Re-Volt is a radio control car racing themed video game released by Acclaim Entertainment in 1999. It made appearances on the PlayStation, PC, Nintendo 64 and Sega Dreamcast, with a prequel RC Revenge for PlayStation and with a sequel RC Revenge Pro for PlayStation 2. In addition, a stripped down version of Re-volt was issued to beta testers of the Xbox Live service prior to the launch of the service on the original Xbox system, but much to the disappointment of fans - a more complete version was never released on the Microsoft console. In 2006 Canadian game publisher Throwback Entertainment acquired the license and publishing rights to Re-Volt and has confirmed a next-generation version is on the way .


The game featured 28 stock cars and 14 tracks including a stunt arena for free roaming. Cars come in two fuel variants; electric and glow (internal combustion). The players driving ability will place them into various categories so that they race against other cars of similar capabilities. These capabilities are classified in categories which are: Rookie, Amateur, Advanced, Semi-Pro and Pro. Tracks are also categorized depending on their difficulty to master and win. These categories are: Easy, Medium, Hard and Extreme. Cars and tracks are both unlocked through success in the game's tournament modes.

Single Race allows 2-4 players on the Console Versions and 2-12 players on the PC Version to race on the normal, single-player tracks. Within each race, competitors race to be the first to complete a pre-set number of laps of the circuit. To aid them in this there are a variety of lightning-bolt shaped pickups lying around the track. Collecting one of these provides the player with a random weapon varying from oil slicks to fireworks to batteries that increase your speed for a short period of time. The worse a player is doing in the race, the more likely one of the better weapons will be obtained, and vice versa.

Track Editor

All versions of the game include a Track Editor. On the console versions, this works by means of a series of set modules that can be put together to form a potentially infinite number of different combinations. Modules include bridges, straights, corners, chicanes and pipes. Each module can be adjusted in multiple ways, from height above ground level to gradient of hill to radius of corner. Pickups can be added afterwards to the completed track, which must then be exported before it can be played. Exported tracks can be played in Single Race with 1-4 players or in multiplayer.


Re-Volt's multiplayer mode has two game modes: "Single Race" and "Battle Tag." In the console versions of the game, multiplayer is played via splitscreen, where as the PC version is online only, hence single screen.

Battle Tag puts players in one of four special arenas: Neighborhood, Garden, Supermarket and Museum. The players must find and pick up a star that is hidden somewhere in the level. When a player takes the star, their timer starts counting down. By coming within proximity of the player with the star, other players can steal the star, thus starting his timer and stopping the opponent's. A player wins when his timer runs out.

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