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Harold W. Kuhn

Harold William Kuhn (1925- ) is an American mathematician who studied game theory. He won the 1980 John von Neumann Theory Prize along with David Gale and Albert W. Tucker. A Professor-Emeritus of Mathematics at Princeton University, he is also known for developing Kuhn poker as well as the description of the Hungarian method for the assignment problem.

His name graces the Karush-Kuhn-Tucker Theorem, also known as the Kuhn-Tucker Theorem.

He is also known for his association with John Forbes Nash, as a fellow graduate student, a lifelong friend and colleague, and a key figure in getting Nash the attention of the Nobel Prize committee that led to Nash's 1994 Nobel Prize in Economics. Kuhn and Nash both had long associations and collaborations with Albert W. Tucker, who was Nash's dissertation advisor; Kuhn co-edited "The Essential John Nash, and is credited as the mathematics consultant: Princeton in the 2001 movie adaptation of Nash's life, "A Beautiful Mind


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