vitamin d2


D2, D02, D.II, D II or D-2 may refer to:


Arts & entertainment


Biology or medecine


aircrafts :


  • Cowon D2, a 2007 portable media player with touch screen interface
  • Datasaab D2, a Swedish concept computer
  • d2, a brand of computer peripherals manufactured by the French firm électronique d2, now trading as LaCie
  • D2 kit, a microprocessor development kit MEK6800D2


  • D2, the Deuterium gas
  • D2, an almond-shaped cloud on Neptune
  • D2, a high-carbon steel alloy commonly used in knives and tools
  • D2, the code for permission to use specific land or premises for leisure (cinemas, swimming baths, gymnasiums) in town and country planning in the UK

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