waist measure


Measure can mean:

  • Measurement, the process of estimating the magnitude of some attribute of an object relative to some unit of measurement
  • Measure (mathematics), a way to assign non-negative real numbers to subsets
  • Measure (physics), a way to integrate over all possible histories of a system in quantum field theory
  • Bar (music) or measure is a unit of time in Western music representing a regular grouping of beats
  • Bill (proposed law) or proposed measure, or, in the Church of England, a law the equivalent of an Act passed by Parliament
  • Countermeasure, is a system designed to prevent weapons from acquiring and/or destroying a target
  • Coal measure is a seam of coal
  • Measure (termination), a way to describe termination of processes, algorithms, or functions
  • Measure (bartending) (also called a "jigger"), a bartending tool used to measure liquor

Measure is also a Brooklyn, NY based electronic/pop duo.

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