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Tom Waits for No One

Tom Waits for No One is a rotoscoped short movie starring Tom Waits. It features the artist singing "The One That Got Away" to an apparition conjured up in the lonely after hours down on Heartattack and Vine.

Produced and directed in 1979 by John Lamb, it was amongst the first music videos created specifically for the then up and coming MTV market, and was slated for release in 1980.

Filmed live, and then edited down to five and a half minutes, the live frames were then painted over using a "video rotoscope" and converted to a caricatured animation. This particular combination of rotoscoping and video pencil, developed for Ralph Bakshi's "American Pop" but not used in that film, was considered innovative at the time, winning a 1979 Academy Award for Scientific and Technical Achievement. The film was never commercially released but is available to view on YouTube.


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