Rhoda Bulter

Rhoda Bulter (July 15 1929–1994), Shetland author, is one of the best-known Shetland poets of recent times. Her first poem was published in The New Shetlander in 1970, following which she became a prolific writer in the Shetland dialect. She was a frequent contributor to Radio Shetland, both reading her work and as one of the double act "Tamar and Beenie' with Mary Blance.

Though she was primarily known as a poet, she had come to be a local celebrity through her regular contribution to Radio Shetland, her journalism and personal appearances. For various reasons, her literary legacy is as yet uncollected. Besides the four slim volumes of verse published in her lifetime - Shaela, A Nev Foo a Coarn (subsequently combined as Doobled-Up), Linkstanes and Snyivveries - she also wrote a regular monthly column for Shetland Life magazine, the fictional Beenie’s Diary.


  • Shaela 1976 - Thuleprint. ISBN 0950426857
  • A nev foo a coarn 1977 - Thuleprint. ISBN 0906191254
  • Doobled-up 1978 - Thuleprint. ISBN 0906191254
  • Link-Stanes 1980 - Shetland Times. ISBN 090066228X
  • Snyivveries 1986 - Shetland Times. ISBN 0900662549

CD - Bide a start wi' Me

This 22 track CD, a re-release of her 1976 LP was issued through BleatBeat Records on 9th December 2006 and featured recordings of Rhoda reading the following selection of her poetry:

  • Bide a start wi' Me
  • Fladdabister
  • Gjaan for da airrents
  • Mairch
  • Neeborly Feelin
  • Bül My Sheep
  • Sea Pinks
  • Wadder
  • Rüts
  • Da Exile
  • Yule E'en
  • Delight
  • Da Bargain Book
  • A Coorse Day
  • Da Keepsake
  • Da Tale O' Da Gluff
  • Aald Daa
  • Da Trooker
  • Why
  • Hame Again
  • Da Boags' Spree
  • It


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