HMS Volage

Six ships of the Royal Navy have borne the name HMS Volage:

  • HMS Volage was a 22-gun sixth rate. She was formerly a French privateer and was captured by HMS Melampus in 1798 and broken up in 1804.
  • HMS Volage was a 22-gun sixth rate launched in 1807 and sold in 1818.
  • HMS Volage was a 28-gun sixth rate launched in 1825. She was converted into a survey ship in 1847, lent to the War Department as a powder hulk in 1864 and broken up by 1874.
  • HMS Volage was an iron screw corvette, ordered as HMS Cerberus but renamed in 1867 before being launched in 1869. She was broken up in 1904.
  • HMS Volage was to have been a modified W class destroyer but the order was cancelled in 1918.
  • HMS Volage was a V class destroyer launched in 1943. She was converted into an anti-submarine frigate in 1951 and sold in 1972.

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