[vi-vas-i-tee, vahy-]
The band Vivacity was formed in Stamford, Connecticut in 2006. The band's EP, "The Path Begins Here," was produced in Adorea Studio and will debut November 2nd, 2008 .


Stephen "Steve" Lorusso, Garrett Hickey, Gary Fanali, and Maria Batinelli formed Vivacity in 2006. They have performed at "Alive At Five" outdoor concerts in Stamford, and numerous other venues in CT and NY. The band's self-titled, self-recorded debut album "Vivacity" was released as an iTunes download, and its instant popularity sparked an interest for another album. With the help of Adorea studios, Vivacity produced "The Path Begins Here," a three song EP, to be released November 2008. On 8-4-08 Susan Frances of awarded their EP with an 89% rating, comparing them to a bad version of the bands Paramore and Damone.


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