voice mail

Voice Mail Bomb Threat

Voice Mail Bomb Threat is an album released in 1998 by the band Art Official Intelligence (AOI). The band featured Sage Francis as their vocalist, who has gone on to be an acclaimed hip-hop artist.

Track listing

  1. "Evilnet Intro"
  2. "Hang High"
  3. "Buttluv"
  4. "Killing Time"
  5. "Masturbate"
  6. "Sage Killz"
  7. "Disciplined Disciples"
  8. "A Million & 1 Songs"
  9. "Mutiny"
  10. "Spanish 101"
  11. "Snots & Chicken"
  12. "Life's an STD"
  13. "Next Testament"
  14. "No Starts"
  15. "Rewrite"
  16. "Can I Kick It?" (live @ the Ocean Mist)

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