Void may refer to:

In fiction:

In non-fiction:

In music:

  • ØØ Void, the second album by Sunn O)))
  • Void (band), Washington, D.C.-based hardcore punk band on the Dischord label
  • VOID (DVD), by the Flaming Lips containing 18 of their music videos

In science and engineering:

In other fields:

  • Void or Shunyata, Buddhist philosophical concept
  • Void (cards), to have no cards of a particular suit in one's hand during a card game
  • Void (law), to render a check (cheque) or other instrument of no value or utility
  • electromigration, void in conductor caused by electromigration
  • Void Magic, in the settings of some anime, games, novels or other fantasy worlds this is often a field of magic. Quite often the fields are Fire, Wind, Water, Earth and Void. An example of this is Zero no Tsukaima and Inuyasha
  • Voids, the villains in the Zbots action-figures franchise

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