Volunteered Slavery

Volunteered Slavery is a jazz album by Roland Kirk, recorded in 1968. Side two of this album was recorded at the Newport Jazz Festival.We are all driven by an Invisible whip. Some run, some have fun, some are hip, some tip, some dip, but we all must answer to the Inedible whip.

Roland Kirk 1969


  1. Volunteered Slavery
  2. Spirits Up Above
  3. My Cherie Amour
  4. Search For The Reason Why
  5. I Say A Little Prayer
  6. Roland's Opening Remarks
  7. One Ton
  8. Ovation & Roland's Remarks
  9. A Tribute To John Coltrane
  10. Lush Life
  11. Afro-Blue
  12. Bessie's Blues
  13. Three For The Festival


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