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Yang (character)

Yang is one of the main characters of the American animated television series Yin Yang Yo!. He is a blue, male rabbit, and the older brother of Yin.


Yang is a naive and nice character. He is hyperactive and occasionally violent. He is also very brave. Even though he usually hides it, he is also a very loving individual. Despite not usually showing it, he really cares about his sister's and Master Yo's well-being.

He enjoys fighting, and likes hitting stuff (his main reason for becoming a Woo Foo Knight). However, he also cares about saving the world. He enjoys video games, motorcycles, telling jokes, and seeing clowns.

In the current season, Yang has become a nicer person, due to the events in the episode "Deja Foo". Since Yin and Yo were killed in an alternate reality due to his mean actions, he has decided to be nicer as a result.

Even though he often acts foolish, he is actually more intelligent than he makes out to be (but is terrible at mathematics). Yang sometimes thinks about what is best to use against an enemy before leaping into action.

He is starting a quest to find some magical items, and knows of a terrible possible future in which all he holds dear is destroyed, called "The Dark Tomorrow".


Yang is a Level 1 Woo Foo Knight (as of "Night Fall") like his sister. He is able to use many martial arts attacks, such as: Foo-Nado, Reverse Foo-Nado, Fists of Fire, Fire Fists, Paws of Power (which he calls Paws of Pain), Feet of Fury, Man Smash, Percussive Bionic Fibrillation, Paddle of Pain, and Power Punch.

He often uses a magical Bamboo Sword, which can become a boomerang (Yang-a-Rang), a bo staff (Bamboo Staff), a pair of nunchucks (Foo Chucks), and throwing knives. He also uses it as a hammer (Jam Hammer), a magnifying glass in the episode "Shadows and Light", a flail, bananas, a pineapple, a sink, a Chihuahua, missle-firing gun, and a golf club. Besides being very powerful, his weapons can also explode and it is edible.

On the magic side, he can also use Yang-Cinerate (his version of Yin-Cinerate), Foo-Plicate (with the Foo-Plication charm), Energy Rays, Yang-Foo-Mation (his version of Trans-Foo-Mate), Woo Foo Aura, Yang-Visile, Yang-Tangible, Yang-Audible, and Levitation. When he was momentarily separated from his body, he has been shown to be able to use telekinetic powers. He also has the power to float and fly.

With his sister, he can make combination attacks, such as: Fire-Nado, Yin-Cinerang, and Fists of Yin-Cineration.

Due to being a rabbit, he has a super jumping ability. He also has great physical strength and superspeed, and is also very agile, durable, and flexible. He also has a battle cry: "CHEE! HOO! WAA!".

Although he is mostly studying the martial arts part of Woo Foo, he is as skilled as his sister in the mystic part of Woo Foo.

Yang is also a master in Clown-Fu (as of Clown-Fu Fighting).


  • Yin is Yang's twin sister.
  • Yang appears to be dating Yin's best friend Lina, despite her efforts to keep them apart.
  • Master Yo is the duo's teacher and guardian.
  • He is also friends with Roger Jr., Dave, Coop, Jobeaux, and Melodia.
  • He also has many enemies and allies.

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