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Dezy Vizzle

Derick Owusu Koranteng (born 18 November, 1991) is a British hip hop rapper of Ghanaian origins, who uses the stage names Dezy Vizzle or simply Dezy; he is also a full-time Student, establishing Dezy Vizzle Productions.



Dezy Vizzle was born in Ghana, Accra, in 1991. He moved to the UK in the year 2002 originated and spoke the dialect of Twi. Whilst in London.Dezy Vizzle began experimenting with music at the age of 12, rewriting the lyrics of his favourite artists. At secondary school, he spent his spare time using the school equipment for musical production.He made some few tracks with local artists, he was told to use his personality to write songs by adding his humour with his lyrical talent.

Early career

At the age of 12 he performed at his Junior school; Four Lanes he performed a track from the album Nellyville which was made by the artist Nelly he won the talent contents and gained a prize.


In 2003, Dezy Vizzle started to pursue a solo career in the Hip Hop music scene. He made various tracks with the Grime artist Signal ; they two started making tracks for a long time the two was good friends and still best friends.

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