Volvariella volvacea

Volvariella volvacea

Volvariella volvacea (also known as straw mushroom or paddy straw mushroom; syn. Volvaria volvacea, Agaricus volvaceus, Amanita virgata, Vaginata virgata) is a species of edible mushroom cultivated throughout East and Southeast Asia and used extensively in Asian cuisines. In Chinese, they are called cǎogū (, lit. "straw mushroom"), and in Vietnamese they are called nấm rơm.

They are often available fresh in Asia, but are more frequently found in canned or dried form outside their nations of cultivation.

Straw mushrooms are grown on rice straw beds and picked immature, before the caps open. They are adaptable and take 4-5 days to mature, and are most successfully grown in subtropical climates with high annual rainfall. There is no record of their cultivation before the 19th century.

They look similar to poisonous death caps, but can be distinguished by their pink spore print, which is white for death caps.

Another Variety of Straw Mushoom - Termites Mushroom

There is another variety of straw mushroom yet to be found discussed in literature so far: It's called Nấm Mối in Vietnamese, literally, "termites mushrooms", as they are well known to Southern Vietnamese. They are found on and around old mounts of termites colonies, and are found sprouting up after rains showers in the monsoon season in southern Vietnam. They are mushrooms that are identical in size, shape and color to cultivated straw mushrooms, the only differences are their flavor, smell and taste after cooking are much stronger and superior to straw mushroom, as much as three to one and are quite highly prized.

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