It's Still Happening was offered to the ACIDplanet community for remixing as a part of the Tweaker 2 Remix contest

Track listing

  1. "Ruby" (featuring Will Oldham)
  2. "Cauterized"
  3. "Worse Than Yesterday" (featuring Jonathan Bates of mellowdrone)
  4. "Truth Is" (featuring Robert Smith)
  5. "Remorseless"
  6. "Pure Genius" (featuring David Sylvian)
  7. "It's Still Happening" (featuring Hamilton Leithauser)
  8. "2 a.m."
  9. "Movement of Fear"
  10. "Sleepwalking Away" (featuring Nick Young)
  11. "The House I Grew Up In"
  12. "Crude Sunlight" (featuring Jennifer Charles)


  • Chris Vrenna: producer and performer
  • Clint Walsh: producer and performer
  • Jeff Antebi: executive producer
  • Johnny Marr: guitar on track 11
  • Paul Ill: bass on track 3; fretless bass on track 12
  • Rick Mouser: additional live drums on tracks 1 and 10
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