Wabanaki, Wabenaki, Wobanaki, etc. may refer to:

In geography

In ethnology

In history

  • The Wabanaki ancestral homeland stretches from Newfoundland, Canada, to the Merrimac River valley in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Following the European invasion in the early 1600s, this became a hotly contested borderland between colonial New England and French Acadia. In the 17th and 18th centuries, the Wabanaki defended their homeland in many bloody wars. During this period, their population was not only radically decimated due to many decades of warfare, but also because of famines and devastating epidemics.

In culture

"Wabanaki" in various indigenous languages

Depending on the literature and the reference language the author/speaker uses, the term "Wabanaki" may be presented in many different ways. In addition, often "Easterner" (literally: "Dawn person") and "Wabanaki" (literally: "Dawn-land person") are used synonymously by some Algonquian language-speaking groups.

Language "Easterner(s)"
literally "Dawn Person(s)"
"Dawn Land"
"Dawn Land"
"Dawn Land Person"
"Dawn Land People"
or the "Wabanaki Confederacy"
Naskapi Waapinuuhch
Massachusett language Wôpanâ(ak)
Quiripi language Wampano(ak) Wampanoki
Mi'kmaq Wabanahk Wabanahkik Wabanahki Wabanahkiyik
Maliseet-Passamaquoddy Waponu(wok) Waponahki Waponahkik Waponahkew Waponahkiyik/Waponahkewiyik
Abenaki-Penobscot Wôbanu(ok) Wôbanak Wôbanakik Wôbanaki Wôbanakiak
Algonquin Wàbano(wak) Wàbanaki Wàbanakìng Wàbanakì Wàbanakìk
Ojibwe Waabano(wag) Waabanaki Waabanakiing Waabanakii Waabanakiig/Waabanakiiyag
Odawa Waabno(wag) Waabnaki Waabnakiing Waabnakii Waabnakiig/Waabnakiiyag
Potawatomi Wabno(weg) Wabneki Wabnekig Wabneki Wabnekiyeg


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